lee kyu sung child actor

lee kyu sung child actor

dyah Jun 16 2011 2:46 am He is an actor and manager, known for ... Born: March 2, 1975 sarang Jul 24 2019 11:30 pm Thiyaga Dec 30 2014 12:43 pm I think thats the way why i'm crazy about u.....!!!!! His acting never disappoints me! as a alpha male u're really awesome, but in coffee prince u're good too ^^ (love both characters). ^__^. Lee Sung Kyung and Bora try to help a child actor with his acting, patiently persuading him to lie still. you so cool . tariavi Mar 22 2010 1:57 am He was so good. Gin Oct 30 2013 7:49 am Lee Sung Kyung wasn’t the only one to make a blooper during that scene. Ahjussilover May 18 2018 1:26 am Lee Sung Kyung and Bora try to help a child actor with his acting, patiently persuading him to lie still. keep up with the great work and never stop believing in your self or others... ;). He did an awesome job in my mister, never felt so emotionally connected to a male character before but thanks to this talented actor I got to experience it. and of course..many girls would fall with his smile..totally adorable.. [25][26][27] In 2015, Lee starred in courtroom drama film The Advocate: A Missing Body. He's so mature, the drama was open ending so we can imagine any ending we like . zini Nov 04 2010 1:12 pm dona Jun 11 2018 10:28 pm His acting is so great! [17], In 2012, he starred in two consecutive well-reviewed big-screen hits—mystery thriller Helpless[18] and romantic comedy All About My Wife. nan Jun 14 2017 12:59 pm Wish him continued success. | Please continue doing a good quality movie and also k-drama. He is known as "The Voice" in Korea which is a nickname given by fans, referring his distinctive deep voice. I don't usually like sad, stressful films, series but the pacing was good for my weak heart. And your best movie is PAJU, then your best drama is PASTA. i love the series; it is a suspense-drama for me, with a light comedy moment, and i love the cast (more good movies and series for you all). It was then I also realized, I've seen Dong Hoon and that girl in one other film respectively - Dong Hoon played in Parasite and the girl played in Hotel Del Luna. They redo the scene, but he still has a hard time keeping a straight face. and all the details of ur profile : 1975 and Uni of Art. I will be watching your other films/dramas and i wish u more projects. He was then asked if he thought it was interesting to see himself on TV and surprisingly he said no. Sun-kyun Lee was born on March 2, 1975 in Seoul, South Korea. I became an instant fan. He's such a great actor. Doctor John (Korean: 의사요한; RR: Uisayohan; lit. no doubt! Kim Joo Heon adds with a warm smile, “I like hugging.” Although Kim Joo Heon plays a cold antagonist-turned-protagonist in the drama, he is nothing but smiles as he films with Han Suk Kyu. hahahaha. how are you??? Especially lee sung min. chef i like you n i like "a pasta in love", amelia May 30 2011 5:41 pm Sun-kyun Lee was born on March 2, 1975 in Seoul, South Korea. JJ, maybe u think uhm tae woong. Helena [Part-timer] Support Role. Didi Tricesaria Apr 04 2010 10:27 pm My Wife's Having An Affair This Week remind me of my ex-boyfriend. [CDATA[ Keep up the good work. Sun-kyun Lee, Actor: Gisaengchung. You act like it's effortless. He can’t help but burst into laughter, and the director eventually cuts the scene. I never thought I'd be like this but I'd love to shake hands with the cast and thank for their work personally. I'm his new fan!! Chef,Saranghe.....Love your character so much,u're so charismatic when you yells...hehe, maureen Dec 03 2010 4:56 am ... to appear even as a cameo just like Sung Dong-il and Kim Sun-young sunbae-nim." DiJay Apr 22 2018 8:00 pm Meanwhile, on the big screen, he received a Best Actor award from the Las Palmas de Gran Canaria International Film Festival for his role in Paju (2009), followed by critical acclaim for mystery thriller Helpless (2012), romantic comedy All About My Wife (2012), and crime/black comedy A Hard Day (2014). You're acting is WOW!! baik chef So,i loving pasta hahah, sasmita Jun 11 2011 6:07 am His voice and natural acting in Coffee Prince 2007, made me falling in love for him for the first time. is it me, or does he look like Kwang Soo? I enjoyed your character and think you did a superb job, as did the rest of the grew. i already watch your series pasta Please watch Pasta and Miss Korea. Just waiting when all Pasta actor or actress visit Indonesia, especially in my city Surabaya ^^. I am not a K-drama watcher but with Netflix suggesting some, I began watching "My Mister". Hope you do more films like this one!!! Forever grateful! When Kim Joon was asked who is the person he respects the most (the interviewer had to change the question and ask who he likes the most cause he doesn't understand the term 'respect' yet), Kim Joon chose Jo Jung Suk. fighting. //]]>, //

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