kirby power tier list

kirby power tier list

This ability turns Kirby into a whip-wielding cowboy, which is extremely useful in this game. Kirby should be S-Tier. And yes, Kirby can only beat NOVA with the Starship because by himself he can't move through outer space very fast. Kirby Super Star Copy Abilities. Star Dream -we already know how strong Star Dream is, he's planet-sized and in his NOVA form he can warp space in his presence, as well as create portals to other dimensions and barriers. It was at full power, But isn't Haltmann's soul fully deleted in the true arena fight? he destroyed Popstar's rings upon entering the atmosphere. Doesn't make him stronger. I would put Waddle Dee in S Tier for defeating a bunch of Kirby's, but the only thing I could find about how strong they are is some blurbs advertising the game and a single quote from Dedede. And thanks for telling how nice my tier list is! Kirby Power Level Tier List. S Tier : The Robobot in itself is a pretty powerful weapon and includes the power and abilities of the user according to the Miiverse Q&A, having inherited infinite power since Kirby entered … Kirby tier list based on power levels. hes unaffected by Dark Matter's presence, which affected Acro on Aqua Star, which had no sign of Dark Matter, as well as Void Termina's mind control. Kirby Copy Abilities (Kirby Games: Artwork Ver.) When he charges up, he can even become a mass of six swirling Kirbys that are tough to take down. He's a force of nature. Not versatile, but can still pack a punch.) or he could simply duplicate himself. which is at the edge of the universe. she turned Kirby into a helpless ball in their first encounter. the Access Ark easily shot down the Halberd. Privacy PolicyCookie SettingsDo Not Sell My InformationReport Ad. Daroach is kind of an enigma, I don't think he could take on the sisters alone however. he was completely unharmed after directly entangling with a sun. he can possess Dedede. he was unaffected by the burning caused by reentering Popstar's atmosphere, while Kirby wasn't. You're browsing the GameFAQs Message Boards as a guest. it took the combined might of Kirby, Meta Knight, Dedede and Waddle Dee to take him out, with help from Landia and Super Abilities also. This is really well done, but I think. aided in the defeat of Magolor. Is within the top 10 strongest in the verse at 10% power, is the second strongest in the verse at 30% power (below only Archangel Michael), and at 100% power defeats Michael while holding back to avoid killing him and preoccupied with defending bystanders and preventing collateral damage. (although Dedede was weaker back in Kirby 64 & Dream Land 3) their very presence caused bosses to act crazy across Planet Popstar and the entire solar system in Kirby 64. an entire planets worth of Dark Matter and 02 can hide inside of a single person. If you prefer to keep the fight up-close and personal, fighter Kirby might just be your man. Posted by 11 hours ago. Drawcia: even being "incapacitated", kirby could kill drawcia by just ramming, Drawcia was mostly " hax" by raw AP, Kirby is stronger. hes unaffected by being killed several times by Kirby. SS Tier-characters who can defeat Kirby or characters Kirby could only defeat with help. Zero/02 -I was tempted to put him lower, but its likely he can only be harmed with positive emotions (Luv-Luv Stick) or the Crystals. the only reason he lost was because he swallowed his staff before their fight. Necrodeus -he nearly wiped Kirby out of existence upon first seeing him. As for Kirby I don't understand why he should be any lower. Meta knight and Dedede we’re both captured or possessed while bandana Dee actually went and actively fought in both TD PR and star allies. Kirby can flick the parasol inside out, lashing enemies with a powerful spray of water, or spin the umbrella in a massive circle around himself, dealing tons of damage. Misc. said imperfect clone pushed Star Dream, a reality warping supercomputer, to its limits. She was also the only fairy (brave enough) to try and save the Crystal Shard. Dark Matter -as stated previously, Dark Matter can cover entire planets and can take quite a punch. Microtransactions surpass all video games, How is shoppe keeper Magolor above Star Dream, because he has every sword and armor in the Kirby universe, gem magolor being god pretty much makes me laugh my ass off. he can take hits from the Ultra Sword, held back against it briefly and instantly reacted to it while Kirby moved at super speeds. By himself, Kirby couldn't do shite. -Mark Twain. New comments cannot be posted and votes cannot be cast. he can fly faster than Landia, who can fly fast enough to make the stars blur behind it. level 2. can fly through space with his wings, while Kirby needed the Warp Star. If you're pressed for time, the last thing you want to be is ice. You can grab opponents with your horn, then jump into the air with them, body slamming them into the ground (or into other enemies) or repeatedly hit enemies with your horn. Even still, he is quite powerful, capable of turning Kirby's friends against him, including the likes of Dedede and Meta Knight, but not Kirby.

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