gotoh 12 string bridge instructions

gotoh 12 string bridge instructions

2D CAD of Gotoh 12-string hardtail guitar bridge. Gotoh Fender Floating Tremolo Install: The following is the DIY laid out step-by-step. Planned to use this Gotoh bridge - might not work. This bridge has a string spread of 2-11/64" (55mm) between the outer most strings. Gift ideas for Dad. Start from low-E and A. Six of the strings stop in the bridge while the other six stop in the back side of the guitar body. GOTOH GUT Co., Ltd. began manufacturing stringed instrument parts in 1960 and is the only domestic machine head manufacturer in Japan. Best Sellers Customer Service New Releases Find a Gift Today's Deals Whole Foods Gift Cards Registry Sell AmazonBasics Coupons #FoundItOnAmazon Free Shipping Shopper Toolkit Disability Customer Support Customer Service New Releases Find a Gift Today's Deals Whole Foods Gift Cards Registry Sell AmazonBasics Coupons #FoundItOnAmazon Free Shipping Shopper 12 String Style Bridge. Suggestions are welcomed, please contact us! Wilkinson/Gotoh WT3 – the string height of the WT3 bridge is adjusted in pairs, two strings at a time. Upload or insert images from URL. Gotoh Guitar Parts Allparts is the largest distributor of Gotoh bridges, tuners, tremolos, and hardware - some of the market's highest quality stringed instrument parts. Video Instruction The video explains the correct operation procedure of Magnum Lock, HAP, and HAP-M. Here's the deal: the distance from the thru body string holes to the max-extended saddles is 3/8" leaving almost another 3/8" to achieve a 25.5" scale (assuming one uses a classic tele template for the bridge positioning). This is a solidly made bridge with Steel Saddles. The Gotoh bridge looks to be the same. Title: Microsoft Word - Document1 Author: Jeff Created Date: 7/13/2004 7:41:16 PM The actual work was done by a good friend of mine named Rod. Strings feed 6 through the body and 6 from the back. Back in 2005 I converted a Standard Telecaster bridge to 12 string by drilling toploader holes in the back lip. heavier string. The Gotoh wraparound bridge consolidates the normal 2-piece bridge and stop tail piece set up into one superbly designed piece. Our parts are sold worldwide and are consistently ranked at the top of the industry by musical instrument makers. Some 12-strings follow the Rickenbacker convention of stringing the heavier string toward the bass side. Set the strings to comfortable height so that they follow the fretboard radius, using the provided 1.5mm hex key. I used the saddles fromt the Gotoh 12 string bridge..... mrz80 likes this. I visit but over there I only found the fisical dimentions. You will be presented with a list of items after entering 3 digits, select one of them. Gotoh 12 String Electric Bridge SKU: GTC12 Select Finish:* Black [SKU:GTC12B] ($90.00) Chrome [SKU:GTC12C] ($75.00) Gold [SKU:GTC12G] ($100.00) Gotoh® 12 String Electric BridgeA very nice 12-string electric guitar bridge from Gotoh® that features six strings strung through the body and six secured through the back of the mounting plate. – Allparts UK You cannot paste images directly. * Available right hand only. Used a high quality pro template for a tele body/neck (Mike Potvin). That Gotoh 12 string bridge has six string through holes and six toploader holes. Gotoh 12-String Bridge for Electric Guitar Chrome looks ok but it do not have any installation instructions or prosedure. 2-1/16" String Spacing. Gotoh 12 String Electric Bridge SKU: GTC12 Select Finish:* Black [SKU:GTC12B] ($90.00) Chrome [SKU:GTC12C] ($75.00) Gold [SKU:GTC12G] ($100.00) Any questions or comments on the job will be forwarded to him. Please, follow these basic instructions to place your order: Add only the numerical characters of the Item Number. I have a Cozart custom made 12 string guitar with a Gotoh 12 string bridge (12 individually adjusted saddles). Description and pack size will be displayed. Mounting screws and 1.5mm allen wrench are included. The operation method is the same for SG510 & SG series and SD510 & SD series. NO INSTALATION instructions or prosedures. Secure and solid, it sustains extremely well allowing your strings a single termination point. Thanks for checking this out. Mine is strung with the lighter string toward the bass side of the guitar. Rod is a gifted engineer and if you're lookin… Maybe you're stringing yours the opposite of mine. This is a high quality, hard tail 12 string bridge, offering individual string height and intonation adjustment.

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