safety photoelectric sensor

safety photoelectric sensor

An output pulse may be generated when the power is turned OFF.It is recommended that the load or load line power be turned OFF before the Sensor power is turned OFF. Take following measure to prevent cross talk. Do not attempt to disassemble or repair the Sensor under any circumstances.8. Picture Information. To mount the Photoelectric Sensor to a moving part, such as a robot hand, consider using a Sensors that uses a bending-resistant cable (robot cable). How wide area tde sensor (tdru-beam type) can work horizontally while setting sensitivity potentiometer Max. Copyright (c) OPTEX FA CO.,LTD. There's a problem loading this menu right now. Photoelectric Sensors detect photo-optical workpieces. This type is good for detecting objects in high repeat accuracy. How much BGS sensor get influence from tde color of tde objects. Take care not to let the reflected light from object get to other receivers. between the Sensor and the mounting plate (metal). Are the wiring and connections correct?2. The data and values given as reference values are not ratings and performance and do not indicate specified performance. The most important devices construct photoelectric sensors are LED for emitter and Photo- Diode for receiver (Laser sensor has laser diode for emitter). Visible light is around 400 nm to 700 nm. Safe under all conditions of normal use. Locations where there is a possibility of direct contact with water, oil, or chemicals7. Are the optical axis and sensitivity adjusted correctly?4. ONE NEW FOR SICK photoelectric safety sensor L28E-3P2431 FREE SHIPPING. Do not use a Sensor in an environment where there are explosive or inflammable gases.2. Seco-Larm E-931-S35RRQ Enforcer Indoor/Outdoor Wall Mounted Photoelectric Beam Sensor with 35 Foot Range, Seco-Larm SK-910RBQ Wireless Single-Channel RF Receiver, 11~24 VAC/VDC, 315MHz, Relay Output, Compatible with All ENFORCER 315MHz Transmitters, Up to 500' (150m) Range, 5 Output Modes, Taiss/Indoor Wall Mounted Photoelectric Beam Sensor E3JK-R4M1 12-240VDC 24-240VAC Retroreflective photoelectric Sensor Switch Proximity Switch 2M Cable Induction 3M. 2) Search the angle range of the direction of emitter panning the emitter slowly horizontaly checking output indicator on the receiver and then set the angle at the center of the range With a class 3R laser, the MPE can be exceeded, but with a low risk of injury. Locations where organic solvents may splash onto the Sensor5. Is strong light, such as sunlight (e.g., reflected from a wall), shining on the Receiver?7. Do not use pliers, otherwise the connector may be damaged. In this case, mount the sensor angled not to get those light or put some plate that block those bright light from other equipments or sun light. When wiring the cable, do not subject the cable to a tension greater than that indicated in the following table. Lens to attach at the tip of the fiber cables. If Sensors are mounted in opposite each other, slant the Sensors as shown in the following diagram. These hazards may also apply to indirect or non-specular reflections of the beam, even from apparently matte surfaces.meaning that great care must be taken to control the beam path. The lens, however, is plastic. depends on the sensor). Keep organic solvents away from the Sensor. When using adhesive tape on the rear face, apply it after washing away oil and dust with detergent. - In case of thru-beam type or retro-reflective type, mount the sensors alternately. Secure the connector cover by hand. Locations subject to vibration or shock6. If the workpieces move from far to near, chattering may occur in the vicinity of the operating point. Are any of the mounting screws loose?3. Optical axis: The axis from the center of the lens to the center of the beam for the Emitter and the axis from the center of the lens to the center of the reception area for the Receiver.Mechanical axis: The axis perpendicular to the center of the lens.

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