how to pick grass seed

how to pick grass seed

Despite these attitudes, the survey also revealed that: The true picture these numbers paint is compelling: Our confidence far exceeds our knowledge. Or of course, just ask the experts here at Nature's Seed! Ready to take charge of your lawn this spring and summer? Once you’ve answered these questions, you’re much better positioned to close the right type of grass seed. Remove the extra plant material and store the grass seed in an airtight container. This generally affects the amount of sun exposure and shade the grass is naturally built to take. However, converse to warm-season grass seed, these species tend to turn brown and patchy during the hottest days of summer. There’s a lot of confusion over the difference between these two popular wood sealants, and it’s important to know what sets them apart so you can choose the right topcoat for your project. Will you be able to water it daily and do you have lots of trees on the grounds? For example, fine fescues include creeping red fescue, chewings fescue, hard fescue, and sheep fescue varieties. You also need to know how some big-box seed companies work, and you need to know what to watch out for. Several products are available to stop this from occurring: But how do you know which type of grass seed will work for you in any of these scenarios? Now, let's look at how to choose your seed type in four easy steps. In general, turf grasses require well-aerated soil that has a slightly acidic pH balance of between 6 and 7.0. However, seed mixes usually also come with labels that state the variety of each grass species included. But to cultivate a great lawn, you'll need to find the right type of turfgrass. Because it takes about two weeks to receive the results back, make sure you're planning to perform the test well in advance. First and foremost, you need high-quality grass seed, and local nurseries and grass seed vendors are usually the best place to find quality. The good news is that choosing the best grass seed for your lawn is pretty easy. Another consideration is cost: Even the best quality grass seed is going to much cheaper than transplanting ready-made turf. A hard-wearing grass seed mix will take a beating from kids and pets running around on them. Now, how much seed does that entail for planting? The caveat is that it may not root as well or as firmly as natural grass seed. For example, families with young children who plan to enjoy their lawn with water sports or mini pools should opt for Kentucky bluegrass rather than fine fescue. But you'll only be able to catch these flaws if you read the label and know what to look for - and now you do! And if there's no such label, avoid purchasing the seed bag. But it's the details of lawn care that still seem to elude many Americans. Please enter your email address below., 64% falsely believe all grass need fertilization in the spring, 31% admit to being unaware of how to grow a lush lawn, 57% falsely believe that a lawn is not considered "healthy" unless it's green, Overall, 69% say their lawn could "use improvement", Straw: You can opt to sprinkle straw over freshly-seeded soil -- gentle slopes are best, Erosion-control blankets: A blend of straws and nets, erosion-control blankets act like a protective layer for the soil, Perfect for lawns with a lot of walking or "high traffic", Requires full sun exposure, can handle partial shade, Sustains a fine to medium level of foot traffic, Doesn't require too much watering (frequency and levels), Can't sustain too much foot traffic or wear and tear, Best in full sun exposure but good in partial shade, Creeps low to the ground and is slow growing, Great for traffic and can take a lot of wear and tear, Requires full sun but also good in partial shade, Familiar? Steps: 1. And among these limited varieties, most sod is not shade-tolerant. This will become the basis of your seed type choice so make sure to choose a variety or mixture that conforms to your type of soil, sun exposure, as well as overall climate conditions. They also root deeply and grow quickly so the grass will need cutting regularly. And that may not be the best thing for your lawn's health. Why? Also, think about how much shade covers your lawn. 2. Many homeowners opt for ready-roll on sloping or hilly sites on their property because they're concerned about rain and soil erosion washing the seeds away. – More Expensive than Other Products. You can choose one of the following grass seed mixes to make changes to the grasses you currently have in your lawn. Then choose one of the 4 types of seed that best fits those considerations. It should also free of debris like rubble and tree roots. What to Consider When Choosing Grass Seed For Your Lawn, Pruning Hebes – How & When to Prune Hebe Plants & Shrubs, When to Prune Shrubs – Pruning Calendar for Shrubs, Pruning Honeysuckle Lonicera – How & When To Prune, Pruning Ribes – Flowering Currant – How & When to Prune, Pruning Buddleias – Butterfly Bushes – How & When To Prune. As I said earlier, ornamental grasses prefer slightly more acidic soil. This will introduce some harder wearing grasses into your lawn, making it more tolerant to wear and tear. So choosing the right grass seed is important because these mixtures are not a one-size-fits-all situation. You might turn to a seed mixture or a lawn repair mix, respectively. All of these things together will help you craft the perfect lawn. The size of a lot has a great effect on seed type and how much seed you need to get a healthy lawn. It should also free of debris like rubble and tree roots. And to make things easy, lawn seed can be broken down into  four main types; If you want a lawn to simply act as a soft play area for the kids then choose a lawn seed mix that contains a lot of perennial ryegrass. These grass types are beautiful to look at. 8. Others look at the different varieties and become overwhelmed into choosing the wrong type. They grow very slowly when compared to other grasses and tolerate much closer mowing. Add a layer of mulch. It also thrives in the sun, which means that too much shade is not a good thing. To help answer that, we've put together a comprehensive list of grass seed types to help educate you! Seed mixtures are mixes that combine several different kinds of grasses in one package. I want to help you create the garden of your dreams. And, finally, you can go specifically for function: the lawn repair mix. Avoid planting creeping bent grass, which requires constant mowing and a lot of care and maintenance. Another example is rough bluegrass. Here's what you can expect to learn: Do American homeowners have a green thumb? If you’re working on a project that involves wooden furniture or paneling, you’ll likely find yourself facing an important decision at the end: varnish or polyurethane for the finish? Pour out the seeds into a container. However, it’s vitally important if you want your lawn to look its best. Because this is a multi-step process, you'll need to patient as you choose the right grass seed for your lawn. Also, think about how much shade covers your lawn. Now that you know why choosing the best seed is important and which varieties work best, let's dig into how you can choose the right grass seed. Without this, they get patchy, brown, and dry. Keep in mind that areas within your region can also vary dramatically, depending on … – Very Hard Wearing If you have a specific kind of site or property — for example, a property with lots of shade — you can choose the grass seed type that matches this. The resulting appearance is the same when you use a blended-seed mixture. They tend to dry up and turn patchy. Warm-season grasses should be planted during the late spring so that they hit their stride during the high summer. Along with grass seed, your mix also includes starter fertilizer and mulch, making this an all-purpose solution for addressing those brown and patchy spots.

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