hospital playlist dr jang and dr ahn

hospital playlist dr jang and dr ahn

Hahaha! ep 1: Jun-wan saw Song-hwa's boyfriend cheating on her. Sadly, this is not for everyone. Bravo for Hospital Playlist. Chae Song Hwa. ? I hope it's the latter. Thank you so much for the written episode update! However, Ik Joon – knowing his friend, and being Ik Soon's big brother – might not be as welcoming of that relationship... 2. Instead of the usual epic surgeries seen in medical dramas, we get more emotions and more insight about what everyone is feeling and experiencing. Thank you for this show. That mafia game was the highlight in this episode! Im obsessed with this drama. yippee~another drama from shin PD. Fond of Seok-hyung and his manners, the wife offers to introduce him to someone if he’s single, and Seok-hyung fumbles for his words before politely turning her down. passanger Jan 08 2020 9:44 am Cant way too see my Yeonseok Yoo. Aww at Seok-Hyung's only contract stipulation. Jeon mi do might be unpopular in drama land. ??? Writer Lee Woo-jung and PD Shin Won-ho do such an incredible job making the ordinary riveting, so I can’t wait to see what’s in store for us. 2. Kim Tae Ri please... Omoo Jun 03 2019 9:44 am I hated that they lied to him about his patient's condition. I respect the differences among people and it’s a great way to learn from one another. Waiting for season 2. However, these may be the story arcs going forward: 1. Both her and Jo Seung Woo were captivating in their roles. Good job Shin Won Ho & Lee Woo Jung ??. When they’re sick, they can get scared and look lost in a hospital just like their patients. Absolutely lovely! Change ), You are commenting using your Twitter account. They are both doctors. let's see how this going to be developed. JWon is a man with many secrets and he keeps them well hidden. Who is Joen Do-mi (plus bonus appearance of Cho Seung-Woo) -. PD-nim and Writer are the Best! Screenwriter. Love them both ^^ I hope suzy will take lead role, I always wanted to see her in a medical drama. Yang Suk Hyung. thank you, pd-nim, thankyou writer-nim, and thank you for all cast in this drama. js = d.createElement(s); = id; She deals with a lot in her work, not least because she is the only female professor in neurology dept (according to her character description), and I just don't see her wanting to jeopardize that by having a romantic relationship with someone in the same dept. Every one of them are superb with giving viewers roller coaster emotion. Because many things happened inside hospital. It sounded familiar but I can't remembee where I first heard it. Ik-soon forgot her phone and asks Joon-wan to mail it to her base, but he offers to bring it to her, instead. when will this drama air??? Can’t wait till then. I feel it's forced in because it's from the writer/director of the Reply series. Thank you for bringing this drama alive, the casts, the stories, the soundtracks and everything in this drama gives us heartwarming and a very touching story about the life of the doctors, the staff in hospital, the patients story etc. So all in all Dr Ik Jun & Dr JeongWon are much much needed in this world. Now waiting for Jeongwon's story. Fill in your details below or click an icon to log in: You are commenting using your account. packmule3  |  I'm waiting excitedly for your comeback. I hope there will be more faces we miss like Ssangmundong's mothers, Kim Jung-hwan, Sseuregi, even Star Kim Je-hyuk to stop by and give special appearances on this drama.. razan2233 Mar 13 2020 5:00 pm I can't say I know him because he seems to possess, and enjoy possessing many secrets about himself. hospital fans Apr 13 2020 7:08 am No!) Jung-Seok & Yeon-Seok .. go, go, go!!! I don't think she's ready for another relationship. Chi-hong drops by next with a cup of coffee and asks if he can stay for a while. Can't wait for season 2! Honestly the screenwriter and the director are already promising but then watching the 1st episode made it more promising. 3. It's for real another slice of life show. Completed. @Dean I agree I dont want romance in their friend group but I think it will be like reply and make us guess who songhwa will fall in love with at the end :( I want them to have outside romances too. Ingeuu1004 Apr 09 2020 6:11 am Cant wait for season 2! Finale ❤️ Can't wait for the next season hopefully, it will air earlier! love HP and will be looking forwars for season 2. hoping that it would bebth same casts well. In other dramas, and by now, the main characters would be established, and you would have a sense of where story/series is going. 24 Comments This drama is better than I expected. She hopes for both parties to act like adults, and believes Seok-hyung will do the right thing since he’s smart. I think Ik Joon might actually liked Song Hwa, too, back then.. I guess Jong-won't rather harsh attitude towards GW could have come from his suspicion of her having a special relation with Ik Jun. Jun-Wan and Ik-Sun would be a thing lol can’t wait to see Ik-Jun’s reaction. Joon-wan is indeed intimidating for those around him (apart from his 'gang' obviously.) With experience in the doctor role in previous works such as "General Hospital 2 (MBC)", "Life Is Beautiful" (SBS), "Dr. Kaka Jun 05 2020 6:25 am Thank you PD Shin and Writer Lee and the whole team of Hospital Playlist. its just the classic shin pd's style, relatable and so funny. | Privacy Policy | Contact,, son of patient seeing Cheon Myeong-Tae (ep.5), brain hemorrhage patient's daughter (ep.12), "Wise Doctor Life" takes over the tvN's Thursday 21:00 time slot previously occupied by ". Oh poor Gi Seok.. leslie May 14 2020 9:12 pm Reasons to watch: Hospital Playlist (previously known as Smart Doctor Living) features a star creative team, the writer and director duo behind the Answer Me series, and a strong ensemble cast. I can watch an entire episode of the oldies playing mafia, it was absolutely hilarious! One of the best 2020 kdrama if not the best yet. They shouldn't mess their lifelong friendship with romance, I mean Song Hwa and Ik Jun. Song-hwa agrees to stay since it’ll only take twenty minutes, and after getting dressed, she lays in the dark room by herself. In the emergency room, Jung-won checks a young patient and curses under his breath. This is just a fan made video and I dont hold any rights over any video clip and music. and this concept is good i think. First things first, I really hope Song-hwa will be okay. i love when they played mafia game or tried to find the car while the omoni didn't bring the car.. :'), it's so sad this drama only air once a week with 12 epsd.. ??? Looking forward for the next season. Ik-joon laughs as he eats his noodles, and Ik-soon “helps” Joon-wan apply medicine by holding up a mirror for him, though she keeps bringing it down as a joke. I really do hope the article about second season comes true!!! But after continue watching it I got very addicted to it. We are on episode 4, and they have resolved every cliffhanger at the end of episode 1, 2 and 3, albeit not at the opening of the next episode. This drama deserves more than 20% rating. He orders Gyu-wool to call the police, suspecting the patient’s father for child abuse, but the father overhears their conversation and runs. gloved hands touching all kinds of things they shouldn't touch, including their face....and it goes on and on.

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