new wine, old wineskins and the fear of change

new wine, old wineskins and the fear of change

need to get their fix before the sermon, ok I apologize for that, but when You will know the Truth and the Truth will set you free. (The same can be said for telethons on Christian TV that have the look and feel of a 1978 game show.). It is all God’s will anyway, so just give up the fight. If you would still like to give, but do not wish to commit monthly, you still can become a one-time supporter with any amount you wish. Form ? Many days I long for heaven like Paul, but am willing to stay as long as He wants me to. Many Christian sites are constantly preaching doctrine and not his simple words of Salvation. And no one puts new wine into old wineskins; otherwise the new wine will burst the skins and will be spilled, and the skins will be destroyed. However we are commanded in the scriptures to place our pride in Christ in God why, because everything in this world is unstable and He is the only stable one. Be the vessel that the Lord Jesus can pour forth, so that YOU can pour forth into others. 6 stands for man. So what do one expects when CHANGE is being put aside as well. What has this to do with new wine? Now, it’s personal revival. But the early church apparently had no buildings or shrines as many today have. Very few shepherds are around to look after the flock. Not to mention Doug Harris Director of Operations and who controls the programmes. Do not expect to be one lead to disciple others, until you have been disciple, being a seminary student or graduate does not always mean that you have been discipled – ONLY that you have studied and been TAUGHT. The Watchtower Society has a stranglehold on its membership. What are some problem passages in or interpretations of your sacred text that you have had to reclaim or find new interpretations for? Domestic Christianity and life in the raw so to speak, were very different experiences. After all haven’t you heard it said that “If it looks like a duck and sounds like a duck, it has to be a duck??? And we have an intercessory prayer group, and minister at a large Coffee bar, Bistro, and juice bar one night a week where the lost come in and listen to us as we share. That the onus for how the church has to do things has fallen on itself? We want to use our gifts to build churches and preach to audiences, but Jesus said to go and build lives, one at a time if need be. It will require us to take these painful steps: 1. There is none. Before Smith Wigglesworth, for example, would go to face a congregation, he would always pray that God would first open their ears and hearts, i.e prepare them to receive the message Smith was about to send out. His followers had all things in common and shared all they had… All that will save them is their faith. Any members of a church who maintains that Christ is the Only Doorway back to Eternal Father and restoration….will be forgiven the rest of their error….when all organized churches of man are no more….as they will be when Christ returns. Has anyone got a wider world view/ perspective of whats going on in the church though? They preached revival to tens of thousands, and people swallowed it amidst vast applause and cheering, because the full import of the Bible was not theirs. truth about God via the Old Testament and were not able to People may prophesy that the church is being shaken. How can our brothers be so blindly deceived? I think so much decent prophesy has been twisted to mean “revival and blessings are definitely coming” when that may only be the encouragement and dependant on obedience not the prophesies main message. In my youth I hated being told I wasn’t good enough and was running away from it. to any rock concert and get entertained, or a bar or a coffee shop to socialize. yet God in His mercy forced me to face the fact i wasn’t good enough and by accepting that truth stopped my rebellion against my father and the church. I want so much to make Him feel good after what He suffered for us. I think it was their uncertainties that thrust them back to reliance upon The Lord, and certainly aided the fulfilment of their calling. What are some ways that you as a HeartGroup can work toward making our world a safer, compassionate, just home for everyone this week? really is. This all seems to be an unending circle, out discipling, leading back to the building maturing. Don’t look towards any man….study the Bible. But alas she is not much in America, but in the underground churches across the world who are being persecuted! Required fields are marked *. Where are the church leaders in steering their congregations away from the unbiblical and occlut practises which have taken root and bringing disrepute coming from within. those things mean NOTHING). It’s been cast, but would you stand up to such scrutiny? The problem with the Church is that they no longer serve the Great I AM, And nothing is new as what is thought to be of the Holy Spirit. If we don’t have His Spirit without measure whose fault is that? Poverty was rife, and I mean poverty, literally, a family with nothing to eat and no shelter for the night in an Irish rain storm. If his teachings seem new to us, that must mean that he is correcting a present-day application of old ethics. ————————————————————— New Testament prophetic insights were, and still are fully welcomed under the formal religious system to speak before, after, or even during service so long as it is not a challenging word. What are the areas that cause us to operate as an old wineskin? He even told Abraham to count the stars if he could number them… It causes havoc in following generations, because they were taught to hold on to those teachings. No one can build on rubbish. The best gospel that we shall ever preach is the gospel we have lived. If we sin less, will that pain in the past be less? This is not a 501c3 ministry. An elegant tall runner in shorts and tee shirt stopped, smiled benevolently and asked, young man (lovely, I was not young but enjoyed the compliment) how would you say we should improve the church. Or, in the words of Elisha the prophet, “a new cruse with salt therein.”, Kelly: I believe Mr Grady made that point as well: Neither “Rap-star” look, nor “business suit” presents an image of Godliness, even a stereo-typed image. God has made it so no man can boast before God of what he has accomplished for it will never be good enough for God. And thank God we did go through it! And with the SDA Church, another cult, they speak for themselves. The Mass ruled; the priesthood ruled by fear, while living a life of relative luxury. Back in ’91, the Lord gave me these words to speak to a house meeting, (yes I have shared this with some of you before): “…The Lord is doing a new thing, for so long people have prayed and waited for revival, expecting masses to flock into the churches, but they see nothing happening. Jeremiah 6:16 – Thus saith the LORD, Stand ye in the ways, and see, and ask for the old paths, where is the good way, and walk therein, and ye shall find rest for your souls. The Christian “experience” must always be fun and exciting, etc.). It gives the impression that those on stage are God’s business managers. It was, in a sense, the fore runner of this present sorry mess. If families show integrity and treat their neighbours with respect, there will be peace in that neighbourhood. Oh! Assembling together to lift up Jesus. Todd Bentley tried to be “relevant” for today by getting tattoos and driving a pick-up truck with flames painted on it. that i have to this – although it must also be on this website too somewhere. Nothing is known of her spiritual condition now, nothing of repentance during long years in prison or the hardship she wrote of since coming out. These last post express opinion not truth, I apologize for I have strayed from my limits I ministered in Ireland years ago, and saw a lot that broke my heart. If we hope in things to come we may be sadly disappointed, for we all see dimly, understand weakly for we are human, even our understanding of what God means is incomplete for God has a way of revealing enough for us to know, but at the same time keep things hidden so we will have to trust Him. How we love to understand God who He is what He is doing, yet that has been hid from our eyes lest we become wise in our own understanding. It has never been a question of “What can man do to increase the church…”. It will soon come to us, chose this day whom ye will serve … the many will take the broad road of ear tickling preachers and the few will head for the narrow gate, through persecution, suffering and other spiritual refining.

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