phase diagram of co2

phase diagram of co2

for carbon dioxide and water are shown in figure 1. Solid CO2 sublimes when heated. Liquid CO2 can be produced only at pressures above 5atm. Carbon Dioxide: Temperature - Pressure Diagram S a t u r at i o n Li ne. Y-shape, just shifted relative to one another. A phase diagram shows the temperatures and pressures at which the various phases (i.e., solid, liquid and vapor) of a substance can exist. The phase diagram of CO2 is similar to the phase diagram of water: sublimation curve, vaporization curve, triple point, critical temperature and pressure.Of course, the P and T values of are unique to carbon dioxide. Solid CO2 is more dense than liquid CO2. Title: phase_diagram.xls Created Date: 11/10/1999 5:44:57 PM Both phase diagrams for water and carbon dioxide have the same general . phase diagrams.

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