juki serger tension settings

juki serger tension settings

Did you ever figure out what was wrong? Get the job done quickly and professionally as this machine works at 1300 stitches per minute. :). Thank you so much for a really easy to understand tutorial, I too have a Toyota 4 thread with diff feed and have found the manual so hard to comprehend resulting in me using the machine far less than it deserves in the 5 years I've owned it, with your great illustrations there will be nothing to stop me from today on xxx. Now, thanks to your brilliant easy to follow tutorial I know how. ), it's easy to know which thread is controlled by which dial...no color translation is necessary. This is the shopping center with both The Cloth Pocket and NW Sewing Center. One thing that i can also share is that, dont be intimidated by your serger. When I say needle tension, I mean the tension of the needle threads. Thanks again. Hope that helps! The fact that you took the time to take all the pictures, crop them and present them in such a professional manner shows what a wonderful teacher you are.If your students don't remember anything else about this tutorial, it should be the tip about using different colors of thread when learning how to adjust the tensions of their machine. Have you looked at how close your cutting blade is to the edge of the machine as well? It is almost true that you really have to give your effort to learn step by step about the serger tension theory. (And sewing machines, for that matter!). I just found your series on Pinterest - thank you so much!!! Remember also that you can knot the large spool thread to the already threaded adjusting colors and pull through the loopers. that was the only struggle i had working out :). I hope this helps! . I'll get back to you as soon as I can! I didn't know you could do ruffles on a serger - I think my whole life is about to improve. I've tried adjusting all of the tensions at one time or another, but the thread just ends up breaking! I jsut got GIVEN! If the stretch is not much, then the tension will be loose which means that the machine can let more thread to go through it. Babylock tension is somewhat … Do you have any suggestions? All Rights Reserved. My lower looper tension must be off, even after rethreading a thousand times (in the right order even) the thread knots up and snaps. Any suggestions? ?After changing colors of thread (in the correct order TWICE!!!) Have you any idea what the problem could possibly be?!! Thanks a lot, i'd experienced a lot of trouble with those loopers not realising which was to be on top of the other, and gave up. As you might well guess, I run into many brands of machines. I've since bought a new serger, but would still like to get the tension right on the old one. Relevant Tutorials . Yeah.The information about the tension and stitch help me a lot.You know ,the serger is an complex device that is so troublesome to the newbie like me.And it is alway so different to adjust the differnet tension .Thank you for a explaining the tensions so clearly to me. Oh my goodness! In this case, each thread has one tension control. :). THANK YOU!!!! This was so much more helpful than any other post I'd read! Therefore, it is advisable for you to learn it step by step so that you can master the tension theory fully and then you can start sewing and get the best stitch result. Try adjusting your stitch length as well as the tension on the needles that pierce the fabric, too tight and the fabric will bunch, too loose and you get no stitch. This is a great tutorial - getting the stitches balanced is certainly tricky when you are starting out. In this case, the quality of the stitch will be irregular with a pattern. I seriously hope this helps me tomorrow. The tension control is also completed with some kinds of symbols. The owner has an adorable kid’s clothing line called Adorbz that she also carries in the shop. Its gotten to the point where I LOATHE my serger, even though I used to love using it. I will try this before my upcoming project (orange knit dress :-)). Great pictures and awesome explanations! Very useful to all those beginners out there. The discs I speak of are the area right behind the numbered tension knobs where you thread the thread though to control tension. I just got a serger this weekend and am totally overwhelmed already. I've threaded it again and again (in the right order) but it keeps knotting up and snapping. I bought this beatiful cotton voile print. I've actually serged with one finger there. I finally got everything worked out again and fell in love once more.

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