meat farms ottawa

meat farms ottawa

Barbara told us she was coming and that we could join her, we had no idea how fantastic your farm is and how open and wonderful you both are. We have lost our local infrastructure, beginning in the 1960s when economies of scale and increased regulations drove smaller abattoirs out of business,” says Mr. Shulist who processes 25 to 30 head of cattle and a similar number of pigs each year to supply ‘custom cut and wrapped’ beef and pork orders for his weekly clients at three farmers’ markets and through farm-gate sales. The effects extend well beyond farmers to the entire rural economy including livestock truckers, auction barns, butcher shops and other processors. “But an animal that can’t be slaughtered when it reaches market weight becomes an ongoing expense for the farmer who must continue to feed it and meet other expenses.”. One farmer calls it ‘the COVID-19 blessing’, citing his best sales figures in over 30 years of farming as customers turn to Valley beef, pork, chicken and lamb. Bob Dobson, a fourth-generation cattleman near Cobden, sells custom cut halves and quarters of grass-fed beef through the Carp Farmers Market, the Ottawa Valley Food Co-op and by direct sales to customers throughout the Ottawa area and Renfrew County. Featuring free range turkey, duck, chicken, deer, buffalo, grass fed beef, lamb, goat, rabbit, pork, quail, pheasant, ostrich, emu, kangaroo and other exotic meats. We were having such a great time with you and the animals. At the other end of this far-flung county, Paul Shulist near Combermere trucks his cattle and pigs over an hour to Reiche’s near Rankin or two hours to an abattoir in Hastings County. EMAIL: TIM@WISERMEATS.COM. Address: 38 Auriga Drive Suite #200 OTTAWA, ONTARIO CANADA, Always Open!Order online, we deliver within 7 business days in the Ottawa Valley. “Now how many young people are excited about working in meat processing?”. The prices are very reasonable, especially given that the meat is grass-fed and organic. My mother’s family were dairy farmers, and it was just normal to treat the cows humanely back then, before the second world war. Government incentives to create more infrastructure, such as refrigeration and cooler space, could expand current abattoir capacity. (Saturday – Kanata, Westboro & Carp and Landowne and Barrhaven on Sundays). On the feedlots they are kept in an overcrowded, indoor space. Please enable JavaScript in your browser for better use of the website! permissions/licensing, please go to: We are the 1% of the population trying to work the land to feed the other 99 per cent. That's because we produce the healthiest food possible with love and care for our animals. Everything in our boxes was either produced on our farms, or sourced from another local farm we trust. The cost of feeding animals past their market date is too high.”. A licenced mobile abattoir might be a solution for some farmers. “It would mean less stress for the animals if they didn’t have to be transported and it also lessens the chances of contamination or disease from one animal to the other.”. rights reserved. How things have changed. Vegetarian boxes omit the meat but include eggs and cheese. We'll be in touch in the new year. Ancient Amber Wheat Flour - Against the Grain. grass fed lamb; raw wool; turkey; ducks; chicken; organic, grass fed beef; organic, pastured pork. Delivers to Ottawa region. No delivery charge for Market orders. We need to have food security. "Thanks so much for having us on Saturday, we all had a fantastic time in your farm and the kids really really enjoyed it. "— Joanne, "My family and I came out to your farm several weeks ago to buy some beef. Proudly Canadian! I will certainly return, and I hope to bring a friend or two with me. In turn, this will free up space and labour at the Rankin location. Newspapers Limited, One Yonge Street, 4th floor, Toronto, ON, M5E 1E6. By signing up for a box you support many farms at once, and help to build a resilient local food network. Vegetables, grass fed beef, organically fed chicken and pastured heritage pork, free range eggs. Surrounded by classic Swiss paraphernalia – from cuckoo clocks to beautiful oversized cowbells, Alpenblick which means ‘mountain view’ in German, conjures up visions of snow covered alps, animals grazing in alpine meadows, green valleys, chalet-dotted hillsides, and the bucolic sounds of cow bells. Craig McGarroch at McGarroch of Micksburg Custom Butchering also cites the shortage of willing labour as a huge factor in his decision to limit their slaughter operation to processing the pork they handle from only one kill day a week. It is very important to me that you are humane with your animals. We regularly buy beef, lamb and goat meat from Alpenblick farm. Bellow you will find a list of farms located in Ottawa region that provide grass fed beef and organic beef. We are an online service that delivers in the Ottawa area like Amazon. However, the Bennett’s have recently been able to access funds to buy Burnt Bridge Meats, a retail meat shop in Petawawa which will supply their customers who want smaller orders. “Banks don’t understand our business,” Ms. Bennett says, “and most of the government grants are for things like building a web site or advertising.”. Jim Zadow, butcher and owner of Uncle Jim’s Meat Market, picks up entire carcasses once they are cooled to the required temperature, hangs them for aging in his own cooler and then breaks them down on his own premises. Federal licencing covers the large ‘packing plants’, such as Cargill and Maple Leaf, familiar names after early COVID-19 outbreaks at the plants shut down production. “We don’t value agricultural workers and COVID-19 has revealed how insecure our food system is.

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