michael demiurgos vs living tribunal

michael demiurgos vs living tribunal

It also seems that you don't know jack about Shazam too. the unbound magic leeching spectre is powerful enough to give LT a good fight, but Michael is just ridiculous compared to other beings. and i said he fought mordu, your posts involve begging other people for feats and calling other people ignorant. feats- shaped both the DC and vertigo multiverses, created his own mirror of the vertigo multiverse complete with Adam and Eve and said those who do not like the presences multiverse can come to his, while powerless he manipulated a demon assassin to kill herself, then calculated that if he does not use etiquette he will be killed, and if he does not poison someone he will be killed by him, he can think of the most vicious of tortures that needs no violence at all.... there are just too many feats of his deadly mind to list. stop saying things before you actually read about it. I don't see anything to put micheal at or above the prescence, its not unbound its regular spectre who's beaten by lucifer, @dorukesin: actually lucifer only talked to spectre, it is Michael who gave him the ultimate wedgie, @dorukesin: That spectre that fought micheal was unbound, he had no host. @immortal777: Yeah but PR Beyonder, PR Molecule Man and Protege would all stomp Michael and Lucifer as well. I honestly can't tell if you're joking or not..........do you, seriously, believe that this puts him above LT?!?! @the_red_viper: forgot, but it has a picture of the spectre with skulls on the cover. what do you think of my thread? Lucifer has took on creation destroying blasts (creation including multiple universes) and survived without so much as a flinch. Both characters working in unison are omnipotent (simple assumption knowing that both are half of Presence). Lucifer in turn, has the handling and deformation without limits. Even with prep, I still doubt he would defeat PR Beyonder. I already read the book, thank you very much, seems to me that you're the one who didn't, unless of course you'll provide a scan which says that Shazam was amped thousandfold? Name one feat for the spectre which comes close to LT's. @eternityx: they both have the same power, except i doubt that molecule man can wield the demiurgos power, which is a little more than matter. Do my eyes deceive me? No it didn't, stop making things up. oh yeah, the spectre issue #0, the beginning of tomorrow. They both possess one half of what makes the Presence omnipotent. Begging people for feats? but if he lets the spectre do that, then spectre wins 3.5/10, @immortal777: now we are talking about unbound spectre vs LT, but still im pretty damn sure about spectre's superiority(LT). Ultimately, I doubt any one would be hurt nj this battle, let alone killed. I guess it comes down to personal opinion, and in my opinion, MM would win. JSA #78 (a DoV tie in) shows us that Shazam was barely able to stand before he confronted the spectre: and this .... god knows how .... makes Spectre > LT. Here's the biggest problem: from what has been shown, with Lucifer and Michael at their peak, they can't be destroyed. he tanked the release of the demiurgic power which can ERASE the multiverse without a scratch because of both his willpower and durability, he once circled the earth so fast his image did not fade from a demons eyes and he remembered everything from that little trip and this is not when he was at full power. @bronze_surfer: Michael is not killed by lucifer, he was only dissipated. The LT is placed at the top as well, meant to be the authority of infinite universes. (got it from Google Images): when jebediah merged with R.O.Eternity(in his true form) it makes him truly infinite and eternal, and nabu "The wise" who is inherent multiversal Omnipotent,Omniscient,Omnipresence like the god, im kind of busy right now i can't find the scans but if you read some comics you'll understand what i said, @the_red_viper: yeah, that might be the new one, i have the one with the yellow skulls and the pikes. If there are any characters that represent the term nigh-omnipotent, it would be Lucifer and Michael. Michael Demiurgos vs The Living Tribunal # Michael Demiurgos Lt is below lucifer and micheal they are both more powerful then living tribunal . That was Corrigan-Spectre. Dark_Wing 1 y 3 mo 17 d . Lucifer Morningstar, aka The Lightbringer. but The Brothers should beat the Witches. Setting aside your scans which you C/P from another CV thread one of which is out of context --- this wasn't even an unbound spectre. he does not have the brains or the power to beat LT, his most formidable power is being able to leech magic from anywhere while unbound, but LT can just stop him from doing it, or just wait while he has finished sucking, then beat him. @dorukesin: Him losing to Micheal makes him above LT? @dorukesin: I'm refering to when Feneris possed Lucifer he killed Micheal and Lucifer is weaker than god. Spectre, of course, does have better feats, just that doruksein, doesn't know any better. Lol, ok, let's see.......i can say.....batman is on LT's level.......so when you ask me what feats does batman have on LT's level.....my response would be........stop begging for feats, go read a batman comic. if someone can tell me how i would put the complete comic here. If I had to nudge it in anyone's favor, I guess it would go to the brothers. Hard to tell, Lucifer has far better feats because he was the main character of his own book. @dorukesin: But he was killed by Lucifer who was weaker than god. Didn't LT lose to Protégé? Michael did, however, defeat an unbound spectre as well, which was a little later. My question of providing feats for Shazam on LT's level, is a rhetorical one, because i know it doesn't exist. @eternityx Michael has the infinite power of creation. Seems legit, right? © 2020 GAMESPOT, A RED VENTURES COMPANY. !...........1/10 that is. @eternityx: no, he might be able to beat molecule man, and if lucifer can talk or prep, he can beat anyone here. Michael Demiurgos: vs.The Living Tribunal: Who win? im sure you don't know anything about rock of eternity or his owner, This thread is full of people who know nothing about power scales. @eternityx: ha, yeah. Explain. @omgomgwtfwtf: nah, of course the spectre can win! Lol, ok, i won't go into accusations since that's what you're trying to do to cover up your ignorance, so im going to ask you: provide a feat for Shazam and Nabu that makes them comparable to the Living Tribunal. But that's an entirely separate issue in itself. LT was also weaker than Beyonder and had to beg MM to fight him. wait, someone i know might be able to provide the scans you desperately want. Who will win in a fight between Michael Demiurgos & Great Evil Beast and The Living Tribunal? @rolldestroyer: read the whole comic book and then read some comic about shazam. powers- has the will of god, meaning he can reality bend without limits. But it's not really a point I want to argue over lol. Go right ahead, no one is stopping you, and seeing as how you read the book it shouldn't be that hard, now does it? Sign Up Login. @rolldestroyer: the rock of E increased his power a thousandfold when he fought the spectre, and he already was a skyfather level being, so that is a pretty good feat. I don't see anything to put micheal at or above the prescence, Michael is at God's level even Michael means Who's like a god ?, if he stick up to the Michael in a real fight,that gives him superiority against Living Tribunal, @dorukesin: @bronze_surfer: spectre trying to beat Michael is like my son trying to fight yuri boyka, The iceman, IP man, and Bruce lee all at once, @dorukesin: But he was killed by Lucifer who was weaker than god. Superhero battle match: Michael Demiurgos & Great Evil Beast versus The Living Tribunal. Created by Mind. Lucifer Morningstar He is the most powerful being in creation rivaled only by his brother Michael and surpassed only by his father (Yahweh/The Presence). please show me that scan,i haven't read it. ALL RIGHTS RESERVED. I guess not, first 2 are from Spectre #0 the following 3 are from Spectre #10 , 3rd series. Do people actually think Michael or the Spectre can actually hang with LT? your the one who has been insulting people nonstop, if you have really read comics about shazam, then you would know about the rock of E. if it is rhetorical you would not have posted it with a name, namely mine, at the beginning of your sentence. that doesn’t mean the Witches can be underplay. They cannot be killed outright; there's always some special requirement placed in the story. Nice. Michael is at God's level even Michael means Who's like the god ?, if he stick up to the Michael in a real fight,that gives him superiority against Living Tribunal.

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