pork chops with french fried onions

pork chops with french fried onions

Bake at 400 degrees F … Sprinkle the cheddar cheese over the top of the sour cream dip and then evenly spread the French fried onions over the top. Get baked pork chops in just 20 minutes with flour, eggs, and crispy fried onions for a hearty dinner - perfect for any weeknight! Place French Fried Onions and flour into plastic bag. Place pork chops on baking sheet. cup flour. Lightly crush with hands or with rolling pin. cups French-fried onions. Place pork chops on a baking sheet and bake for 20 minutes, flipping after 10 minutes. Recipe by dgeo6748. French Fried Onion Pork Chops. Cheesy and creamy pork chops baked with crunchy French fried onions on top. 1 . egg. Take care to coat both sides. 4 -6 . And this recipe is wonderfully simple! MAKE IT SHINE! Looking for an easy pork chop recipe? Place the pork chops in the bottom of a 9x13 baking pan and spread the sour cream dip evenly over the pork chops. French Onion Smothered Pork Chops are so easy to make with only 4 ingredients and are ready in under one hour. These porkchops are cripsy and delicious! ADD YOUR PHOTO. Dip pork chops into beaten egg; then coat with onion crumbs, pressing firmly to adhere. Dinner doesn’t get any easier than this - these crunchy pork chops are infused with juicy, baked oven flavor. Coat the pork chops, first with the beaten eggs, then with the breadcrumb mixture. Nutrition. thin pork chops. 1 . A 4 ingredient, 4 step easy weeknight dinner.If you’re looking for an easy weeknight dinner that will feed your whole family, have I got a winner for you. 2 . Transfer to pie plate or waxed paper.

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