orbital angular momentum of p electrons is

orbital angular momentum of p electrons is

A … For p orbital, l=1. Calculate the orbital angular momentum of an electron in a state of hydrogen. Correct Answer: h/(√2π) Explanation: Orbital Angular Momentum = h/(2π) x √(l(l+1)). The magnetic quantum number, designated by the letter \(m_l\), is the third quantum numbers which describe the unique quantum state of an electron. Use Eq. LifeissooBeautiful LifeissooBeautiful Explanation: The orbital angular momentum of a s electron is equal to 2 2πh. Orbital angular momentum value of an electron for p orbital is 1 See answer ptparth2003 is waiting for your help. The \(m_l\) Quantum Number and Magnetic Fields. h/(√2π) Related Questions: PV/T= Constant. Add your answer and earn points. New questions in Social Sciences. directly to calculate the orbital angular momentum. An electron possesses orbital angular momentum has a density distributions is no longer spherical. The orbital angular momentum of a p-electron is given as : Options (a) h/(√2π) (b) √3 x (h/2π) (c) √(3/2) x h/π (d) √6 x h/2π.
Strategy: Orbital angular momentum in related to azimuthal quantum number. so => h/(2π) x √2 =?

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