how to use lord of wolves destiny 2

how to use lord of wolves destiny 2

He scans the horizon, trying to remember the way to the crypt. Lord of Wolves. Hipfire—this weapon gains more accuracy when firing from the hip (not aimed down sights), Extended mag—more bullets in the magazine (30-36), Intrinsic: Shrapnel Launcher - Fires a power short-range burst of solar damage. Hi all - I just got Lord of Wolves in a drop a few days ago. Why Wolves accept name 'Wolves'? Got shredded by it a few times though. I stand slightly farther back than I would otherwise. But what if that force was brought to focus in a directed burst. LoW is also very strong at killing supers outside of dawnblade. With two shotgun scavenger perks you get plenty of ammo. Sorry couldn't be more of help. You need to be getting a lot of ammo per brick. Found happiness in finding new avenues through which a thing could function. He liked things. It has thirty rounds in its magazine, which is higher than any other shotgun, and it reloads its entire magazine in one reload. Its the anti shotgun as much as it is its own shotgun. Everytime someone mentions LoW, I'm reminded that it's a crazy good gun. Lord of Wolves also has a hidden perk where it reloads on a kill. Jolyon was a Crow. Remembered its burn. This sub is for discussing Bungie's shared world, action FPS looter-shooters: Destiny 2 and its predecessor, Destiny. 2: Something about the bullet's travel time makes this a bad aggressive shotgun when fighting another shotgun user (most players). I know the way now.". Usually I pair it either with max range Spare Rations (still having PTSD from Reckoning lol) or some crispy pulse like Bygones or Blast Furnance (aka dad pulses according to hate mails for which I usually reply "looks like I am your daddy now lul") and you have pretty much kryptonite to any meta build. Liked how they worked. Shotgun Reserve perks don't increase that as the inventory stat is already maxed at 100. Exotic Shotgun Solar Review Rating. Generally, you use it similarly to a regular shotgun, but because of its long rang and actual ttk you want to stop rushing and shoot at around 10m (as opposed to the 7-8m of normal shotguns). Most people haven't even seen one. For Destiny 2 on the PlayStation 4, a GameFAQs message board topic titled "Go use Lord of Wolves in Comp". "You guys don't have any wolves on your home world, do you?" Read Lore "Why did they call themselves Wolves?" Gentle weavers. I can't remember, it might be during the haunted Halloween event? In Year One, it was obtainable only through Elder's Cipher Bounties, which were Bounties you had to complete after randomly obtaining the Elder Cipher weapon bounty at the end of a PoE game. This shotgun has trouble dealing with multiple attackers compared to the others. I didn't think anything of it. "So… Why, then? I move backwards only no side to side movement since the bullet travel time can complicate things. Destiny. Do not shotgun melee. A friend of mine is looking for this exotic. The weapon delivered impact with incredible force spread over a range to increase its area of influence. He rises in one fluid motion and stands at his full height. New comments cannot be posted and votes cannot be cast, More posts from the DestinyTheGame community. "Why speak Guardian way instead Eliksni? 2: Something about the bullet's travel time makes this a bad aggressive shotgun when fighting another shotgun user (most players). Consistently getting kills against dangerous players is a difference story. Make sure you have the perk procced, it still melts supers and it’s a great close quarter weapon on a map like burnout. Jk. That being said: use it barely outside of normal shotgun range and just melt anyone who gets in that range. "So… Why, then? Do you remember where you got it to drop? ", The Captain cocks his head in a way that makes him look very like a squat, hulking owl. In an emergency hipfire works great. It’s got the same dark brown coloring, but with fang-like protrusions at the end of the muzzle, which give it a real Wolf flavor. The couple times I've run it since the nerfs have been some of the best crucible matches I've ever played tbh. it may sound and shoot like a pulse riffle. So any tips on how to use it or is this a underpowered exotic that needs a buff. Here are the big things. The Lord of Wolves is Acquired in Destiny 2 as a random drop from Spider's Bounties. Underpowered? Cookies help us deliver our Services. Get reasonably close and pull the trigger, you barely have to aim. Can't see why you're having trouble.". Thanks for this list - is this your primary weapon when using it - as in your keep it out all the time to hunt for kills, or more of you switch to it when put in a defensive position (backing away from a fight etc). As others have mentioned here before, I use it more like a defensive tool against shotgun apes due to the nature of the gun. Do I aim down sight to aim or hipfire? The Wolves would have a new master. I tried using it and it was a bit weird. By this right alone do I rule. Any help would be much appreciated! A felwinters with kneepads might be your biggest threat here but with correct spacing I like your odds. I use it to play defensively. Which class are you? I got it yesterday and immediately went in to crucible with it and I was having the hardest time getting kills with it. =). Scavenger perks are a must. Not to mention slaying MT/Recluse users from the air with LoW is oddly satisfying. ?Step 5: Profit. The gun has absurd aerial accuracy and can one hit in the air much further than other shotguns. Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts. When I see a potential shotgun duel coming (is there an enemy around the corner and is he in shotgun distance?) Team tactics, map knowledge, class builds, loadouts, game modes, gun skills and more. Don't be afraid to us it from the air, aim for the head if practical (but this isn't always necessary), and avoid extra small corridors where shotties can kill you before the burst is finish. Do you think it would pair well with Blink?

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