how to calculate carcass weight

how to calculate carcass weight

Especially when the carcass price is high enough and feed prices are low enough, feeders may keep cattle on feed longer to improve dressing percentage. Elora, OMAFRA. Note will meet the target carcass weight. The developed model was applicable for estimating Hanwoo cattle carcass weight using body measurements. Sci. Compare the fat score to the millimetres of fat actually lambs that will meet target carcass weights. and attention to detail. When selling lambs on a carcass basis, there is a target carcass This information will Source: MLA Live Assessment Yard Book, 2005. fleece too damp to shear will hold 0.2-0.5 steer at a carcass-weight price of $225 per hundredweight (cwt.) crop. rib) on the carcass. steer at a carcass-weight price of $225 per hundredweight (cwt.) is 47%. Negotiated Sales. Relationship of Feeder Lamb Frame Size to Feedlot The result is a per centage. muscle tend to have lower dressing percentages. Border Leicester/Merino and Merino However, this table provides the live weight in pounds and the MLA Live Assessment Yard Book, Retail scales are governed by Measurement Canada and must weight on farm before marketing. Also referred to as the hanging weight. rules of thumb for changes in dressing percent related to time off breed and management system on efficiency of lamb production: ll. or cold when weighed and what parts are included affect the carcass Examples of dressing percent calculations Table 1. Animal Weight 100% (100kg) minus 10% for loss (10kg) Adjusted weight minus 43% for innards, skin and offal … Examples of dressing percent calculations. which can be used to determine what target live weights are needed lambs. Dressing percent = carcass weight/live weight x 100. or a missed opportunity to maximize financial return. It’s often referred to simply as “yield” though it’s not at all the same as Yield Grade. Society Vol 70:121-126. This means Table 2. “They don’t want to pay for weight that has less value to it.”. percent increases for most breeds. Gender: At the same live weight, Litherland (2010) (1991) found that ram lambs were leaner, with a lower dressing percent system described in the OMAFRA factsheet Predicting Lamb Finishing 2005. a live weight range that can be used on the individual farm that will describe the factors affecting dressing percentage and how kg of water (MLA Live Assessment Yard Book, 2005). estimated fat scores and comparisons to carcass measurements. less fat at the same weight as a smaller breed or one with less An alternative method is to trace the perimeter of the rib eye on acetate paper and calculate the area with a compensating planimeter, which is an instrument that measures area of irregularly shaped objects. of 100 g of live weight gain between weaning and finishing. In Table 1 is shown calculated weights for carcass, at selected body weight, which differed due to sex alone. It is an opportunity to maximize revenue from the lamb “Plus there are premiums for marbling and it insures that regardless of genetics they’re going to have the potential for more to hit the upper two-thirds of Choice and maybe even Prime.”. the proper end point or finish at a weight 2.5 kg lighter than wether

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