how do you prune an azalea bush

how do you prune an azalea bush

Thanks! If you prune azaleas after the beginning of July, you may not get any flowers on the bush next year. Azaleas are hard to beat if you’re looking for a low-maintenance plant that produces masses of bright color and attractive foliage. A week or 2 after the flowers have fallen off your azaleas, go in for a more thorough pruning by carefully trimming areas that seem crowded or damaged. Hopefully, it’ll help make your holiday season as special as possible. Before you start to prune, look at the plant you intend to work on, remembering that the branches which are shaded out often die back and become dead wood anyway. Will fertilize and water, and wait for spring. Sign up to get all the latest gardening tips! Can I root a branch from my azaleas? Good drainage and a light soil are essential. Thank you very much for your article, it was very helpful. While the drastic, "I hired a professional from a landscaping service to cut back my azaleas in July. I have the type of azalea that bloom all summer. If you are shaping or maintain the size of your azalea, then mentally picture how you would like the azalea bush to look. This article was co-authored by Maggie Moran. Drastic pruning is indicated. Did you know you can read expert answers for this article? Lightly wet the soil and then blow up the freezer bag and zip it. You can cut overgrown plants down to about 1 foot in height. God bless. The information that follows will help do just that. Lopping Shears: It is suitable to use on stems between half inch and 2 inches in diameter. Your article provided clear, "I love this informative page, and love the how-to pictures! I am leaving them alone till next year. If you are pruning them more than a few weeks after they would have bloomed, you might be cutting the buds off. Azaleas come … The next year’s blossoms typically start forming at the beginning of July, so you must prune an azalea bush before then. Include your email address to get a message when this question is answered. Our boxy huge azaleas are now able to breathe and bloom fully, not just on the tips. directions on how to proceed with the pruning. I always forget when the right time is to prune. ", "I needed to know if I could cut my plant drastically. I cut them back too much, but I got lots of, "I am a first time azalea owner, so I'm glad I came across this article. They are getting too tall. Some, "I now have the confidence to cut my 60 year old azaleas way back. ", "I didn't know very much, and wanted to learn how to prune and care for them myself. Pruning azaleas is easy and can be done with a few simple rules in mind. Can I make them healthy again? We know ads can be annoying, but they’re what allow us to make all of wikiHow available for free. For tips from our Horticulturist reviewer on how to fertilize your azaleas, scroll down! Small, outer branches that become covered with mulch could generate a new plant. ", with my other plants and been very disappointed next year. Don't go overboard; just make a few selective cuts to keep your plant healthy. If so, how do I do it? Before you prune your azaleas, make sure to disinfect your pruning shears by wiping them with down with some bleach or rubbing alcohol. Will the shrub regrow the lower branches? Take a cutting and then get a gallon freezer bag. Can I cut azaleas down to wood in the winter? Azaleas only bloom once a year in the spring. A semi-shaded position, with morning sun, results in better quality flowers and a longer flowering period. This article will help. The best time to prune azalea bushes is right after the blooms fade. Don't take hedge clippers and shear the bush into shape. Loppers … ", "Very specific article. Try not to cut any one branch back by more than a third. We plan to wait until after the next bloom in May to trim the azaleas. This will help to prevent the spread of disease to healthy branches. So, how do you prune an azalea? Where to plant your azaleas. Can azaleas have leaves mounded around them? The most basic form of pruning - often sufficient, is simply to dead-head the old flowers - before they are allowed to make seed - by cutting back to first set of buds. Pruning azaleas is easy and can be done with a few simple rules in mind. Make your branch cuts at a point a couple inches or so above the main form of the plant. They do well with some maintenance pruning, but they may never need much pruning at all. Continue reading and learn how to grow azaleas for an amazing spring display. For tips from our Horticulturist reviewer on how to fertilize your azaleas, scroll down! This article was co-authored by Maggie Moran. With our brand new eBook, featuring our favorite DIY projects for the whole family, we really wanted to create a way to not only show our appreciation for the growing Gardening Know How community, but also unite our community to help every one of our neighbors in need during these unprecedented times. ", "This information is helpful. Fungus can develop on azalea branches in late summer, resulting in wilted leaves and dead branches. ", "I'm not much of a gardener so these pruning tips help me a lot! unlocking this expert answer. If the prospect of growing azaleas in containers piques your interest, … Learn how to prune azaleas to keep them blooming brightly year after year. Then feed them with a slow-release, water-soluble fertilizer (12-6-6).

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