pictures of wolves

pictures of wolves

393 391 28. I have always challenged myself to do things in order to get out of my comfort zone. The frailty of humanity is best expressed when confronted with solitude & battling the elements of nature’s fury – be it snowstorms, blizzards, hurricanes, tidal waves, or earthquakes, making you one with your maker, brings reality to the forefront. It took me three and a half-day on a plane ride and then 9 hours on a snowmobile to get in the area where I could take pictures of wolves. We pitched our tent at -56 F and that was to become our home for the next 9 days. Divine intervention or poetic justice, it was the highlight of a week of adversity and also terrifying loneliness. For days, nothing happened. Especially with the added pressure of creating a wow factor. I researched all the facts about it, from its arctic habitat, diet, weight, population, behavior… Everything I could put my hands and eyes on to create snow wolf art. Understandably, selecting between different wall art ideas for your living room can be dizzying. Two rocky mountain wolves on top of their den relaxing and sunning in the sunshine. 805 two wolves stock photos are available royalty-free. This layer also grows thicker in the colder winter months to prepare the arctic wolves for the bitter winds. 2020 National Geographic Partners, LLC. Size Available: 8" x 12" | 17.5" x 26.5" | 23.5” X 35.25”... Ejaz Khan Earth is the name of my website and studio focused on my wildlife-related photography. 143 134 44. The place where you invite your close friends and guests. © 1996-2015 National Geographic Society, © 2015- The right piece speaks with you, a personal conversation with your heart one might say. While their real-life counterparts aren’t magical creatures in a literal sense, those who have interacted with them may say otherwise. Being miles and miles away from human contact to create art is my passion. We offer them in five different sizes of white wolf pictures. In fact, the U.S. Wolf Zoo Canis Lupus. Many fine art photographers would say that it’s so difficult to take pictures of wolves which are also known as white wolves or polar wolves. Find the perfect Wolf photos and pictures from EJAZ KHAN EARTH. And given the wolf’s status as both a possible scourge to ranchers and an ecological marvel to environmentalists, the debate is “always going to be contentious,” says Mech. I have learned so much in my expedition to photograph wolf images. Our hunt began for food, it was one of the highlights of my trip. This, in turn, leads to the wolves starving. A wolf pack, like seen in my wolf images, is dependent on muskoxen. A: Arctic wolves are also known as white wolves or polar wolves. Some people often ask is photography art, come see for yourself at our next gallery show. Q: How does the Arctic Wolf protect itself and family? Our wolf images are available to order in a variety of sizes, print material, and also framing options. It's my responsibility to bring forward the beauty of our world to inspire everyone to take such action." I went into another bout of shock looking at him,.whom I thought would need help himself, let alone be able to support my quest for the Arctic Wolf. This made my experience taking beautiful pictures of wolves just a little easier. What we display has little impact if there is no regard for emotion. Feeling the cold throughout my skin is such a thrill and also motivation to always keep taking arctic wolf images. My quest to take the best pictures of wolves started when I was looking up animals living in extreme weather conditions. Whether in person, pictures by fine art photographers, paintings or stories, wolves have been depicted for centuries. Why did I decide to take Arctic wolf pictures? To name a few, we work with the. The desolate location found me sitting in a tiny 6seater aircraft, which took three days to reach Grise Fiord. But controversy still swirls around the gray wolf’s conservation status. While beauty is subjective, I have a particular soft spot for arctic wolves. They are native to Canada’s Queen Elizabeth Islands, from Melville Island to Ellesmere Island. It took four flights over three and a half days to get to my tundra wolf tracker, Raymond. They are so far north and so difficult to get close to many. Two Gray Wolves Relaxing. This is due to it being in isolated regions. 130 114 8. They are a medium-sized subspecies as seen in my wolf pictures. A panic attack got me, scared of the isolation & fearful of dying alone & anonymous in the cold Arctic snow. The elements and also your maker, it holds a mirror up to your soul when you spend 15-18 hours alone in nature. “I think there’s a certain aesthetic beauty to [wolves],” says Mech, that defines “their charismatic nature.”. Acting through three trophic levels such as vegetation affected, herbivores, and wolves. As the temperature increases, sea ice is also impacted. My passion has brought me to capture white wolf photos, the Musk Ox, the Puma, Arctic wolves, the Alaskan Bear, and also Camargue Horses. As one of NYC’s fine art photographers, our wolf images art exhibitions support local and also worldwide conversations. Wolf Predators Wildlife. 12 of Our Favorite Wolf Photos. Creating harmony between the elements in your home can seem daunting. I broke into cold sweat despite the sub-Arctic temperatures. 1955 2014 203. I was lucky enough to photograph the white wolf aka canis lupus arctos at a close distance. Our photography sales – online or offline – include a percentage that goes towards these organizations to help them do the work they do, so future generations can enjoy the wildlife we have inherited. Fish and Wildlife Service proposed removing the gray wolf from the federal list of endangered species, a move it says reflects the wolves’ rebound. Another way to prevent getting this page in the future is to use Privacy Pass. A: Arctic wolves as adults are 3.9 – 6.6 ft. in length. No trees, no grass, no signs of life other than the two on the snow. It took me three and a half-day on a plane ride and then 9 hours on a snowmobile to get in the area where I could take pictures of wolves. I am able to print large size prints as a result. 234 251 82. In addition to their fur, they also have smaller ears than their cousins. This reduces the surface area that heat could possibly escape from, keeping their body temperature warmer. My passion for taking a fine art photo has always been pushing the boundaries of human endurance, coming as I did from the bylines of Mumbai to the Big Apple, and also exploring the harshest extremes of nature. I just didn’t have the strength to keep going – mentally and physically. This is how my story to capture pictures of the arctic wolf that begins. Enjoy our real pictures of Wolves gathered from the most frigid part of our world! The outer layer helps them stay waterproof and trap heat close to the body. Part of the sale amount goes towards organizations that help preserve these magnificent beasts from the effect of climate change. Meanwhile, ranchers in the northwestern United States have pushed for rollbacks to state-level wolf protections. Not knowing the challenges this kind of photography endeavor would demand, I made up my mind to take pictures of the tundra wolf. I became delusional, like the protagonist Pi Patel in Yann Mattel’s “Life of Pi”, seeing things in the -50 sub-zero temperatures and also freezing cold & loneliness, the only solace is that I could meet my tracker at nights when I returned for the day. I had never seen or experienced anything like this. Two Gray wolves. Pictures of wolves shot in: Grise Fiord, Upper Arctic, Canada. As I set out to capture arctic wolf photography, I have learned so much about this amazing animal. This collection of wolf images proves it. Covered in polar bear skin pants, I began to understand how the animal felt, in its own natural habitat. Select from premium pictures of wolves of the highest quality. Their paws also have padding that gives them a good grip when they walk and insulate their feet. They walked towards us without fear and also came as close as 10 feet from us. Along with wildlife conservations & foundations, Ejaz exhibits life-sized photo prints in his New York art gallery of images he captured during his expeditions.

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