is gerolsteiner water bad for you

is gerolsteiner water bad for you

I knew that drinking water is a Good Thing, and drinking activated charcoal water can be a Bad Thing. One liter has 345mg of calcium, 100mg of magnesium, 1800mg of bicarbonate, 115mg of sodium, 40mg of chloride, 10mg of potassium, 35mg of sulfate, and 55 mg of trace minerals. 3.3 - still an acidic value. Gerolsteiner is a natural mineral water from Germany near the Dolomites. You may or may not be familiar with the health claims regarding the acidity and alkalinity of water. The quality of FIJI water is ensured by the fact that no human hands are allowed to touch it until you open your bottle. Gerolsteiner is a Mineral Water of outstanding quality. pH Water. Gerolsteiner Mineral Water. If you're tired of plain tap water, there are several other options available for you. So, next time you’d like to order a delicious bottle of sparkling mineral water, there’s no need to feel like you’re splurging because these bad boys actually support your health and are tasty too. The secret of its success lies in its clean and refreshing taste that is a result to its unique volcanic origin. The answer: It tastes good and it does you good. Stir both briefly and then test the pH value again. Gerolsteiner Mineral Water. Gerolsteiner is the number one brand in Germany and comes from the Volcanic Eifel area. Due to its volcanic origin, Gerolsteiner sparkling Mineral Water inherently contains valuable minerals like calcium, magnesium and bicarbonate. I had no clue. But if you asked me the difference is between mineral water and regular water? Now for the fun part of the test: pour the Gerolsteiner into one of the glasses of cola and pour the tap water into the other glass of cola. 3. But what exactly makes it so special? You’ll notice that the cola that was with tap water now has a somewhat higher pH value of approx. Gerolsteiner Sparkling is one of Germany’s most-drunk mineral waters and No.1 brand of sparkling mineral water in the world. You cannot quench your thirst in a more sparkling way. Few waters combine these equally important criteria.

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