perfect webinar script template

perfect webinar script template

If you have coaching, $25,000, I usually suggest starting at $12,000 and then working up to $25,000, I have of course even covered that inside of my high ticket hack which shows you how to close those types of deals from someone that just paid you $7 for a simple little free + shipping offer. And what I mean by that is that you can have one course but that course can have three parts to it because of course it’s a course – there are modules, there different ideas covered inside. For a lot of people, if it isn’t instant then what I love to put is “My Dirty Little Secret”, and dirty little secret for some reason everyone wants to know those. You give your examples again. You’re only getting it for $1,000.” So if you didn’t sign up immediately here is the reason why, you don’t have to think about it. Create Any Sales Funnel with ClickFunnels + Free Templates. Okay, do I have this part? Just think about every minute you have 1% more converting for every minute that you spend on this, and it’s worth it my friends, so worth it. So you go, “Okay, see why it’s a great deal at $5000 that comes in? AND it is free. I want to make you money so I make money, that’s the whole idea of this. You would find Perfect Webinar Script by only registering here. The ultimate ClickFunnel training. Or is it worth more? Have you ever heard of anyone taking 100 shots and making 100 shots? So I go into our benefit. Of course you’re going through, you. So again, you go in, “My Goal Is…” and you simply state here is what I want to do, at the very end you are making your main promise. So that gets them to go. What was that? So again, they just want that instant gratification. And again for me it was showing you how to run high profit webinars without knowing anything about webinars. Of course, after doing this for 10+ years I found a hidden business inside of my existing business. Simply give it the aura of it being a live event. Now this is your hook, if you stay until the end this is what you are going to get. If all this did was made your pain point better, how much would it be worth? And then you of course going with your two options, nothing to change here. A lot of people think, “Well, I need a lot of traffic. So you can start getting those yeses of them saying, “Yes, I would be willing to pay that. My pain point, again, happened to be going through and without becoming an expert webinar speaker, without knowing about webinars, without having to become a great linguistic analyst, learning NLP or neurolinguistic programming; just simply follow the script, follow what I have, fill in the blanks and watch how powerful what you say is. But the point is you’re asking them, that j-o-b is going to replenish every two weeks in your bank account, so that money is always going to come back. You can do all of this but the secret is that I am going to hold back this one idea, and this one little secret, this is what shifts it, and then of course we will go into that. But then once I did this one cool thing, where it says in that green area, I hired a copywriter, paid him $8,000 to craft the perfect webinar formula, an extra $12,000 in order just a train obviously all of my consultants on it in order to craft their own customization forms or be able to help you guys out. So Secret #1, I go into that and I just explain how that really is the case. So most people will think, “Hey, in order to get Secret #1 I’m going to, of course, need Secret #2.” Well for me if you are going to be pushing a product, of course you need traffic. So there is The Tale of Two People – there is timid Timmy and confident Ken. They are just going to go after and ask a bunch of questions and say, “Woe is me” when I didn’t get the exact results that you did because I didn’t put in the time you did. But for 5$ You get the Following. $20K a Month With How Many Clicks to a Sales Funnel?. You go into your main benefit, the unique reason why your product is so amazing. Of course you don’t have to do that, I found out that that’s the hard way, that there is a lot easier way, but what is it? That $37 product, I can get $5,000 a month – 135 products need to be sold in order to make that. And then I go in and we go into these closes, bam – do you have disposable income? Maybe when they think of, for example, weight loss, they think it is going to be a long, hard journey; it definitely doesn’t have to be when you have proper diet and nutrition. Now I just want you to know that we are not going to process your card, all we’re doing is we’re doing this to make sure you’re serious about actually going through, and we are just going to confirm and once we answer your question we will process your order.”. You are going to see this, this, this, and this.”, Then go to What You Are Going To Get. That doesn’t pay me either at end of the day. I told you how valuable my time is. Anyway, going back, once you’re asking these questions, you break it down. Whatever it may be, tell them where they are applying it to without that one main pain that they had in getting that benefit, so how to run high profit webinars and add them to your business without knowing anything about webinars. Everything should have value, even weight loss has value. The Perfect Webinar is a script. So these are all mainly tertiary, what I would call them, hooks. So all you can simply do is pre-record one and now it’s set it and forget it, and you’re just pushing traffic and testing numbers. And once you do that just put that picture of either you, a person or a consultant. Now the webinar logo is going to be here, you can hire a designer, it’s going to cost you anywhere from $5 to $15. Maybe it’s not as hard as you think to lose all that weight, it is not as hard as you think to invest in proper stocks. But be sure to do it now because this thing is ending.”. Not necessarily. For me I just simply put one of our consultants in, they help you with your script, they go through. We don’t need to try and work so hard. of course if it doesn’t work for you you can change it out with a million different things – the blueprint, the mind map, the strategy, the dirty little secret, whatever it is. Well, I’m no genius – I’m actually a college drop out! I haven’t. I do, do, do highly suggest that you get this as soon as possible for your webinar, this is very, very, very powerful stuff. Some of my webinars do include the bonuses, some of them don’t; you never know and that’s the mad grab I like to play sometimes. Some people they just need to buy your item and that makes them feel good, that’s it. But then the old thing that you changed goes right here. You are messing with people’s minds and their thought processes. Of course you want to delete that before you start, but purple means that’s the direction. I am here to make people rich and then once they get rich they pay me more money and I make them super rich; that’s it. Be sure to subscribe for more great tips! So in order to solve it today you have changed your mind today to take that first step forward, and you are then solving it today. Let me just show you how this works once you maximize it, the video comes with this. “Here is their handle name, go ask them how it worked. That’s going to be your product. Some of my secrets behind it are I always give everyone Bonus #1. January 9, 2020 by admin. But you’ve got to reframe people and just let them know, “Hey, you’ve got what it takes to succeed. If it’s losing 10 pounds, is it being able to ensure that your investments yield at 3% ROI in the YTD, whatever it is just with your main solution here; the main, biggest one that has value to them. Learn SEO for Images, Blog, Website, Video, Articles, On Page Optimization, Backlinks, Keyword Research - EVERYTHING! And of course, you always start high and then you drop it down. And I am really building up almost this wall of help so that way once you get over that you’re probably 99.9% done with your webinar, and then if you still need that final 0.01% you can call up one of my consultants, they will help you, it’s usually 5 or 10 minutes and your just like “That’s it, I’m ready.”. Try and look towards instant gratification. And then what’s the biggest thing of all? Of course I have a picture of what I would consider something that’s detrimental, what people hold close to as a stigma when they are going through.

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