funny debate slogans

funny debate slogans

Though Ashurst and FDR were from the same party, the senator previously backed a proposed constitutional amendment which would limit presidents to serving one six-year term. From whistle-stop tours to the theatrics of debates, the major parties have been selling their presidential candidates since the country was founded. unique to this site, and may only be used with permission. Nevertheless, his campaign slogan was “Let’s Get Another Deck”—a reference to the New Deal by way of a deck of cards. come down to Florida all the time. Funny Jokes. Check out our list of speech and debate sayings below, and let us know your favorite in the comment section. Classic Political Insults and Sayings. The 8 Best Comedy Routines From Recent White House Correspondents' Dinners. Half of the American people have never read a newspaper. But Carter has kept busy since leaving office, including working with Habitat for Humanity. “The smart way to keep people passive and obedient is to strictly limit the spectrum of acceptable … In the last election, 95 million people took time off from work to vote, and 60 million of them did.- Unknown AuthorIf voting changed anything, they’d make it illegal.- Emma GoldmanI never vote for anyone. Goldwater (or at least his campaign) was a big fan of gimmicky wordplay and merchandise, including buttons that read “Au H20” (Au = gold; H20 = water), and his slogan, “In Your Heart, You Know He’s Right.” And according to Margaret Kaplan, an editorial assistant at Apollo Publishers who worked on Words to Win By, a book on campaign slogans, Goldwater had five other slogans he was trying out. Unauthorized copying protected by Copyscape. Funniest Presidential Debate Memes. If God had wanted us to vote, he’d have given us candidates. I always vote against. Political Quotes Political Views Political Topics Political Corruption Stupid People We The People Truth Hurts It Hurts Liberal Logic. The presidential election of 1956 was a rematch between the candidates who ran against each other four years prior: Republican incumbent Dwight D. Eisenhower, and Democratic challenger Adlai Stevenson. The voters in November 1956 did not agree with this statement, casting their ballots to show that they still liked Ike. That's what the billion dollars of attack ads are for.- Andy BorowitzKnowing how protected vital American computer systems are against hackers, I’m waiting for the Election Day the screen tells me my candidate is stuck in Nigeria, and desperately needs a money order to get home and take office.- Kevin BakerPerhaps instead of voter ID laws, the USA might want to try voter IQ laws.- Kelkulus ‏@kelkulusElections in the US make us ask the same question we ask of online dating: is this really all that's out there?- Andy BorowitzDo you ever get the feeling that the only reason we have elections is to find out if the polls were right?- Robert Orben, Something I like to do when I'm voting is tell to turn to the person at the stall next to me and whisper, "What did you put for number 3? If voting weren't such a big deal, there wouldn't be so many really funny voting quotes and election quotes. One hopes it is the same half. Harding did not. FDR referred to his opponent as “the little man on the wedding cake,” while Dewey posed an existential question to the electorate in the form of his campaign slogan: “Well, Dewey or Don’t We?” Turns out, voters did not. So Below you will find our collection of inspirational, wise, and humorous old debate quotes, debate sayings, and debate proverbs, collected over the years from a variety of sources. Thank you. No wonder we have difficulty achieving and maintaining an election. “Unite to win. Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump exchanged a series of quick jabs during the first presidential debate at Hofstra University Monday night in Hempstead, New York. Easiest way to have a funny zoom party. Everyone wins! “In responses to charges of extremism, Goldwater channeled the great Roman orator Cicero in his acceptance speech: ‘Extremism in the defense of liberty is no vice. His Republican opponent was Arizona Senator Barry Goldwater, who was widely viewed as a right-wing extremist—including by some in his own party. Given that Franklin Delano Roosevelt ran for president—and won—four times, he had his fair share of campaign slogans, but official (like “Happy Days Are Here Again”) and unofficial. Presidential campaigns in the United States are as much about spectacle and showmanship as they are about actual policies—possibly even more so. Learn about his favorite build. The electorate wants a presidential candidate with a plan, but this may not have been what the voters in the 1852 election had in mind. Newest funny jokes of the day. / Funny Phrases and Slogans That Will Crack You Up. - Rick Aaron. Best Trumpcare Jokes. The presidential campaign of 1920 was a race between Republican Senator Warren G. Harding, a newspaper editor from Ohio, and Democratic Governor James Cox, another newspaper editor from Ohio. - James Bovard, Civil Libertarian. Even though Smith himself didn’t flaunt his Wet position, his supporters did, and came up with the slogan “Vote for Al Smith and Make Your Wet Dreams Come True.” Want to learn more about Prohibition? It started with a casual “How you doing, man?” from Joe Biden to Donald Trump, and within minutes the former vice president was sniping at the president to “keep yapping, man.”. Lincoln used his campaign slogan, “Don’t Swap Horses When Crossing Streams,” as his way of asking voters to stick with him during the times of conflict. The big problem, of course, is that someone will win. Neither did his anti-Prohibition stance among the white, rural, Protestant South, and Midwest, which were overwhelmingly dry, Mental Floss reports. I never vote for anyone. Funny Quotes. Fear Not Those Who Argue But Those Who Dodge. But come 1912, Roosevelt was back in the race—running for a third term as a member of the Progressive (“Bull Moose”) party. Funny Voting Quotes and Funny Election Quotes, MilkSnort! We'd all like to vote for the best man, but he's never a candidate. Johnson won by a landslide. "A conservative is a man who believes that nothing should be done for the first time." The U.S. is 240 years old. We’ve Got Issues. “This one tested the worst out of all of them, but he was so committed to it,” she told The History Channel. Debate: Gladiatorial Combat of the Intellect. She is an adjunct professor of ethics at Fordham University and has written for print and online publications including The New York Times, The Washington Post, The Atlantic, Rolling Stone, Salon and Playboy, and has given a TEDX talk on The Golden Girls and bioethics. Most of them, sooner or later, Awesome Pro Donald Trump Meme for Us “Deplorables”. "My advice for a 21-year-old: Don’t drink and vote." come down to Florida all the time. New York Governor Thomas Dewey is most closely associated with the iconic photo of Harry S. Truman on November 2, 1948, holding up a copy of the Chicago Tribune incorrectly announcing, “Dewey Defeats Truman.” But that wasn’t Dewey’s first defeat in a presidential election. Guaranteed laughter and heaps of hilarity with this simple zoom game from JokeQuote. Funny Ronald Reagan quotes that favor the flavor of his self-deprecating wit. - James Bovard, Civil Libertarian. (No Credentials Whatsoever). In 1952, Eisenhower went with the simple, but effective slogan “I Like Ike,” while Stevenson opted for “All the Way with Adlai.” Both continued to use their previous slogans, but Stevenson added a few more to the mix, including “Adlai and Estes—The Bestest,” referring to his running mate Estes Kefauver. Be brutal, be tough.”. Elections in the US make us ask the same question we ask of online dating: is this really all that's out there? In democracy it's your vote that counts; In feudalism it's your count that votes. Unfortunately for Smith, his working-class roots on the Lower East Side of New York City didn’t play well outside the five boroughs.

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