marth frame data

marth frame data

Additionally, Dancing Blade has been sped up greatly, making its hits link into each other much more consistently. With Kirby, Mario, Link, Inkling, Pit, Ridley and Villager on Battlefield. His other throws are somewhat lackluster; aside from having a fairly fast pummel, Marth's throws deal low damage and have high base knockback, making them poor for combos and damage-racking outside of down throw leading into an aerial until high percents. So I was browsing smashboards and I came across this frame data for shiek:, I thought it was pretty nifty and it helped me understand her move set a lot better. A powerful one-armed upward throw. A quick crouching sword poke. Dancing Blade is a four-hit combo that can be used to punish sidesteps and rolls, as well as effectively rack up damage. Overall, Marth's strengths somewhat outweigh his weaknesses. Launches opponents slightly up and away, leading into the upward finisher's tipper fairly consistently if delayed a bit. Marth is considered to be emblematic of swordfighters; his playstyle revolves around spacing utilizing his unique signature tipper mechanic to deal high damage and knockback at a distance from his opponent. Marth and Lucina taunting on Castle Siege. Marth fights draconic opponents on various medieval-themed stages, referencing the prevalence of dragon enemies in all his games. It has the interesting property of turning Marth around, changing the direction he is facing. Like all veterans, he was officially confirmed as a playable character on June 12th, 2018. As a fighter spirit, it cannot be used in Spirit Battles and is purely aesthetic. However, Marth has received some noteworthy, direct nerfs. Has the least ending lag of the three finishers. However, it should be noted that the high base knockback of his throws allow Marth to take advantage of his good edgeguarding capability, especially at the edge. The ability to use the faster and safer forward tilt out of dash makes this move's use rather niche. The spacing nerfs he received were extremely detrimental, as he relies on spacing the most out of any swordfighter to be used at his best. Warps onto the stage using a warp circle with a twirl and unsheathes his sword. F-air Landing Lag. ("一人で十体ぐらい倒せばいけるか? His frame data is overall above-average, with many attacks having a low startup and wide range all-around, allowing him to space efficiently. Screenshot of all playable Fire Emblem characters on Arena Ferox, as posted on the official Japanese Fire Emblem Twitter account. Most of the information is indexed in the main post, but the second post, below the indexing, also … Unlocking Marth in World of Light allows the player to preview the spirit below in the Spirit List under the name "???". He may also combo down aerial into itself once, provided his opponent is of average height or taller. Active Frames 7-10. As a result of his nerfs, Marth's tournament representation is very poor, and he has hardly achieved any results in Ultimate's early metagame; notably, both MkLeo and Mr. E, his two strongest players from SSB4, have dropped him in favor of Lucina, though MkLeo has since occasionally returned to using Marth in low-profile tournaments. This is the strongest finisher in regards to knockback. His specials have also been slightly nerfed, with Dolphin Slash and Counter being a bit more punishable than before, and Dancing Blade dealing less damage. The first hit's tipper pulls opponents toward Marth, ensuring that the second hit connects, although connecting it into the tippered second hit can be difficult. Cookies help us deliver our Services. An upward crescent slash behind him in an inward swipe. Does a flurry of five lower stabs. Does an upwards slash while turning clockwise. 6.0 / 4.0 % Base Damage. Due to Lucina's dominance and Marth's almost non-existent results, his competitive perception has been poor, with many players ranking him noticeably lower than Lucina, often ranking him as a mid tier character (VoiD in particular puts him as a low tier), whereas Lucina is consistently regarded as a high- or top-tier. 8%/9% (uncharged), 22%/24% (fully charged), Marth assumes a readying stance and charges Exalted Falchion at chest level before powerfully thrusting it forward. Unlike his three derivatives (Lucina, Roy, and Chrom), Marth has mostly remained the same since Ultimate's release, except a small but important buff to his dash grab in 3.0.0 that fixed an issue with grabbing some opponents who were shielding. frames: Air Acceleration: SH Air Time: 38 frames: Gravity : 0.085: FH Air Time: … From Liquipedia Smash Wiki. Members of the PGStats team found that among over 3000 PR Ranked players around the world, there are only 5 active Marth mains, making him the 3rd least popular character as of April 2020 [1]. The tipper is notoriously small and hard to connect most of the time, as Marth needs to be in an exact position to land a tipper with the variant. Thus, Marth is now generally agreed to be inferior to all three of his derivatives; particularly, his Echo Fighter, Lucina, is widely regarded as much easier and lenient to play, and superior to him on top of being considered as the best swordfighter in the game, whereas Marth is more difficult to use properly as a result. If tippered, it deals extremely high knockback, although this is difficult to do unless an opponent falls directly on top of Marth. F-Smash Hitboxes. Welcome to Reddit's finest Smash Bros community! His frame data is overall above-average, with many attacks having a low startup and wide range all-around, allowing him to space efficiently. As a reference to how Marth fights a dragon as the final boss in his own games, he fights Rathalos, a wyvern (clearly labeled as a dragon in the original Japanese), as the boss of his route. This attack deals massive. As seen here:, While I found this useful I can't help but feel that the numbers wouldn't be as beneficial as an actual .gif of the move being performed and seeing the hit and hurt boxes ever frame of the attack. Marth's Frame Data. Has the highest ending lag and the lowest knockback of the three finishers. Frames 10-13. Does an inward slash. These attributes make it an excellent out-of-shield option and combo breaker, whilst also giving him an easy and reliable combo finisher and KO option. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. Its high base knockback allows him to set up edge guarding, but it cannot combo or KO reliably. In stark contrast to pre-release Ultimate, where it was speculated that Marth could for the first time ever be the best character in a Smash game and possibly even broken, Marth has hardly received any results, with much of his player-base quickly pocketing or dropping him in favor of other characters (especially Lucina, who is widely considered to be more effective and easier than Marth as a character), and his perception rapidly fell. It can be useful against. And while I'm at it. During the opening cutscene, Marth took notice of the massive number of Master Hands, telling the other fighters that they would "need to take down about ten [Master Hands each]." This means that Marth must initiate each of those moves from the sourspotted areas in order for them to function correctly, and properly time the strikes of Dancing Blade to tipper the finishers. With the exception of the third method, Marth must then be defeated on Castle Siege. Forward Tilt. While Shield Breaker can aid his horizontal recovery, it covers little distance without charging and does not halt his existing vertical momentum either. However, some other players claim that Marth is underrated, with players such as MkLeo, Meru, and Leffen acknowledging Marth's strengths over Lucina and even Roy still being significant enough to keep him from falling too far behind them and considering him a low-high tier character. Jab [ IMG] Total: 27 Hit: 4-7 Window to initiate second slash: 3-27 Second slash starts: 20 Interruptible As Soon As: 26 Damage: 6% (tip), 4% (base) Jab 2 [ IMG] Total: 28 Hit: 5-9 IASA: 27 Damage: 6% (tip), 4% (base) … Deals very little knockback even at extremely high percents. This makes Marth, Lucina, and Wolf the only characters to have both updated idle and crouching animations, but transition to their previous animations when holding a small item. Despite his buffs, players still say Marth is still a mid-tier due to how it's still inconsistent to hit these tippers reliably.

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