is pre crisis superman canon

is pre crisis superman canon

Here's the interview where Johns talks about the canonicity of the Pre-Crisis Legion stories. The problem is that both reboots have been soft reboots. It was a blast that could have altered reality itself, yet it was blocked by Superman’s clothing. As such, stories set in Earth-Two may be considered an off-shoot of the pre-crisis continuity - that is, this new continuity includes the golden-age Superman comics but none of his successors. Gallery The other is the Superman from Earth One, AKA the Silver Age Superman. He didn't fly. I am sure there are more instances in which this kinda thing happens, but that leads me to my conclusion. Recently, Superman remembers the effects of the Black Mercy from The Man Who Has Everything pre-crisis comic. This kind of continuity mess is one reason why some people like doing composite fights. Although several Byrne aspects, such as his portrayal of Clark's football days and love interest in Lana, remain in continuity, the Kryptonian criminal Jax-Ur has been re-introduced into "Post-Infinite Crisis" canon in the Superman: Last Son story arc, and Clark is revealed to have been made an honorary member of the Legion of Super-Heroes during his late teens. New Superman stories were published that were set in Earth-Two, which purported to continue the adventures of the Golden Age Superman (even though the silver age stories were technically also doing that). This profile covers the Silver Age Superman. ALL RIGHTS RESERVED. In various media, we have seen Superman occasionally use a mechanical form of transport, more for its anti-Kryptonite protective properties than for travel. © 2020 GAMESPOT, A RED VENTURES COMPANY. The multiverse merged and then split up again. This profile covers the Silver Age Superman. Despite this, Superman was still strong enough to make a small planet by fusing meteorites together, and then proceeded to move it. This would mean that having knowledge of the past, present, and the future of said universe, he would essentially be omnipresent within that universe altogether. Superman balanced a replica of the Empire State building with just his pinky. Earth-1 Pre-Crisis, Silver Age, Superman - removed from continuity during the recent reboot of the DCnU. Superman was able to travel faster than the speed of light at will, visit other planets or time travel easily, move planetary objects, and more. Especially with how difficult it is to understand DC's timeline now since Rebirth happened, I think that some of these feats should now be fair game. In Golden Age stories, it's depicted as housing a race of supermen, who have evolved to physical perfection. A sneeze from PC Superman destroyed an entire solar system. The battle takes place in Ness’s Magicant). 'For the Man Who Has Everything' was made explicitly canon in an issue of Green Lantern happening during Infinite Crisis, and Superman's history as Superboy with the Legion was also made canon. The legion did finally receive their own reboot, in Zero Hour. Superman was fine, and it turned out that Power Girl survived. During this battle, Superman uses the Golem's own energy-radiation to speed up his vibrations and shift every living thing on the Earth to another dimensional plane. He was able to fly at such speeds, that he could enter. Secret Origin happened after Prime's dimension punching stopped. He was able to fly through the time barrier and go millions of years into the past on a whim. Post Crisis Superman and Lois really screws with stuff. There's subtle nods and winks to it and it's established that SOME stories (like their encounters with Starro, Amazo, Shaggy Man, etc) did happen in Post Crisis to some extent, but 99% of the time (especially for some of the more obscure guys like Green Lantern and Flash) it's most certainly supposed to be not canon. This is the continuity of the Golden Age comics, the Silver Age comics, and more. He has had many incarnations, usually split into Pre-Crisis, Post-Crisis and Post-Flashpoint. Superman's Fortress of Solitude contained an entire solar system that he created by himself. Superman was not at full power during this event, as the part of the Galaxy he flew through was full of red stars. The meaning of Crisis changed DC Comics forever This is Kal-L, also known as the Golden Age Superman. The backstory of the Superman in this continuity was retconned many times, though the series of his adventures remains constant. Superman was able to inhale all of the gas before it contaminated anyone without laughing. Not even the Flash was swift enough to punch PC Superman. Earth-Two, in particular, was the first alternate universe encountered, and it was created to explain why the golden age versions of certain characters, such as the Flash and Green Lantern, for example, were completely different people than their contemporaries, who had never heard of each other. When the Pre-Crisis DC Universe collapsed, Superboy-Prime was one of the few survivors.

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