mighty mite jeep parts

mighty mite jeep parts

The body number is 3408 Because it is missing some minor suspension components and the front aluminum body pieces have been removed (but are included) it simply looks like less of a vehicle. Good condition,Running,new tires, All Aluminum Body, Seats to be installed (I have the seats) Great Classic clear title will post pics Make a resealable offer on one or all four and I may just take you up on the offer”, “Very rare 1961 mighty mite its the short one and that’s the hard one to find its a military jeep made mostly of aluminum very light has a AMC motor but I only have the block and corisponding parts trany drive train all good just bad motor”, “1960 M422 Marine Corps Mighty Might 1/4 ton 4×4 aluminum jeep, only 1250 of this version were produced. A lot of Famous Rock Stars drove this Jeep when they stayed at the Recording Studio…, This Jeep still has all the Caribou Ranch ( CR ) Logos still on it…”See Pictures” If you are unsure whether a vehicle is still for sale or not, email me at d [at] ewillys.com for more info. If you have any concerns about buying a vintage jeep, or run across a scam, feel free to contact me for help, comments or concerns . Photo is dated 3-20-1953.”. The Mighty Mite was manufactured for the Marine Corps for use in the jungles of Vietnam. The frame number looks to be 1727 Engine runs. The links to posts below show jeeps grouped by models, condition, and other ways. This Mite would need some suspension work, as well as some front-end steering/suspension pieces to be complete in that area. “1954 Press Photo Jeep being loaded into Sikorsky XHR25 helicopter, Connecticut. 1) The first photo was taken in March of 1953 and shows a soldier escaping injury from an overturned Mighty Mite. Dave spotted this former Ranch vehicle that may have been driven by recording stars. UPDATE: These various photos show the early testing of Mighty Mites. The reality of restoring a jeep can be quite different, expensive and overwhelming without the right tools and resources. Please PM me with any questions or offers. https://www.criticalpast.com/video/65675077115_M422-Mighty-Mite_driving-jeep_soldier-aboard_driving-without-one-wheel. These two photos show various aspects of Mighty Mite testing. Lower seat cushion We are Charter MVPA Members, Member# 162C. -Complete Jeep, most all parts are on the unit Front grill piece. (05/04/2017) Seller has a lot of text, but doesn’t actually describe the one for sale. In addition, some of these features have nothing to do with jeeps. The engine number is 1769, The Mites are located just north of Chicago. “Mighty Mite body in excellent condition with no dents or damage. Your support helps me generate new content (or keeps me fed in the process). Find many great new & used options and get the best deals for M422a1 Mighty Mite Jeep Barn Find USMC M422 RARE at the best online prices at eBay! People list in the wrong categories all the time, so don't be surprised to see brochures in the parts area for example. Incorrect file/directory permissions: Below 644. The blue Mite is an M422. Complete, less than 500 miles on rebuilt engine and tires. 1960 Jeep Mighty Mite Model M-422. Originally Posted May of 2018: The hood and windshield on this jeep are different from the standard Mighty Mite. Trucks – United States (Mighty Mite). -Only weighs around 1700 lbs. The frame number is 3248 These quick searches can help you find things on eBay. It will fly faster than 150 miles an hour. mighty mite circa 1960’s Restrictive Apache directives inside .htaccess file. This link will display all featured stories starting from the latest. There are thousands. (Aero-Helicopter) Photo measures 10 x 7 inches. The body number is 440 -Only 2,672 of these jeeps were built for the USMC The metadata suggests these are in Cedarburg, Wisconsin; However, the description states these are in Oregon (the state, not the town of Oregon, Wisconsin). Find parts for sale. eWillys is hosted by the McDonagh Brothers, Mighty Mite body in excellent condition with no dents or damage. po.src = 'https://apis.google.com/js/platform.js'; 3 of them are the m422a1 and 1 is the m422. A driver’s seat and pintle hook are on the other Mite, so those could easily be swapped over. This link will display all featured stories starting from the latest. New tires, good paint job, missing motor, front two propeller shafts, rear drive shaft. Originally Posted September 2018: Cool, but odd photo, given the roadway behind it. Here’s what appears to be the original photo: “Mighty mite army keep all aluminum air cooled 4 cyl engine its all there 5000 obo”. only 3900 made, great condition $8k”. Its powerful aluminum die cast, air cooled engine enables the vehicle to carry a payload of 500 pounds while towing another 1,000 pounds over rough terrain. Search collectibles for brochures and more. Here’s a unique opportunity. New set of tires not mounted.”, Welcome to eWillys.com, the best resource for Vintage Jeeps and Willys, A sampling of Virtual Hi-Fives from Readers. $15,000 - Chloride, NM: "Rare Marine Corps M422 Mighty Mite for sale. Trucks – United States (Mighty Mite – Jeep type). On the M38 ws they are centered within each bumper. -All Aluminum Body The “Mighty Mite,” modern version of the World War II jeep, splashes through the Potomac river at the Quantico, Virginia, Marine base on water tests. New Mexico clean title.”, “1962 Mighty Mite all aluminum Army jeep, collectors item. The M422 is almost 100% complete and would be an easy enough restoration on its own, but paired with the A1 you’d probably only need a passenger seat, rear seats, (and if you so chose) top bows and canvas to complete it.”, “1961 mighty mite,Viet Nam American motor serial #1730, 4108 miles, 3000 made, body great condition, aluminum body.

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