keto zucchini fritters no egg

keto zucchini fritters no egg

I tested these fritters … But they are usually a side to a main meat dish or eggs. Generally, Zucchini fritters … Eggs – These help bind Keto zucchini patties together so that it won’t … You can also dip them in low-carb veggie dip or … If you’re on a Low Carb diet or a Keto Diet, Zucchini is one veggie that you must have a lot. With this Zucchini Fritters recipe no one will ever miss the eggs. These fritters are: Simple, crispy, firm, they hold together, full of flavor, satisfying, filling, texture perfect in and out, addictive. Zucchini – A very healthy vegetable that is low in carbs and is the main ingredient in these yummy keto zucchini fritters. How to make No Flour Zucchini Fritters. After 2-3 minutes gently flip the fritters over, remembering to flip them away from you to prevent the … It’s low in carbs and filled with other health benefits which help you stay strong and fit. They are naturally vegan and gluten free but no one will notice. Keto zucchini fritters are filling enough to be served alone for breakfast or a light lunch.

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