losing virginity and emotional attachment

losing virginity and emotional attachment

EmpowHER does not provide medical advice, diagnosis, or treatment. Ask the Community. i looked deep inside me and i found out she wasnt the right girl for me dont let urself lie to urself ok man just try to find ur inner consience. over a year ago, tibletcat I took a boy to my date party and then took him back to my room after. However, the point remains that she did something which is against her moral convictions, which is irrevocable, and which she probably regrets constantly. Jan. 30, 2013. “We don't start off learning instruments by playing duets, yet we treat sex as if we need to begin at an advanced level.”, Smith, CV and Shaffer, MJ. There is an emotional attachment, but it just amplifies already existing feelings rather than creating feelings that did not exist before. Trying to conceive another baby: how would that affect your relationship? Join Yahoo Answers and get 100 points today. One researcher, Matthew Shaffer, stated in the article that he has an explanation for the study results. I think most of the women is very particular about virginity aside from their religious aspect they want also to feel proud of themself because they are virgin. Average . is that guy i killed ok"??? “It aids in communication with a lover when you know your body,” Laplante said. over a year ago, mamalove261647 by Michele Blacksberg RN Because I'm not emotionally prepared. Can a guy lose his virginity through anal sex? over a year ago, guest yo man u need to get over her, women are evil they play so many emotional games. If you want to get notified by every reply to your post, please register. and i told him not to do it again. I am glad that you have the insight to recognize that she is probably avoiding you because you remind her of the pain and guilt from the realization that she has given away her virginity. According to a study in the Journal of Sex and Marital Therapy, people who have “more positive first-time sexual experiences (e.g., intimacy, respect) report greater feelings of sexual satisfaction and esteem and less sexual depression.”. If you love her this much, try to be there for her if you can. Second, you have to ask yourself "DO I LOVE THIS GIRL?" Men tend to be tethered to the need to have sex more than women. Well no, you dont...you go on to the next fight (unless you died) stronger and braver. over a year ago, Candy So she is with the other guy cause he is not wishy washy and more emotional then her. How to get rid of acne and the emotional problems it causes, Emotional Eating - Connection between eating and our feelings, Rape victim forced to apologize for "sins", How to keep your marriage healthy while struggling with infertility, Emotional health through qigong and tai chi. then in turn next girl he meets he screws with her head and so on and so forth. Go with separate checks if it makes her feel better and less like you are romancing her. my wife didnt bleed on first night and she says i am virgin. “Significant early sexual experiences do seem to become part of the ongoing sexual pattern for many people,” Weiss said. But hey you were the first and if it wasn't meant to be it wasn't meant to be. i was talking about this with a friend, we were saying that the first person someone has sex with, they get really emotionally attached to them but its supposed to be a stronger attachment for the girl...(atleast thats what someone else said), any girls agree with this? cause you allow it!!! Remain friends with her, hangout only when she initiates it at first. In most cases, yes. It provoked curiosity to be with other men. Females are the prize we earn for being men and doing manly things, we can be loving and still be a man but females want us to be in charge and not have as many emotional issues as them. How common is it for a couple to be the same height and age as each other? On a serious and sympathetic note, emotional attachment is part of dating. Over-reacting? “My freshman year of college I was itching to lose my virginity. My girlfriend and I are both virgins. women dont realize they cause other women to get hurt by screwing with a guys head to the point he doesnt care anymore. and I do have reacted much after what we had done. well yes,,absolutly,,she will never 4get him even if she married another 1...4 me i didnt lost my virginity yet but i love a guy& he loves me too,,& if we did it,,,i think i ll be emotionally attached to him 4 ever.... this really does happen, and it happens for guys as well as girls-- the best way to get over it is try out someone else. This is certainly true in certain cultures.

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