most expensive shure microphone

most expensive shure microphone

It’s characteristic unique shape, excellent sound quality, and feedback rejection make it worth the price. 8. It’s the mobile mic to get whatever you’re recording and well worth the considerable investment. An easy setup, its One-touch sync function feature automatically scans for the most robust open channels. These limitations are now gone since the MV88+ has MicroUSB and 3.5mm jacks on the back for connecting to any kind of smartphone and headphone monitoring. The SmartMic’s frequency response ranges from 35 to 18 kHz. A mic has to sound good though, and there are no complaints from us regarding its audio performance. Best Budget Option – Saramonic Mini SmartMic. The Mini SmartMic holds up to its name as it’s the smallest mobile microphone we’ve tested. The microphone has the same excellent cardioid capsule as the slightly larger Rode VideoMicro but is optimized for smartphone use. There’s no Lightning or USB-C version of the microphone, yet that would address this. I love diving into the latest and greatest in emerging technologies and seeing what they can do. Rode normally covers the smartLav+ with a 1-year warranty but will not honor it if you purchase the mic through certain online retailers. You’ll need longer cables when using the tripod in stand-alone mode. This increases the setup’s functionality since you get to either angle the mic away and concentrate on filming someone else or align it with the phone and monitor yourself while vlogging. The SmartMic’s aluminum body and small size make it fragile. The Sennheiser MD 441-U is the most expensive dynamic mic on the list coming in at around $900. Blue’s Raspberry brings the company’s trademark retro look and top-notch sound quality into the mobile space. Doing so is useful since you can position the MV5 to pick your voice up without having to stoop to be heard. This is easy to fix by purchasing an adapter, though. This doesn’t always happen, so the problem lies in Shure’s quality control. Speaking of which, the MH5 comes with a MicroUSB to regular USB or Lightning cables, meaning it doesn’t work with Android phones out of the box. The Super 55 is a sturdy, eye-catching dynamic microphone built for a lifetime on stage. Audio recorded with the Raspberry is clear, bright, and particularly suited to bring out the best in vocals. Any device with a headphone jack is supported, but make sure yours doesn’t have a camera close by so the microphone doesn’t enter the picture. The Shure Super 55, known affectionately as the ‘Elvismic’ on account of its most famous user, proves microphones don’t need to be dull. We pomise.). I miss that guyheh You’ll either need to move in close or lift the stand up to sound your best, neither of which is an ideal solution. Our second Audio-Technica mic is the mid-range AT2035 microphone. You need a lavalier microphone in that case, and there’s none better than Rode’s smartLav+. It can be bright and clean or muddy and dark to add character and authenticity to your recordings. You also get a stand and an adapter. Rode also supported their lav mic with a recording app that lets you specify file types and bitrates as well as share the files online. The most expensive mic I've ever used is a Shure KSM 44a. That mic on your favorite drummer’s snare drum…it’s probably an SM57. USB and 3.5mm jacks, as well as a DSP preset toggle and its indicator LEDs, are found in the back. Do you often record outside in noisy environments or during windy weather? The bright output makes the Raspberry more susceptible to plosives, but moving your mouth slightly to the side goes a long way in getting rid of them. That helps the conversation become more spontaneous while also allowing you to walk around and take in the atmosphere. You can get it in either silver or black. Check out what our picks have to offer and make garbled, muffled audio recorded with your smartphone a thing of the past. The former lets you capture video and audio together while the latter has more options for audio tweaking and sharing. Exceptional level of sound customization. Both apps have an equalizer and several compression settings that help transform the MV88+’s sound. The Raspberry’s stand is versatile but small and too close to the flat surface it rests on. It works with Android devices and iPhones, but you’ll have to purchase a separate Lightning adapter for newer models. We’ve included models of various types at different price points, so you’re sure to find the perfect one, whether you’re a pro podcaster or student. Audio recorded with the Mini SmartMic is substantially better than your smartphone’s equivalent. The smartLav+’s build quality could be better. As with all Shure microphones, it has a rugged construction and is well built. It’s a portable and compact yet finely-tuned recording instrument that captures clean sound without Digital Signal Processing or DSP. The cables that connect to your phone are short. The cables that connect to your phone are short. The mic itself is delicate, and its cable is prone to fraying if twisted too sharply. If the MV88+’s cable length is giving you pause, why not get a microphone that’s always at the ideal speaking distance no matter where you are? The original smartLav had pronounced hissing that has since been corrected by upping the plus version’s minimum frequency to 60Hz. The microphone and your smartphone are held in place by Manfrotto’s excellent Pixi Mini Tripod. You can use it as a simple stand for the MV88+ or add your phone in either front-or back-facing positions. On the other hand, the pattern is flexible enough for you to speak directly into the grille or to the microphone’s side without issue. There’s no monitoring headphone pass-through, which isn’t surprising considering the size and price. You can ask for a replacement if this happens to you, but do it quickly since the SmartMic’s warranty only lasts a couple of months. The microphone arrives in a well-made pouch and comes with a clip and a small wind guard. A shotgun mic is your best bet for these conditions, and Rode’s VideoMic Me is the closest thing you’ll get to a proper one for mobile use. The issue is more pronounced for phones because of their design constraints and exposure to radio waves that negatively impact sound clarity. The MV5’s stand is made from light metal and easy to topple if you accidentally pull too hard on a connected cable. The Raspberry is hands-down the best-looking mobile mic on review. Apple has abandoned 3.5mm jacks, and some Android phone manufacturers have either followed in its footsteps or plan to do so in the future. Required fields are marked *, Subscribe to our newsletter to get interesting stories delivered to your inbox! Playing around with Digital Signal Processing helps you optimize the MV88+ for various situations. Cardioid is your go-to podcast and singing option since it concentrates on sound coming from in front of the mic. The MV88+ has two polar patterns and can record in either mono or stereo. The MV5 resembles a cross between a ball and an old-school microphone thanks to its spherical shape and pronounced plastic grille. The VideoMic Me is a tiny yet well-made shotgun mic that plugs into your smartphone’s 3.5mm TRRS port. The Shure QLXD 24 digital wireless mic system is an incredible choice for speakers, houses of worship, and musicians in a mid-sized venue. The microphone attaches safely to your shirt or jacket and delivers crisp sound quality straight to your smartphone. An aluminum body deals with radio wave interference while the cover brings mild wind noise down to zero. Expect less interference from rumbling trains or planes and no hissing as a result. They might be smaller than their camera and desktop counterparts, but mobile mics bring superior audio quality to your podcasts, interviews, and lecture recordings. It’s easy to attach and record with, comes with a useful wind-muffling accessory, and sounds much better than any built-in phone mic.

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