microsoft surface swot analysis

microsoft surface swot analysis

TSC Staff researched this issue and found that much of this financial distress is just a fact of doing business mainly in the United States. In other words, Microsoft must use the leverage tactic to reverse the course of bad press to create new avenues. Microsoft is working to stay ahead of its competitors in several areas including AI and Mixed reality. endobj If the sales of PCs using Microsoft software and Windows OS fans, it is going to hurt Microsoft’s profits. <>260 0 R]/P 72 0 R/Pg 16 0 R/S/Link>> But is this not the very essence of business practice and entrepreneurial goals? At this time, Microsoft has a competitive advantage over other such companies in its service areas because the group focuses on customer service at an affordable price. The other strength and a key driver of its business and readymade acceptance by the users of its products is that Microsoft’s software is easy to use which has won it an increasing base of customers around the world. While data and AI have seen massive growth in the recent years, the gaming industry has also grown enormously. We use cookies to give you the best experience possible. More than 500 million devices all around the globe use the Windows Operating system. endobj 354 0 obj <>263 0 R]/P 73 0 R/Pg 16 0 R/S/Link>> Advertising revenue of Microsoft has grown in the recent years, but yet its share is  much smaller compared to the other major players in the online advertising industry like Google and Facebook. Specifically, Microsoft has suffered at the hands of the United States government and antitrust laws in place to protect citizens but also to regulate monopolies. It opens up the company for threats by the competition. It means that creativity is not valued or seen as a must to inventing new products and ideas. An organization needs implementation of strategy to happen on every level within the company structure in order to function. <><>285 0 R]/P 77 0 R/Pg 16 0 R/S/Link>> Reducing weaknesses to exploit opportunities- WO. endobj As highlighted by the reports of Statista, the IoT solutions market is likely to expand drastically over the next decade. 376 0 obj Microsoft has failed to capture the growth in the smart mobile devices sector. 350 0 obj However, SWOT analysis of MICROSOFT SURFACE ACCELERATING DIGITAL TRANSFORMATION has certain limitations that the company must consider to achieve its strategic objectives. While it is true that many will argue that the Microsoft Window platform is very close to the Mac OS in environment and user friendliness; one can also argue that ideas, the code behind the computer architecture is recycled as talented employees change careers. In Software Engineering Research, Management and Applications, 2008. Microsoft can also extend its efforts to consider issues beyond the internal and external strategic factors in this SWOT analysis. In this way, the decline in PC market has proved detrimental to Microsoft’s profitability. It makes people question this action, why it is being done and at what personal and profitable again? Privacy Policy, Similar Articles Under - Strategic Management, Human, Social, and Intellectual Capital as a Means of Competitive Advantage, Blue Ocean Strategy and its Implications for Businesses, Overfished Ocean Strategy: How to Drive Growth and Attain Profitability, Porters Five Forces Analysis of the Airlines Industry in the United States, Porters Five Forces Analysis of Virgin Atlantic, Porters Five Forces Analysis of China Mobile, Diversification as a Viable Corporate Strategy, PESTLE Analysis of the Global Aviation Industry, How Amazon Can Improve its Corporate Strategy, Actualizing Business as Usual Strategies for Mission Critical Organizations and Functions, Why Indian Firms Must Strive for Strategic Autonomy in Their Geoeconomic Strategies. Microsoft SWOT Analysis; Microsoft Strengths: Below are the Strengths in the SWOT Analysis of Microsoft: 1. He graduated with a Hons. <>276 0 R]/P 76 0 R/Pg 16 0 R/S/Link>> x��[Y�#�~_`��� �v��XL03��N`�IH��zFҨ�R���(ɯO]d���4 �#�(�UŪ���w��>}��租��������f�_>~�)=����A�B���%Q��R������p������_��"�W��B��˗��m����2�o6�d^��K3��n���]�00g78��7�b����n��)��2���$��)wkhog����|YM��]����}^,����»�q��[�oa��WD�],���|�ճ�o�/�����k,�PqFRbټ��j��BMA�C�v���t}حgH��-nr����COsqL�ΚE��c����2ҫ���3� b5����쇟�f3O%�H%�I�H�(H#��}���!-�(�h�R��|��(�`�i,V���=�ukjM�H��?���>�#�� Qc��$J 2�=*(.�ݲ���[�S� International Journal of Research and Development, 1(1), 87-90. Recently, it acquired Linked In which proved a fruitful acquisition allowing it to connect with a larger customer base and linking it to new advertising opportunities. Let our expert writers work on your assignments and essays, Based on 8,535 Reviews, Policies It makes compliance with legal standards more complex and challenging for the business organisation. Valentin, E. K. (2001). The SWOT analysis does not offer solutions or provide alternative strategies. Hill, T., & Westbrook, R. (1997). If a company focuses too much on opportunity and create avenues for new products, this also opens up the threat for becoming weak. In other words, the experience can also be seen as a positive, another chapter in Microsoft’s long success. The legal and regulatory environment has grown complex around the world. endstream Microsoft has also performed poorly in the gaming console sector. endobj The exponential growth in the population, and particularly in the existing or potential customer segments is a great growth opportunity for the business organisation. A large number of major computing brands saw their market share shrink and sales taking a steep fall. <>311 0 R]/P 85 0 R/Pg 17 0 R/S/Link>> <> Recognising and understanding these limitations can further improve the strategic decision-making process. Microsoft is financially strong and can make more acquisitions in future, however selectively. This paper will serve as a competitive strategy analysis of Microsoft Corporation specifically and articles found in literature. The lack of vertical integration leaves very less room for the company to have control over its supply chain, which can be detrimental in the long run and exposes the company to certain operating risks. endobj endobj According to Forbes, Microsoft is among the top three most valuable brands, with a brand value of USD 162.9 billion, which is a 30% increase from 2018 to 2019. © Management Study Guide <>94 0 R]/P 23 0 R/Pg 10 0 R/S/Link>> Lack of organisational commitment and high employee turnover can increase recruitment costs and reduce organisational productivity. The decision-making based on weighted SWOT analysis can strengthen the Strategic competitiveness of MICROSOFT SURFACE ACCELERATING DIGITAL TRANSFORMATION and lead towards more informative strategic analysis. A possible strategic move would be to focus more on the enterprise segment since most other technology companies seem to be focusing exclusively on the personal customer segment. It has presence on a global scale but also cohesion due to strong leadership and a common goal of creating innovative products. 91 0 obj Microsoft Surface Pro 3 Marketing Plan 1. Specify the page count, deadline, academic level and other variable to quickly find out the cost of your essay. About Microsoft, [Online]. The framework is based on developing four types of strategies, including-. Microsoft’s Strengths (Internal Strategic Factors) This area of the SWOT Analysis model identifies business strengths or internal strategic factors that contribute to business growth and resilience. At Penmypaper, we are committed to provide you with top quality papers which are custom written to your specific needs and instructions. The strong brand image of Microsoft can act as a competitive advantage in the market, highlighting its differentiation among the stakeholders. Abhijeet has been blogging on educational topics and business research since 2016. Over the years, the company has also expanded its business into multiple ventures.

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