microsoft employee engagement

microsoft employee engagement

Expanding the possibilities of modern employee engagement, new live event capabilities in Microsoft 365, Chasing the sun with a live event in Microsoft Teams, Transform your communications, company meetings and training, Scale video delivery with SDN/eCDN to optimize your network for Microsoft 365 live events, Scale video delivery with third-party eCDN providers for Microsoft. For events initiated through Microsoft Teams or Yammer, live recordings can be distributed through Microsoft Stream for continued content consumption. Engaged employees do that in different ways. Millenials Accenture—Jason Warnke, Global Social Enterprise Lead, discussed how Accenture has empowered its people—spread across the globe and heavily millennial—to engage frictionlessly as teams to improve collaboration and communication. Microsoft Teams solutions and employee engagement. From executive broadcasts to radio programs to recurring product training, live events in Microsoft 365 keeps communities engaged across boundaries in real-time and as conversations evolve. The video link is published within the Yammer group, significantly broadening the reach of the broadcast and discussion. The event producer first determines if the audience is internal or external to the company domain, then proceeds through the decision tree to select the needs that best fit their budget, audience, and event type. The community soon realized that it needed a new method to host events, facilitate live event communications, and support meetings in a way that would scale with the group. In this demo heavy session, we will explore the latest innovations... Key tips to building beautiful and performant sites and pages, including exploring page layout, web part application, and the use of brand and imagery to customize your sites. Increase the number of ways product champions could discover the Champions program. Mondelēz International—Russell Dyer, VP Global Communications, and Joher Akolawala, SVP Global Chief Information Officer, explored how Mondelēz connected people and enabled two-way connections with employees around the world and showcased the value of a close partnership between IT and the business. Live event capabilities are a critical service that allows collaboration and leader engagement to reach all employees globally in a seamless way. Employee engagement may be the key to job satisfaction and employee retention, but getting employees engaged is a long journey. They Read the full case study to learn how. Gallup found that a majority Now, users have access to: With Microsoft 365, producers can continue sharing the primary message of their event beyond the live broadcast using: With Microsoft 365, attendees can join and participate in live events in Microsoft Teams, Yammer, and Microsoft Stream. Read on for a look at easy ways to get Spending a lot of time texting and posting on social media isn’t. According to Josh Henretig, Microsoft’s Director of Environmental Sustainability, the company’s primary goal is “empowerment.” That is to say — how to unlock the potential within individual employees to help them integrate sustainability into their day-to-day duties. For example, do Millennials and younger generations in general really The ability for external guests and federated users to access, view, and participate—even present—in live events. The attendee experience: seamless participation. With Microsoft Stream, employees who attended or those who missed the broadcast can easily rewatch content clips by speaker, topic, or time stamp, and find related broadcasts on the same topic or for the same group. work. During the webinar, the Worldwide Learning Studios team manages the live audience experience in Microsoft Teams, including access, audio, questions, and more. The event producer can manually create a shortened URL link to the event and share the link across Outlook, Teams, Yammer, and other communication channels to drive event attendance. Media reports about people missing from work suddenly without explanation are widespread. In a lively series of discussions led by Anton Andrews, director of Office Envisioning at Microsoft, they shared stories, best practices, and lessons they’ve learned as … employees more engaged. It’s part of our culture and how we live our mission. Today, we hosted The Employee Engagement Summit, a free, one-hour, online event that brought together leaders from flagship companies to explore employee engagement and open communication in the modern workplace. Microsoft employees are passionate about giving time, money, and skills to address the issues facing our world. these days. According to Jenkins, Millenials Engaged employees go the extra mile. MCB Radio, a 30-minute broadcast hosted by Microsoft Chief Marketing Officer Chris Caposella, has adopted the live event capabilities in Yammer and Microsoft Stream for the program’s live broadcast and content-sharing needs. With Microsoft Teams, the webinar team doesn’t have to rely on internal drops and can upload files directly for collaboration and access. Team collaboration apps integrate remote Having many options for participation in one integrated platform makes it easy for producers to reach employees in the systems where they conduct their daily work. Business Insights and Ideas does not constitute professional tax or financial advice. It’s the Office you know, plus the tools to help you work better together, so you can get more done—anytime, anywhere. And how do you encourage and nourish engagement and retain those employees? According to generations expert Ryan Jenkins, it’s not that Millennials don’t care about work. relies on younger employees, you probably have your own opinion and experiences. The live events capabilities in Microsoft 365 provide event producers with multiple options for event creation and management. They do more than what’s expected and drive performance and innovation. Microsoft uses integrated live event capabilities in Microsoft 365 to create, run, and share events of different types, audiences, and budgets. They Microsoft Teams is many organisations’ new favourite tool for connecting employees and teams across locations and devices. To start, leaders created a private Yammer group where all communication around live broadcasts could occur. Offers hands-on support services for a variety of Microsoft internal events, ranging from everyday conference-room meetings to large custom events. Launched in 2019 by the Marketing and Consumer Business organization at Microsoft, MCB Radio is open to the entire company. Here are four ways that Microsoft Teams can drive employee engagement in any sector: Targeted communication . The Microsoft 365 team is focused on sharing resources to help you start, run, and grow your business. Figure 6. There, leaders can invite others to begin collaborating for the broadcast, including members of the Microsoft Teams product group and any Champions who will have a speaking role during the meeting. For each broadcast, the MCB Radio team works directly with a producer at Microsoft Studios to manage the live video radio broadcast. In addition to the carbon fee initiative, Microsoft also has found employee engagement success in a handful of places across the company. Want to create a site on your intranet but aren't sure where to start, or how it can help you? freedom and flexibility in their work. Engaged employees care about their work and their employer. business owners have their hands full just dealing with business issues and A live MCB Radio video broadcast captures and shares Chief Marketing Officer Chris Caposella’s real-time conversation with employee Tiara Jewell (right) about her personal journey and insights. By using self-start events in Yammer, the Champions group improved its ability to support the Microsoft Teamwork Champions community’s highly interactive nature during its live broadcasts. They have a sense of pride, responsibility and ownership. Satisfying these needs ranks at the top work capabilities to their employees. This document is for informational purposes only. care less about work and career than other pursuits? With the new live event capabilities in Microsoft 365, the Core Services Engineering and Operations (CSEO) team at Microsoft began offering event producers a modern, seamless event-production solution for employee engagement. Sadly, though, employee engagement is low and stagnant. Create a communications cadence.

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