multiple choice quiz template powerpoint

multiple choice quiz template powerpoint

When an answer is selected, the slide changes to show whether the answer was correct or incorrect. You may not give away, sell, or redistribute the files in any way. More templates like this. The Fun Quiz PowerPoint Template comes with slides for Multiple Choice Quiz Questions, a fill-in-the-blank Timeline Slide, Quiz Results Slide, and more creative options to assess learning objectives. } Open the copy of the multiple choice quiz template. "height": 311, ,"name": "Link Multiple Choice Answers to Corresponding Slides" Your email address will not be published. The Multiple Choice Quiz app by Microsoft is a PowerPoint add-in available at the Microsoft Store that turns your slides into multiple choice quizzes. ,"name": "Modify the Multiple Choice Quiz Template - Part 2" Link Multiple Choice Answers to Corresponding Slides, Link the Answers to the Corresponding Slides. "@type": "ListItem", Download Share. "height": 316, When all your Slides are complete, you need to return to each multiple choice quiz question slide and link the answers to the correct slide. © 2020 owned by Theme Technologies LLC. ,"name": "The Multiple Choice Quiz Template Format" Multiple Choice Quizzes for the Classroom. This multiple-choice test template has 8 questions, each with four answers to choose from, and an answer key. ,"url": "" ,"url": "" } ,"image": { } There’s more to PowerPoint than you think. "height": 374, The method of creating this multiple choice quiz template is by using invisible hyperlinks (also called invisible buttons or hotspots). Absolutely love it, great presentation template pack! "url": "", You are free to use any of the files here for personal or commercial designs, either in print or on the Web, excluding items for resale. We'll transform Agio as you see how to create a quiz in PowerPoint. Continue this process for all 4 answers shown on the slide. Repeat this whole process for each multiple choice question slide, changing the questions and answers. "url": "", "numberOfItems": 7, Click on top of one of the current answers in the multiple choice answer portion of the slide . { "@type": "ImageObject", "width": 398 "name": "Modify powerpoint Template for Multiple Choice Quiz", } , When an answer is selected, the slide changes to show whether the answer is correct or incorrect. Design & Photography PowerPoint Templates, Computers & Internet PowerPoint Templates, Sports, Outdoors & Travel PowerPoint Templates, Entertainment, Games & Nightlife PowerPoint Templates, Infographic Pack - Presentation Asset PowerPoint Template, Business Infographic Presentation - PowerPoint Template.

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