prairie vole range

prairie vole range

Prairie voles, Microtus ochrogaster, occur from northeastern New Mexico to northern Alabama, western West Virginia, and northwest to central Alberta. They are found in grasslands in the central United States and Canada; ranging from the eastern Rocky Mountains in the west to West Virginia in the east and into the Canadian Prairies to the north. Prairie voles, Microtus ochrogaster, occur from northeastern New Mexico to northern Alabama, western West Virginia, and northwest to central Alberta. In this study, we examine the range-wide population genetic structure of the prairie vole, Microtus ochrogaster (n = 170). The Prairie vole is monogamous, a female and male share the same nest and home range, and remain together for life. K. Cook - 6-2-05 Barbour, R. W., and W. H. Davis. It is assumed that prairie voles are territorial, as laboratory animals will not tolerate crowding (Gier and Cooksey 1967), and aggression in the form of biting has been demonstrated (summarized in … native; Habitat Both, mother and father, care for the young. In addition, the sides of the prairie vole are somewhat paler than the back and the tail has two distinct colors. Males exclude other males from the home range through aggression. They range from New Mexico to Ohio and West Virginia. The home range size of prairie voles varies from 0.11-0.22 ha (0.27-0.54 ac.) (summarized in Stalling 1990). Range: This species ranges throughout the prairie states of the United States and north toward southern provinces of Canada. Understanding population genetic structure provides insight into the evolutionary past, present, and future of a species. To elucidate this effect, Prairie voles (Microtus ochrogaster) were used since they are very vocal and have a variable range in heart rate. (Stalling, 1990)Biogeographic Regions; nearctic. Prairie and savanna vegetation may be found in association with a wide range of hydrologic conditions. Prairie voles prefer drier areas with plenty of vegetation and are commonly found in pastures, alfalfa fields, weedy meadows, and prairies. In a study in which a wider range of doses of AVP and OT was used (Cho et al. The average age of sexual maturity occurs in females at around 25 days (range 20-30), and around 40 days in males (range 35-45). The prairie vole's scientific name, Microtus ochrogaster, is derived from Greek; the genus name translates to "small ear" and the specific epithet translates to "yellow belly". Prairie voles inhabit northeastern New Mexico up to northern Alabama, the west part of West Virginia (the United States), and the northwest to central Alberta (Canada). (Stalling, 1990) Biogeographic Regions; nearctic. Geographic Range. They are common on prairies, ungrazed pastures, weedy areas, fallow fields, road right-of … Mammals of Kentucky. 1974. KNOWN RANGE: P:\Proj1\SEGap PROTECTION STATUS: Prairie Vole ... of the meadow vole, the prairie vole will use more dry and short grass habitats (Getz et. Prairie voles breed during the spring, summer, fall, and mild winters. al 2001). When found near human habitation, prairie voles construct tunnel systems in … Geographic Range. University Press of Kentucky, Lexington, Early work divided M. ochrogaster into seven subspecies using morphological characteristics. Prairie voles are common in prairies, ungrazed pastures, fallow fields, weedy areas, road right-of-ways, and sometimes in soybean or alfalfa fields. 1999), icv injections of either AVP or OT at 100-ng dosage induced partner preferences in female prairie voles that were housed with a male for 1 hr in the absence of mating. native; Habitat. Meadow voles can mate year-round, although mating is most common from March to November.

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