javascript interview questions 2019

javascript interview questions 2019

It has relevant java script which is to be run in a server. Usually, we define a function and invoke it, but if we want to execute a function automatically where it is explained, and if we are not going to call it again, we can use anonymous functions. In JavaScript, there is no hoisting for variable initialization. This method is only applicable to the declaration of a variable and is not applicable for the initialization of a variable. Answer: Array items can be joined using the join() method. Answer: Here <0> refers to the index of the form. What Are The Two Ways of Creating A function? For Example: Null value is the value that is explicitly specified by the keyword “null” is known as null value. However, “this” variable is an exception. To read a Cookie, we have to access the value of the object. Usually, this language is ‘not very strict’ in throwing errors. Redeclaration of the variables is allowed in JavaScript. It is the topmost object in the hierarchy. The first variable sum is: 70 Sajeesh Sreeni    The second variable sum is: Sajeesh Sreeni 5020. The storage of cookies on the hard disk depends on OS and also the browser. Following are the key usage of anonymous functions. By using a test (), we will search a string for a given pattern, if it finds the matching text then it returns the Boolean value ‘true’ or else it returns ‘false’. If the above condition ‘x method to substitute any string. But the value of ‘second_num’ is undefined. Boolean values can be used for comparing two variables. In that case, the statement will create an uninitialized array of size of n. Whereas, the <[n]> statement will create an array of size <1> and assign as value to the first element. What is JavaScript? Q #23) In the following Code snippet can you please predict the output or If you get an error; please explain the error? This function has no name. The outer function is calling the inner function add(). JavaScript supports try, catch, finally and throw keywords for exception handling. For Example, in the following code, anonymous function code i.e. Thus, the encodeURI function is used to encode special reserved characters and other non-ASCII characters in the URI. A name-value pair containing the actual data, An expiry date after which the cookie is no longer valid, The domain and path of the server it should be sent to. However, they differ when the input argument is of integer type. If we call the constructor with two or more arguments, it declares an array with array elements also initialized. Answer: Both are correct ways. In this way, a single program thread can handle many concurrent operations in asynchronous programming. We can assign a value to a: (iv) Number: This data type can be a floating-point value, an integer, an exponential value, a ‘NaN’ or an ‘Infinity’. 50 Web Developer Interview Questions (2019 Edition), Latest PHP Interview Questions to Refer for Quick Preparation, 100+ AngularJS Interview Questions – 2019 Edition, 30 HTML interview questions for frontend web developers, 15 PHP Interview Questions and Answers for Experienced, Internal Scope, i.e., the variables defined between its curly brackets, Outer Function Scope, i.e., the variables of the enclosing function, Global Scope, i.e., variables defined as globals. Answer: By pressing the ‘F12’ key in the keyboard we can enable debugging in the browser.

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