gate safety laser

gate safety laser

Pilz Automation Safety L.P. To the untrained eye, there is no difference in the appearance of a safe or unsafe gate. Anyone involved in the installation of a powered gate (whether it is a swing or sliding gate, a rising arm barrier, a bi folding or telescopic sliding gate) must ensure it complies with the Machinery Directive 2006/42/EC. Having spent 17 years working in the gate automation sector, he has a wealth of industry experience and his role with Gate Safe means that he is constantly tasked with undertaking independent risk assessments on automated gates – either directly in the field or via the numerous enquiries to the Gate Safe help line. It should also be remembered that these safety devices can fitted in tandem to provide added protection, it is perceived that people straddling a single beam may limit their effectiveness.Light curtains are the next level up of safety and in principle operate in the same way as photocells. A vertical edge was fitted to cover the reducing gap as the gates closed. USA, Telephone: +1 734 354-0272 Photo Eyes are approved for use as safety … Non-contact safety for gates and barriers Gate Safe has long advocated that non-contact safety should always be the priority for gates and barriers however, before discussing the various options let’s first consider the basics. In order to achieve compliance the gate should have undergone a full risk assessment. Installations featuring inverted hinges mean that all the weight of the gate leaf is being supported by one hinge, therefore significantly increasing the possibility of failure. The Hub is a CRM online tool which has been specifically designed by Gate Safe to improve the running of a gate and barrier installation business. THIS IS INCORRECT!On swing gates, the way the force is exerted along the gate differs to when it is applied ‘end on’ as per a sliding gate. However, the installer will advise the client that the gate is compliant with the standards … Gate Safe argues that may be the case but it is not safe!Remember that in addition to the obvious risks of impact and crushing, there is also the potential risk of drawing in and being dragged under the gate leaf as it moves. Rob’s tips are designed to deliver practical, effective guidance to ensure no detail is missed to ensure the safety of an automated gate or barrier. They were automated using 24v rams in fully automatic operation, and photocells had been fitted inside and out. This could either be by use of a key, a lever or a hydraulic valve, depending on the type of gate and motor used.The requirement for a manual release is to not only enable the opening of gates in the event of a breakdown, but more importantly, to free a person should they become trapped by the machine – clearly a much more serious scenario. The only additional risk that would need consideration is the pivot point for the barrier arm. Swing gates act like a giant pair of nutcrackers, with the strength of the force increasing the closer you get to the hinge. A web site dedicated to bringing you the most effective gate safety solutions available! This then means that the keys / lever / tool to disengage the manual release MUST be readily available and close at hand. Training is available from the manufacturers which we would recommend prior to installation. Ultimately, an inherently safe physical structure is vital.When you reach the decision making process in terms of identifying the most appropriate non-contact safety, the choice will be guided by the risk assessment. Canton, MI 48187 There is no point holding the keys in an office 20 miles away!This leads me on to maintenance. Only Gate Safe installers are eligible to fit the Gate Safe MOT and the benefits include: The Gate Safe Visualiser is an online, interactive, visual guide or checklist for those involved in: Gate Safe introduced Premier Installer membership specifically for larger installer companies, to ensure that Gate Safe best practice was instilled in a significant proportion of the installer work force.A company which boasts Premier Installer membership is required to have invested in training a minimum of 80% of its employees who are actively involved in the supply / fitting of automated gates.Premier Installers have an enhanced entry on our postcode map and A-Z search facilities. If you then try to reduce the force applied by the motor and increase the sensitivity on the obstacle detection, the end result will be the gate has insufficient power to move. We encourage all professionals associated with the automated gate industry to take the Gate Safe training to improve their understanding of the required protocol to ensure a safe and compliant installation (More about Gate Safe training). These are very difficult dangers to protect against if relying solely on obstacle detection. Benefit from an economical series connection, rapid diagnostics, additional control and pushbutton elements and an optional escape release! With our modular safety gate systems, we offer you an individual safety gate solution that is ideally tailored to your application. NO SAFETY EDGES HAD BEEN FITTED TO THE OUTSIDE OF THE GATES.As a result of this omission the following occurred. If the laser curtain is broken, the gate / barrier will halt and if required, will return. That includes functions such as E-STOP and escape release. It covers the key basic requirements. Just because the standard has changed it doesn’t mean that all existing gates featuring just two hinges are deemed safe. Are the support posts clad with welded mesh?Anything that can be done to eliminate a risk by effectively designing it out will always be more cost effective than fitting electronic safety measures which will require maintenance and which may at some point fail.

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