rebuttal paragraph example

rebuttal paragraph example

Thanks! R = rebuttal. Discuss all the relevant facts and be as detailed as possible). 1. I welcome anyone who reads this to talk to the Soldiers and supervisors I work with about my behavior and attitude towards work and the Army before using this counseling statement as a reference. If you're innocent, explain why there's a misunderstanding). My name is SGT Kamel and I am an avionics specialist with the XXXXXXX and would like to discuss the written counseling that I received for an incident that occurred on 22 February 2019. I am grateful for the opportunity to explain my actions and my opinion on the counseling I was given for them. Lastly, in the final paragraph, you have to lodge a formal request in pursuance to the issues you had identified earlier. The refutation paragraph is normally found ONLY in argument essays and argument research papers; it is also known as the concession paragraph. Describe the event in a logical, chronological order and get right to the point. Y = the claim of the opposing side of your argument. 2. Skeptics of X _____ claim Y _____ ; however, these arguments are weak because X_____. In your thesis paragraph, you make it clear to the reader exactly what you plan on proving and how you plan to go about proving it. You should challenge it with a rebuttal as soon as possible. Examples of Rebuttal: Those who argue that school uniforms would create more school unity and pride have a compelling argument. Thank the person who gave you the paperwork for their time and the consideration given to your response. Those who oppose X ______ say that Y _____, yet they are incorrect because X _____. Advocates of the use of E-cigarettes claim that these electronic cigarettes are not toxic to others in the smoker's vicinity because it is just water vapor that is expelled into the air; they emphasize that there is no tobacco or carbon monoxide released. He believed that I was scheduled to work on 17 March and that I did not show up for work. I have served honorably in the Army for over two years with this being the first incident of disciplinary action. So, the point of this paragraph is to expose the counter-argument to the reader and then promptly explain why it is weaker than yours or why it is just completely incorrect or invalid. Refutation Paragraphs. (Facts and circumstances surrounding the incident: what happened, how it happened, why it happened. The goal is to be conciliatory and persuasive. If you've been in the Army for five years without receiving any kind of disciplinary action, say so. It's your right to go to the Inspector General's office on base if you feel that you've been unfairly treated. Y = the claim of the opposing side of your argument. Maintain a neutral tone and state the facts that led up to the situation. (Duty performance. Let a friend proofread it to make sure it's readable. If you intend to visit the IG, you should make every effort to let your supervisor know and give him or her a chance to withdraw the reprimand before you go. When students are writing an argumentative essay, they need to acknowledge the valid points of the opposing argument, otherwise writers sound narrow-minded and thereby less effective. MEMORANDUM FOR (PERSON WHO ISSUED REPRIMAND), SUBJECT: Response to (Letter of Reprimand, etc). The outline below, adapted from Seyler's Understanding Argument, is an example of a rebuttal section from a thesis essay. Here are two possible strategies that you can use to refute the counter-argument. In addition, until this incident occurred, my record was flawless. If you received one unfairly or without justification, don't waste time. To that end, I will make an appointment with the Inspector General's Office to ensure I understand my responsibilities on and off-duty and fulfill my responsibilities". Start off with a positive statement such as "I appreciate the opportunity to respond to the letter of reprimand that I received on 20 April 19 and would like to demonstrate my sincere support of the Unit by providing clarification of the conduct described" or some other positive remark. Sample Rebuttal Letters 1. The first paragraph should be positive. Make a copy and keep it for your records. The schedule was changed while I was on leave and no one gave me a copy or notified me that the schedule had changed and that I was scheduled to work. This will likely be the only time that you'll be invited to state your opinion on this matter so make sure everything you want to say is addressed. Also explain what you can do to resolve the behavior so it does not happen in the future. Summarize your contributions to the unit and the Army. In the future, I will make a greater effort to comply with all regulations. If you have any character statements from fellow employees or supervisors, attach them also. Instead, mention the IG in a polite way to let the reader know that you're aware of your options and resources. No one has time to read two or three type-written pages. The appointments were not mandatory and I scheduled them myself to take care of pre-existing issues in preparation for deployment. 3. Here is an example of a simplified counterclaim and rebuttal paragraph's topic sentence: X = your argument or claim. Finish the letter by signing and dating it. Skeptics of X _____ claim Y _____ ; however, these arguments are weak because R_____. If you're guilty explain why you did it and apologize for your mistake. Many people argue that bullying is a natural part of our humanity and that preventative measures are ineffective against this element of the human condition; however, they fail to understand that bullying is a cycle that has been perpetuated for centuries and that all cycles can be broken. Those who oppose X ______ say that Y _____, yet they are incorrect because R _____. Famous Rebuttal Example: Nixon vs. Kennedy In the famous first presidential debate between Richard Nixon and John F. Kennedy in 1960, there are several excellent examples of successful rebuttals. That will only make management dig in their heels and make damn sure it stays in your records forever. Write something like: "I appreciate my supervisor's guidance and faith in my potential and am more committed to my career and the Army than ever before. Every journal or publication site has their set guidelines for publication. I have been a Soldier for over 4 years and have always worked hard to comply with all regulations and support my unit. In conclusion, I appreciate the opportunity to respond and explain my actions. I understand that there is no excuse for having done this and do not wish to make any for myself. *** A couple of the examples used on this page were adapted from this website:***, How to use this site/ Introduction to MLA, The Counter-Argument & Rebuttal Paragraph. Don't threaten to go to the IG if the reprimand isn't withdrawn. When management thinks that the situation will be reviewed by unbiased people outside the organization, they will take another look and make sure the reprimand is deserved, justified, and supportable. You must clearly SHOW how their evidence is weak with strong analysis. Since my arrival here, I also participated in volunteer opportunities and spent a weekend cleaning and painting a school and I spent my Thanksgiving serving the less fortunate. Agree with the counter-argument, but provide new evidence that perhaps contradicts or weakens their argument.

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