protected silver coating

protected silver coating

A 22(5), 1962–1970 (2004), Schürmann, M., Schwinde, S., Kaiser, N.: Optical element comprising a reflective coating Patent specification: EP3158370A1 (2015), Schwinde, S., Schürmann, M., Kaiser, N., et al. Reactive sputtering processes operating at different argon pressures (ranging from 0.3 to 2.7 Pa) have been studied for a number of gas/metal target combinations (Al, Mg, Y in Ar/O-2 and Ti in Ar/N-2). Appl. “Thin Film Stress Measurement,” “Residual stresses in evaporated silicon dioxide thin films: Correlation with deposition parameters and aging behavior,” But even in the case of protected Ag, the appearance of defects which could decrease the reflectivity has to be considered [7–11]. In the period after the coating and before the application, the environmental conditions of these reflectors are comparable to the conditions existing for other hightech reflectors. Waters, P., Volinsky, A.A., Lin, C-H., Komeya, K., Meguro, T., (2007). From measurements of transmittance with FTIR and of homogeneity with phase-shifting interferometry at 1.55 μm, we confirmed that CdZnTe is the best material that satisfies all the optical requirements. (2013). 14(11), 2639–2644 (1975), Pellicori, S.F. These defects lead to scattering and a reduction of reflectivity. The intrinsic material properties as well as the deposition-related layer-properties have been taken into account. To access this item, please sign in to your personal account. Appl. Principles of Vapor Deposition of Thin Films brings in to one place a diverse amount of scientific background that is considered essential to become knowledgeable in thin film depostition techniques. 1 [email protected] | +1 401-583-7846, © Knight Optical 2020 - Developed By Wirebox, Cookies | Privacy Policy | Shipping Rates Therefore, reflectors for ground- and spaced-based applications have to be durable under these conditions. This is true for a supply of working gas (Ar), 11.0 and 11.5 (Figure 2 b), even though this removal rate is significantly lower than, exposure to the aqueous solution with a pH-value b. between 11 and 11.5), expressed through the negative slope m. solution (pH-value between 12.5 and 13), expressed through the negative slope m. MPa and thus also a significant change of layer stress. Proc. “Stress in porous thin films through absorption of polar molecules,” Salh, R., It will be possible to obtain S/N ~ 30 per resolution element in one hour on a J=18 object. You can also use natural bristled brushes to paint on ProtectaClear which is self-leveling and the brush marks will disappear. Schwinde, S., Schürmann, M., Schlegel, R. et al. (7), 1583 This is true for a supply of working gas (Ar) of 20 sccm and of 80 sccm (table 1). –225 (0)1622 859444 | USA & Canada: [email protected] +1 401-583-7846. 1.303.664.5000       866.678.4270, The cornerstone of the RMI service philosophy is a collaborative approach with our customers to solve. Experimental Mechanics, 47 163 This solution has a pH-value between 12,5 and 13. Technol. (2013). CEAS Space Journal These rules consider how far the cation polarizes the anion and thereby increases the fraction of covalent bonds which leads to a higher resistance in polar solutions [30]. telescope, in India. This consideration and moreover the improvement of mirror durability due to the protection of Ag is an ongoing research topic [11]. Appl. The chosen parameters for the Si3N4 have an influence on the deposition rate. Thin Solid Films, 476 215 Opt. S-shaped process curves for reactive sputtering with O2 are useful for the interpretation of the deposition conditions and an optimization of the layer properties. To endure this period without a decrease of reflectivity, protective coatings with a final layer, which offers a high resistance to aqueous solutions, and a low mechanical stress should be used. Sree, K. S., (1997). Cleaning: This silver coating is able to be cleaned with alcohol, acetone and mild soap solutions. Therefore, Ag coatings are indispensable for highly reflective components such as reflectors [1].

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