integrated planning pdf

integrated planning pdf

'2ʵ�`"%lˉ���@�Z��:H���Z�!�{�u�-!�C &-����bES��CD���a�R4��ǎ6�f��k � ��oF��+� ���cwp� �xEr\v��b��S� ���[k��^_��3s�.�V�#������;�Oe� �vk�'ٍ��C�īwI9�D́��0UtU� ��!S���x�ёC| ^\�����H���'zdž[n4Ȁߍ�!��"��;��|�clL�kDCi�!�\�#��@��~����7a�� endobj Integrated planning and teaching, most especially in grades one to three, must be flexible and not confined to the idea of following a subject-based timetable and fixed blocks or periods of time. Successful integration is almost always planned and usually needs to be done well in advance although sometimes integration will happen by co-incidence and on the spur of the moment. \R�����\`[t� Integrated Development Plan The DLGH (1998/1996:6) defines integrated development planning as the process through which municipalities prepare a prescribed strategic development plan for a five year period. 2 0 obj Green infrastructure approaches and related innovative practices that provide more �v���P��#�����a�����NC���݁�C q����. endobj 1 0 obj %PDF-1.5 ����m�22�!B��sJ5&m�ɣ�G\��j,�P䍰� ��O����[��Yc9��X6@�%���C �A�l�N�����K�l��4�����ۀ#��)6xx17'{k�D-Ck����R��+��!E�*m��g�by�1�XT�i�j(W'��e�M����GD#�� %�bq�$ o��Г�6��kK�q� ����t�W� ��Op~šĎbAKi�,m�x�8� U���O&���5�oUS]�S��_I#��&z The integrated planning framework should ensure that all necessary parties to a consent decree or administrative order are involved (e.g. <> ���%�,���Db�"�H�.&Mj����C�&�T� �6��؉�c��i��' �������ͤ���ҒUi�Ir�Jy{��Al��K�t�ዟX@�&̵m31��ҹ��m;q^^���?$6�(��+�� �=�K�(-����$(m�U9�WZ�}m�1��HC�U+��yy �Ăk0���Z�;a��ExQ �-�1��%��!�1$�L�X�Ć"�4XR2y���B �4g�� ����X3��N����5�մ"fQ��l�$�9�+S5"�,��\�!���lD�C�L��!`U�p���&c�v��%���E7�V#�}[Y�0%��%�J?���j���K/ݤ�r�o��ȵ�f��-f����YCU���ڡ�4�SS�I#��%�PPr�}Z'�u�2�ȗ�"��Ԍ�cg�����OEim �`�0Zi�}�k���|�!�D����#�4� wS�*DȢ�QC�"G`��H�*�ۿ�|�tCY��� "n�R:k�Q�4l�F͵�A0�H-ϖQb�ia�t��Q2)l���`_�Z��}��a����0��f %���� endobj 3 0 obj stream municipality, utility authority, etc.). <>/Font<>/ProcSet[/PDF/Text/ImageB/ImageC/ImageI] >>/MediaBox[ 0 0 612 792] /Contents 4 0 R/Group<>/Tabs/S/StructParents 0>> Integrated Planning This is planning schemes of work and individual lessons in a way that integrates and links the different areas of the curriculum. ��$��dA���p��ߙ��Q� Z�����J:Z8#�t�ˡ�Q5�I�˴N��L����n*h#�O�/ڰ9�&�M�����a�5��-Q7B�-Q��.�ʆQh �d?��$a-��8]�U����b�q������E� �uеZעn-�tQ��ܤa(N��Y6R��[� evaluation, integrated planning, resource allocation, implementation, and reevaluation. x��\�rG�}W���� �v��C�,y=��5�"����E�A��EZ��o��Սn�E»�՝u��ɬj\\��������曋��vz}7��~���z��ŧ?f�����v�Z�yS���]u��/���y���4�U�_��u�4�r��X_��&��lk'Q��v���&�K+M|�l�'�������q��qb��Ȱ� �];�Ҩ'Ai�ago�-���J��NL�q��NB+��$ The Integrated Development Plan is the product of the integrated development planning process. <>>> 4 0 obj Evaluation is based on analyses of both quantitative and qualitative data. 2 Integrated development planning and sustainable development 10 2.1 Conceptual framework 10 2.2 Integrated development planning— 4.4.2where we stand in 2015 14 2.3 Looking forward—integrated development planning and the SDGs 16 3 Overview of national visions, strategies, and policy frameworks 22 4 National Development Planning— <> II.A.2.f: The institution engages in ongoing, systematic evaluation and integrated planning to assure currency and measure

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