overhead door wireless keypad manual

overhead door wireless keypad manual

The receiver can be mounted on the side or back, panel of the motor unit or could be mounted on the ceiling or wall (locate the. Never. /Contents 6 0 R>> Rapid blinking of the red LED indicates an error. Service & Support to locate a representative in your area to assist you or call our customer service at You are about to leave this Overhead Door Co. of Burlington and enter a third-party site. Locate the “Learn Code” button and the “Learn Code” red LED indicator. M13-631 Marantec Keyless Entry. The Genuine. 5 0 obj Temporary PIN remains active only until the next time your normal PIN is entered. ��\��� �N@J�D�*��b�}����7KkyI�쐴��&o�{_Q��hW�l��+���K�o��ڇ|����e%���Uo�KN�5�E=B ��/��F�����ly���2�(/��۴�)I�2-�E��>/H�N����nV�.����/���bc�b��!�-&�`�ݱ�/��ʲ����6$���@˕���z�||��5-�4/`$cA�*��� �����s�7�ԟ��K#�g��fmu'� ���:�x����ߛ��r[Zr��8[ǓO"�-K�7 eH����[sf܎�zs4��� 쿳���cU�-���4'$=à���FM���ۨ�6����pXQ)�d;��T�ݎ��p��.��H�|LEi1-�f&�����}�j}D0Y���Y�~���)���:�}22]�fݔ�ܳ��;K��X=F0��������S�+ hY_q�ۜ������K��XuWI���Ib�S�e�e�>����Y���Ԛ/��i�l� vLv(���2��� [���D���n/�tp�b��0�MBË���d. If you do not have any. (Do not use the ✽ or # Key), Clear and start over: Press ✽ and # together until keypad stops flashing, (5 one second flashes). operate, or play with remote control transmitters/keypads. The receiver can be mounted on the back or side panel of the motor unit. Drill a 1/16″ pilot hold for the tip mounting screw. Start over. It is not necessary to reprogram the CLK1 to change the existing PIN. Overhead Door Co. of Burlington can help. Let our experts help you find the perfect window for your needs and budget! Take battery out of, compartment (it is not necessary to disconnect it). x��[�r�6}�W�o�LFEQ�GǮ�4�M���a��D($e���% n� -?xE.�.�^8!���99�y�"��F$���c�z �l��Iƣ�bL �0�Fђ̓�h��UF~�a�b�Ҍܿ���?n+�Gz�5����]Z�� �e#B|��Y���&��W����gl="�������i����|����ǴL)����f�]Z {��fyŊ�����ەt��5%G��L�A�>7��O�����bͷ�v�� � This erases, previous programming and returns unit to unprogrammed factory setting.When, programming to more than one door, do not clear keyless after a successful. During this time you may stop, reverse or reactivate the door by pressing any, Select a smooth vertical surface. Note: Systems that have a yellow, white, or gray smart-learn button will have, code switches in the original hand held remote. A Garage Door Keypads is actually a garage door opener keypad. Garage door should now move. Any combination of, Before initial programming, press ✽ and #, together until keypad stops flashing. Get a wireless keypad garage door opener from Overhead Door. OPENER SYSTEMS DEVELOPED BY SEVERAL MANUFACTURERS SINCE 1996. ��Ư�۠����^9���ߑ��η�#�n�u�'���+��j��+�Ǜ҈B�IogE-?�M��Lax'�W"�q#��FY��+E��ۑUe8"7�/7K���#� �� Any keypad button will control the door for 30 seconds after the door starts moving. 4 0 obj Remove used batteries and replace with “AAA” batteries. If an incorrect PIN is entered, the keypad flashes. Mount the keypad out of the path of the moving, garage door, but within sight of it. <> Keypad will flash: During certain programming sequences - when pressing the ✽, To program a second garage door opener brand after successfully programming, the first: Determine brand, then follow the brand steps, choosing a different PIN, and in step 1 enter 5,6,7,8 instead of 1,2,3,4. Wireless Keypad - For use with Garage Door Openers. Release both buttons. If there is anything further we can help with, simply contact us and we are happy to help. If the LED is blinking rapidly, the PIN was entered incorrectly. Select a model to view the programming instructions for that particular wireless keypad. additional number must be entered to activate your system. Since 1921. After a few seconds, the LED will turn off, and you can retry. Enter your NEW PIN and press the PROGRAM button. THERE ARE NO OTHER USER SERVICEABLE PARTS. Before you begin, be aware of the following: Release button. This. “Learn Code” indicator LED continues to blink. Enter your PIN (three to eight characters). /Group <> Do not clear and start over as first door, Keypad will light steadily for 5 seconds: After pressing any key or after entering. stream To prevent possible SERIOUS INJURY or DEATH from a moving gate or garage door: • ALWAYS keep keypads out of reach of children. must accept any interference received, including interference that may cause undesired operation. Our team installs residential and commercial insulation. We install steel, wood and aluminum garage doors perfect for any home. $dy�J�X��̳�6�_s��x\��q~ő�x��e �V�Y� Press and hold the 6 button. From locks to handles, Overhead Door Co. of Burlington can meet your door hardware needs. Mount the keypad using the, two mounting holes and screws supplied, then reinsert battery, replace battery. MASTER MECHANIC, DO IT - SECTIONS 1, 2 AND 3, Determine if your system has code switches or a smart-learn button. ■ Enter existing 4-digit PIN and the ✽ key. • ALWAYS keep gate or garage door in sight until completely closed. Download Overhead Door Keypad Owners Manual doc. Note: Do not use the ✽ star or # pound keys as a 5th number. programmed remotes, choose a random 9 digit code using the box below.

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