nrgel memory foam mattress review

nrgel memory foam mattress review

This is a type of gel memory foam that has a perforated surface to enhance the flow of air and contribute to the overall coolness even more- which is especially welcome during the hot days of the year. NRGel® delivers all of the benefits of memory foam, without the heat or sinking feeling. We're sorry, JavaScript is required to shop Your feedback helps us make Walmart shopping better for millions of customers. Construction. All the layers of this mattress work together to give you the comfort and pressure relief you deserve. (15% OFF) After you open the box and allow a new memory foam mattress to decompress, it releases chemical-like smell for a couple of days called off-gassing. Your email address will never be sold or distributed to a third party for any reason. However, because of the medium firmness, it will suit most of the sleepers. It also has the same visco-elastic properties as traditional memory foam but is also infused with gel elements. The mattress has a CertiPUR – US certification for durability, content, and performance. Another Option: Zinus 12 Inch Gel-Infused Green Tea. If you're a hot sleeper, you'll enjoy special features such as NRGel® that dissipates heat. With an unbeatable price and excellent build quality, Zinus 12-inch memory foam infused with green tea is one of the bestsellers. Memory foam, as well as gel-infused memory foam, can have that sinking feeling, and for heavier sleepers, it can turn out to be an issue rather than a feeling of comfort. Versatile design offers something for every sleeper- and every budget. Buyers should know, while gel infusion may have improved the sleep quality of standard polyurethane-based memory foam mattresses slightly, it is not necessarily the best method available for addressing body heat retention. Built-in edge rails provide a sturdy seating edge, extend your sleeping space and keep you from rolling out of bed. Construction: The latest release from Zinus features four layers, starting with a 2-inch gel infused memory foam layer that regulates the body temperature and gives you a refreshing sleep. If you are looking for one of the best gel mattresses that can offer luxurious comfort without a high price tag, you can certainly bet on Olee Sleep 10-inch gel infused memory foam mattress. All Rights Reserved. The NRGel® memory foam makes the mattress cool to the touch. Side sleepers are able to enjoy the hugging, and cradling feeling of the foam. Generally, gel infused memory foam mattress comes with a warranty of ten years. Our 14-inch Signature mattress is the biggest and the best! With an unbeatable price and excellent build quality, Zinus … Sleep Innovations Marley Queen 12 Inch Mattress, 3. The Slumber Solutions mattress is a cooling foam mattress. Comfort level: Lucid queen mattress states that the bed is medium-firm, but according to our test, it is more on the firm side of the scale. We rank it 6.5/10 on our firmness scale. Ranging between $339-799, it's a great value. We've done the difficult research to help you protect your health & future with a great night's sleep. A gel memory foam mattress is a perfect choice for hot sleepers or anyone who finds regular memory foam too hot for comfort. Injection of gel opens the structure of foam layers and makes them ventilated, which stops the trapping of heat and promotes airflow to keep you fresh. Then there is another 3-inch layer of convoluted foam that gives to maximum comfort and pressure relief and a 6-inch layer made of high-density foam for support and natural spine alignment. Featuring NRGel technology, this ComforPedic from BeautyRest memory foam mattress responds and adjusts to your body to provide optimal temperature control and invigorating supportive comfort. With this gel memory foam mattress you and your partner both will enjoy a better quality of sleep: with cooling, adaptive memory foam to support your body and minimize motion transfer, it will give each sleeper a tailored sense of comfort. NRGel® delivers all of the benefits of memory foam, without the heat or sinking feeling. Distinct for its blue color, gel memory foam is a fairly recent material, specifically designed to counter the biggest disadvantage of memory foam- its heat-trapping property. Due to the infused gel, the memory foam is an expert in facilitating airflow and ventilation to make the sleeping surface breathable and fresh. The 12-inch mattress from Classic Brands is unbelievably comfortable. These referral links don't cost you a cent! They're a luxury mattress shipped with FREE white-glove delivery & setup (different than regular bed in a box brands put on your doorstep). This is why it is best to go for mattresses with a higher profile, with a thicker high-density foam base that could support your weight properly. Motion isolation is also very good with the Slumber Solutions mattress. This high-quality foam mattress is surprisingly affordable. Motion isolation: With minimal motion disturbance, you are assured of having a good night’s sleep on this bed. You can get everything from an extra firm to a super soft and everything in between. These mattresses are cooling and can be enjoyed by hot sleepers year-round. Our Signature beds also have a side rail system. Gel foam mattresses have increased in popularity in the last 20 years. Gel foam itself has become so popular that manufacturers have begun adding it into hybrid and innerspring models. The bed can accommodate any sleeper with all sleeping styles as its firmness level changes with weight. Any statements made on this website have not been evaluated by the FDA and any information or products discussed are not intended to diagnose, cure, treat or prevent any disease or illness. So, if you are more than 200 pounds, you should read the firmness one level down from what is mentioned. The information contained on The Sleep Judge is intended for informational and educational purposes only. The manufacturers believe that only a great night’s sleep can lead to an energetic morning and this is the reason why they came up with this bed that has all the components to give you and your family and thick as well as comfortable sleep. Third and last 6-inch layer made of thick foam forms its base and prevents sinkage. NRGel is cooler than the traditional gel memory foam as well. The pillowtop is a particularly great design solution for back sleepers as it will make you feel like you sleep on a cloud while the multi-layered innerspring design is there to support and alleviate pain. Not only it won’t be as hot as memory foam, but it will still offer all the great properties of it, such as spinal support and body-contouring adaptiveness. So, you will not face any difficulty while finding the firmness level. Our Signature beds also have a side rail system. Example, a 4-inch top layer made of gel-infused memory foam layer looks good and is comfortable for heavy users. Construction: The full size mattress has a three-layer structure, starting with the topmost 1-inch memory foam layer infused with gel to provide maximum cooling to your body. The Slumber Solutions mattress is 10-14" thick. They can support your back and contour to your body for proper joint alignment very well. So, they have addressed this problem pretty well through this bed and makes sure that you seep without any motion sensing. To decide if a gel memory foam mattress is a fit for you, however, you’ll have to consider the downsides as well. On the other side, if you are a light weighted sleeper, you should read the firmness one level up. Suited for all sleeping positions, this is a medium-firm mattress that will suit most sleepers. Comfort level: The Classis Brands Cool Gel queen mattress overall gives a medium-firm feel and that is why it is very comfortable for medium weighted users. With a profile of 12 inches, this hybrid gel memory foam mattress is in the “goldilocks zone”- not too high and not too low, and suited to all sleeping positions.

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