health insurance sales pitch examples

health insurance sales pitch examples

If you hear such an insurance sales pitch, never talk to them again. Your health, Our promise . Your bridge to premier healthcare . For example, your elevator pitch might be: “Our workplace insurance program is saving other companies in (prospect’s area), just like yours, anywhere from 20 to 25% off their total annual insurance costs. Your health, your wealth! 2. Typically, these statements start off with “I recently helped a client…” or “A business owner was referred to me looking for ways…“ Here’s an example of what this statement may sound like: The third step is to give the listener a short example of how you solved a client’s problem. I have good Brakes. Johnson, you’re in great health right now, but we don’t know where you’ll be in six months. Read More: Health Insurance Slogans . Take a positive step . The idea is that you create a sense of unavailability to the product. Your health, your choice . The insurance sales pitch: It’s just not a game Insurance products are sold on emotions and mutual funds on logic. Values that bind . Auto insurance isn’t something people think about very often. These auto insurance sales pitch examples are the fuel in your revenue engine. Better health, better life . A better decision . This is good news for you. A healthier you, a healthier community . For better health . Does this sound like something you might be interested in for your business?” or “Our insurance lets you combine your workplace insurance with your worker’s compensation renewal. By combining your health insurance policy and your worker’s compensation renewal with our agency, we’re often able to convince underwriters to offer you an additional credit on their quote, which you wouldn’t otherwise receive. Invest for 3 years and get life-long protection . Market Insights 4 sales pitches every insurance agent should know The sales approach can't be limited to one style, one pitch. Nobody likes to feel like they’re being sold to, especially when the product is something they aren’t sure they really need. In fact, for people with automatic payments set up, it might only cross their minds once or twice a year when they need to renew a policy. Are you interested? Listen to this article: Focus on Educating, Not Selling. This is a favorite sales technique of Jeff Sams. Auto Insurance Slogans . For example, “Mrs. Health Insurance Slogans . Steal the show by following our advice! You can probably get accepted for this policy right now, but I can’t guarantee that you will later on.” Hence, the former appears more attractive If you’re looking for [insurance sales]({% link” >}} “How to Get Started in Insurance Sales”) pitch tips, we’ve got them. Third – Give an Example of Solving a Problem. A producer has to adapt to the client's needs to be successful.

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