killer instinct tier list infil

killer instinct tier list infil

Eagle's instinct doesn't afford him the huge comeback potential of other characters, but considering his strength on the ground and at range, he can still turn the tables in fights with just one knockdown. The most common use of the bird is Sonic Screech, done with back + three kicks, an excellent close-range attack with a huge hitbox and active for over a full second. Even if you correctly block a web, Sadira will put another one down on top of your body, forcing you to stay in block stun until you finally get opened up. As for Cinder, I think it's a bit too early to say for sure, but I think he's at least in the A- Tier based on what I've seen/played so far. Fortunately for Eagle, he can rewrite the frame data books almost any time he wants by calling Sonic Screech from his bird amigo. It was somewhere between 12:30 and now. Widow's Bite (shadow OK) // Instinct only, high-jump cancel, Exchange Launcher & Hard Knockdown // Recluse, These damage numbers were achieved after heavy Blade Demon opener, followed by a counter breaker. The shadow follow-up is also a little tough to combo break, because will hit less than all five times and often with a bit of a bizarre rhythm. You could also fire a post-ender Rain Shot and then prevent your opponent from moving with Swoop Attack before launching yourself forward for a mixup. It's the special move you should use when you're looking to start a punish combo, or play Eagle using some more standard tools. I'll give you my tier list if you'd like. I dont use eventhubs tierlist. The Recluse ender will switch sides and cause a hard knockdown, but will not allow for a juggle. Eagle is not limited to only calling the bird on the ground. Divebomb: 6 seconds tiger kneeA tiger knee motion allows you to perform an aerial special move very quickly after jumping off the ground. The last use of the bird is to Retrieve Arrows that are lying on the ground, done by pressing three kicks with no direction. Divebomb is a fully defensive tool, done with down + three kicks; Eagle sends his bird crashing into the floor, causing a knockdown on hit. You're better off avoiding that space and keeping the bird free for offensive purposes. The direction change happens very fast, making it virtually impossible to react to, and the cooldown on Bird Fling is also short at only 3 seconds, so it is not too costly to use. The heavy version of Wingspan goes very far forward in much less time than Eagle's regular jump, which means you can close the gap after attacks that send your opponent away from you, like Eagle's throw, or you can very quickly cross your opponent up. The times below measure from when the move is launched until when the bird can attack again. Both crouching and standing HP are good at occupying space in front of Sadira and are useful when fighting against armored characters. If they start to guess crossup, just hit them from the front. Rain Shot hits overhead after a long delay, making it excellent to use in knockdown situations. Eagle's crossup attack is jumping LK, not the more common jumping MK. These damage numbers were achieved after light Ankle Breaker opener, followed by a counter breaker. If you don't have some mixup planned, though, it is not worth sacrificing the damage from Scatter Shot. Hold back to lob them at your opponent's head. If you're in instinct mode, you're able to jump cancel your auto-doubles and linkers, which means you can jump cancel and land a While Scatter Shot knocks the opponent down, Rain Shot acts similarly to other projectiles in KI where you are free to manual after they land and pick up the combo. Because this move exists, Eagle's on block frame data is actually pretty deceptively inaccurate; simply do any grounded move and call Sonic Screech near the end of the move. This simple but effective mixup is available to Eagle any time Sonic Screech is blocked, which should showcase his a small aspect of his crazy offensive pressure. S Tier-Kan Ra A+ Tier-Wulf Riptor Sadira Glacius A Tier-Tj Orchid Spinal Fulgore Hisako A- Tier- Everyone else. Once you feel confident pressing three kicks to control a second character, then you can start to throw in a few Swoop Attacks during zoning, and a few Divebombs if you feel you're being pressured. One of the main ways to fire arrows is to press HP along with a direction. Scatter Shot will reach full screen much faster than a single HP arrow, and using the HP version fires a spread of 4 arrows that is very hard to jump over. You should probably find a way to slither either closer or farther away, or prepare for some very good anti-air reactions or whiff punishes with shadow Ankle Breaker. Holding for three seconds makes it reach level 3, which makes the arrow unblockable. Very noteworthy, if Eagle gets counter-hit on the first frame, Divebomb will not come out, which means you can't use this as a reversal against true meaties. In the corner, Eagle has similar options to other characters with a wall splat ender. While you are charging, you can change the arrow's direction, and even walk around or jump with Eagle to change the spacing. Ankle Breakers, Eagle's normally unsafe on block opener, is now actually hugely plus on block, as long as you can work around the 3.5 second cooldown Sonic Screech leaves the bird in.

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