nopixel admin list

nopixel admin list

Most notable among them were Reid Dankleaf, Dennis LaBarre, Bodean 'Bo' Tucker, Jerry Callow, Huckleberry “Huck” Guthrie, and Jordan Steele. The following day, Nettie and Kyle confronted Jordan about the incident and told him that he was the primary suspect in Kayden's murder. The ordeal ended up causing Nettie and Copperpot to become fast friends. Eventually, the couple found themselves outside after Nettie had an altercation with Mya and Nettie took the misunderstanding as an opportunity to propose to Jordan. After spending roughly 20 minutes cleaning and repairing parts of Chips' home, they parted ways, but not before Nettie informed them that they were far more reliable than the Angels. Former Affiliation American before disappearing from her life again. Nettie and Sam eventually had a falling out after Nettie threw all of Sam's belongings in the street and had the locks changed. Between March 5th and March 7th, Nettie began working at. Nettie and Jordan would eventually go on another date to blow off some steam and catch each other up on developments regarding the perjury investigation and the happenings in their lives. Daisy was rather smitten with Nettie but was confused by her spurred advances and began focusing her attention on Bailey instead. Admin Control System. They then took Flop and Alexa to a church and began interrogating them while Freesh kept guard from the rooftop. Status Age Bailey is a former EMS coworker who Nettie first met as a trainee and has a reputation for being one of the most friendly people in the city. Coop hands the Vanilla Unicorn key to Slim After a heated exchange in the car, Nettie drove Tracy to a secluded parking lot with the intention of executing her, but relented because she felt that Tracy was too annoying to be bothered with and opted to take a picture with her for old times sake instead. A former schizophrenic patient of Kizzy, and one of Nettie's close friends, Jessie is a troubled young man who Nettie first met shortly after discovering Kizzy had been fired. As time marched on, she came to accept his methodology as his connections frequently brought valuable and skilled employees and interns into the fold. On March 3rd, Nettie was summoned to a court trial for Jordan as a witness to his drug fueled rampage where he shot at her ambulance, got into a low speed pursuit with police, and took Bobby Smith hostage. Nettie arrived on scene as a first responder and had to perform CPR on Jordan to save his life. Either way, neither of us are who we say we are!" The idea of role-play is to talk, act, and proceed as the character you are playing. Coop tries to hit on the Chief, and is one-upped instantly. It was during this time that Bailey began accruing an alarmingly high number of stalkers and would frequently be kidnapped while on and off duty. Suspicious that Nettie was still hypnotized and loyal to Mel, Copperpot began tailing Nettie with the help of Louis Baton and Temuthy Clackus while Thomas was using Nettie as security detail for a private meeting with Brian Knight. Tracy would eventually blackout from alcohol poisoning and be rushed to the hospital for emergency medical care. Thus solving the mystery that Nettie and Jessie sought so hard to resolve. On Tuesday, March 17th, Nettie formally resigned from EMS after spending a final shift working together with her best friend, Bailey Jade. They eventually came to terms with him leaving and he still frequently visits the lot and helps the company with matters like investigating suspicious behavior, tailing people, and reporting violent crimes against employees to the police. This may be carried out at the discretion of the Department of Justice. Despite this, many know her as a sweet and kind member of the EMS due to her bedside manner from months of working to save lives throughout the city. In July, Apples and August hired Tessa to help plan their wedding. Despite rarely acknowledging her time in the department, Nettie made several close ties with her coworkers while she worked at the LSPD in 2017. This Admin Menu Is Very Optimized. Coop seems to value loyalty in long-standing friendships and serious relationships, and is loyal in return. Nettie was initially hostile to Ginzu as he implied that she would be attacked during a court case where she testified against Jordan for shooting at her. The scuffle ended up indirectly causing Nettie and Brian to become engaged in a firefight with each other, but the skirmish ended in a draw when Nettie realized what was happening and fled the scene. NoPixel community is a FANDOM Games Community. In hopes of reducing the number of calls EMS gets flooded with, Nettie began donating body armor to the citizens of Los Santos and calling herself the "Vest Fairy". - Mari Jones. Nettie would later discover the truth when she was a first responder to a call where Kayden had kidnapped Thalia for allegedly being in a relationship with Jordan. This infuriated Kayden, causing her to kick Nettie out of the tow truck and run her over. Unbeknownst to Agnes or Chips the cadaver his brain was transplanted into belonged to Nettie's recently deceased grandmother, who donated her body to the hospital, a revelation that both shocked and confused Nettie once she saw Chips walking around the front of Pillbox shortly after the surgery. It was during this time that she became close friends with. At the time Jack was unavailable. Nettie would later apologize to Jerry and tell him that it was just a ruse to help Kayden avoid getting a DUI. It was shortly after this that Nettie became engaged to Jerry Callow, much to the disappointment of everyone who knew her. A distraught, fragile, broken, lost, solemn, languid, tormented, and very sad Nettie Machete, Nettie reunites with Tessa after having left the city for a year, Nettie plots to sabotage Tessa and Amara's wedding with Jean, Tracy entraps Nettie with a lap-dance from Dee, Nettie pretending to be Apples' mother after the Leanbois made him a "nugget", Nettie's contract to get back together with Tracy, Nettie confronts KitKat after she was kidnapped, Kayden and Jerry confront Nettie about Jordan, Nettie testifying at the hit and run trial, Andrews tells Nettie that the DA is investigating her for perjury, Nettie and Kyle console Jordan after Kayden's death, Nettie performing CPR on Jordan after his meltdown, Nettie's contempt of court as covered by the Los Santos Herald, Nettie is arrested for her contempt of court warrant, Nettie and Jordan make up in prison after serving time together. Once the date was over, they confronted Nettie and Jordan in front of the hospital. Tensions came to a head when Louis and Temuthy detained another guard so that Copperpot could spy on the meeting. Aliases Several hours later, Tessa confronted Nettie at Garage Q, as she had learned of her involvement from Bryce and Flop after they had been treated at the hospital. Nettie's initial intent was to use April as a vehicle to make Tracy jealous after she'd bragged/lied to Nettie about having sexual relations with Ricky Robins.

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