ffxiv funny quest

ffxiv funny quest

FFXIV Hildibrand Quests - Even Further Hildibrand Adventures (Level 70) A Hingan Tale: Nashu Goes East - Conspicuously Inconspicuous Man - Pier 2 Life Imitates Art Imitates Life - Nashu Mhakaracca, Rakuza District References to the old name are littered throughout the game in goofy ways, even in the English translation, with moments such as the Doman refugees who had never seen a chocobo before referring to them as horsebirds, or one line the Warrior of Light can say during the Stormblood Hildibrand quest that they are broke due to a gambling addiction, betting on horsebirds specifically. Even Godbert is scared out of his wits of her when she's angry. This becomes a brick joke in 2.0. ", and repeating a few times to show how annoying single target Stoneskin was. The real kicker is that, when nodding your head as quickly as you can, your neck makes a sound that can only be described as "tennis shoes quickly squeaking on a basket court". Shortly after, Gilgamesh appears and prepares to fight the Warrior of Light, only for Hildy's mom to hit Gilgamesh with her frying pan so hard that he flies into a wall. Technological. Heavansward & Stormblood beast tribe stories are interesting too but the quests for those are boring fetch/kill quests. There is many funny/reference quest names within the game but what is your favourite? you can drive down the road while looking at your cell phone. There are quite a few gems out of it. Needless to say, he's basically the stand in for Briardien. His quest chain is silly, nonsensical, and ends in a way that might leave you flabbergasted by how crazy it is. and basically cuts, In order to convince Akebono that he needs more security against the Wolf Burglar, Hilibrand has Nashu go in as a geiko to distract the man. Press J to jump to the feed. A series of events causes all of these to fall into place when rival inspector Briardien comes back from questioning a victim of the Phantom Thief, and leads to, Later on in the same branch of the Hildibrand quest, Briardien tasks Hildibrand (condescendingly) with creating a distraction while he attempts to keep the bride hidden. Nashu offers to clean him up by changing into the same attire that the NPC who does your hair wears (complete with the theme music!) Hildibrand doesn't mind that Gigi remained a mammet and declares that he is his son, which Godbert also celebrates to. You can either respond that, Shigure aims to join what is basically an order of the samurai. Hildy just lets go of the cliff, assumes a position like an Olympic diver, spins rapidly, and drills into the ground below head first before his legs slowly creak into their familiar "Hildibrand buried in the ground" position. It seems like Hildibrand has finally been on the receiving end of. This caused a massive outcry within the Japanese fandom and eventually they renamed them back to chocobos (the English translation went with "chocobo" from the start). In that same episode, they gave us someone even more over the top than Hildibrand: After successfully calling Godbert, the moment he spots his long-lost son, he proceeds to chase him down at sonic speed and, Patch 2.3 and Hildibrand again. When Hildibrand finally comes to the inspector and the Wolf Burglar find themselves dangling off of opposite cliffs. Hildibrand proceeds to wear the bride's wedding gown (provided by the player under the pretense of keeping it safe while the real bride was disguised) and proceed with the ceremony. Hildibrand was not the fair maiden he was betrothed to, he really has been stalking her, since 2.4. you are so loaded that your subligar is worth more than geiko clothing or admit you blew all your money on gambling on a horsebird named Kweh Rhapsody. The reason why you must steal his armor? And since Godbert is known for being a, The villain of the piece also orders Godbert to ", And what does Hildibrand do to make his father come to his senses? Gilgamesh's exit after his boss battle by attempting to fly away on a rooster leaves the player character so flabbergasted they forget to preform their victory pose with the rest of the party. However...the group has to deal with a mind-controlled Godbert under the trader's control. In 2.2, we are introduced to Briarden who is a straightlaced. that doesn't make him immune to the weird shenanigans. 3.2 has the return of Hildibrand and his wacky adventures are back in full force. The journal entries for the above section only highlight how low the Warrior of Light has fallen. After the second modification, Hildibrand and Gigi run to each other in slow-motion as heartwarming music plays. However I've heard certain crafting stories are enjoyable (Particularly the ALC? Cloud Strife hits the little ladybug for 2 damage. TVTropes is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 3.0 Unported License. The release of the 1.0 version of FFXIV had many issues as everyone knows, but one that was Japanese only was chocobos were called "horsebirds" because the outsourcee used it as placeholder and forgot to change it. The insanity of the Hildibrand quest line still goes further in the 4.4 quests. Shigure, being accomplice to a break-out, needs to change out of his Sekiseigumi uniform to divert attention. The Extreme primal quests are great overall. When the player must steal the armor from the elderly dragoon. In retrospect, the entire debacle of 1.0 is quite funny. It has been many moons since last I saw him, so to ease the burden of loneliness, I tamed a rooster and painted it green.". Somewhat amusing if you don't know the history behind the term, even funnier if you do. A great summary of all the issues and how badly it was initially handled is parodied. Once it's discovered there's a dewprism (a drug that can mind control the consumer) dealing scandal underneath the sword case, the group pursue Akebono for his arrest. I mean just the name of the quest not the actual quest itself. The physics on cloth, capes, and similar fabrics aren't that good due to their frequent clipping and some poofy sleeves don't flutter or move at all. The Stormblood Collector's editions goodies include a Windup, Also funny is how the ingame mail ends with the message "No ifs, ands, or, The Minion obtained from the Alphascape battle is the, After the introduction of flying, how does the Adamantoise mount fly? :P. That entire quest made me question if I was still playing the same game. Cookies help us deliver our Services. In China, one of the cross promotions involved. Among them are the Warrior of Light chasing off the namazu who tried to sell you to the Garleans in the main storyline with a pointed glare, Nashu being, well, What makes this Lalafell even more hilarious is that, If you try to tell her she just laughs it off insisting that, So, how did Hildibrand get into the auction as a statue? There is many funny/reference quest names within the game but what is your favourite? Similar to The Weapon's Refrain, there is a mechanic in the fight, Another good "gotcha" from the dev team happens during the. Permissions beyond the scope of this license may be available from thestaff@tvtropes.org. Nashu brings some more of her explosives along for some reason, and leaves them on a crate of fruit, and starts to (poorly) take notes of what her boss Hildibrand is saying for the record. He just decides to go along with you to find Hildibrand after. Papa Hildy stretches out his arms, ready to embrace his mammet son...only to have Gigi clothesline him straight into the snow. I remember her! Fate in CWH called Sphenopalatine Ganglioneuralgia. As a result much of it involved the FFXIV and Nier teams talking on stage about how it came to be. By using our Services or clicking I agree, you agree to our use of cookies. Just when the thief prepares to attack, Hildy's mother knocks the thief out with a frying pan. A great summary of all the issues and how badly it was initially handled is parodied here. One of the highlights is unsaid but very obvious. TVTropes is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 3.0 Unported License. Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts. When you encounter Godbert in Ishgard city he's wearing more or less a full set of winter clothes. If the Warrior of Light chooses to (begrudgingly) save Hildibrand he breaks out in a overjoyed smile, only for it to twist into a contorted frown of dismay when Nashu says catching the Wolf Burglar is more important. What does he wear? Unless that's a different one, there's a levequest for the Hinterlands just called Bareback Riding (and it's temple variant Bareback Riding (L)). Juliyan isn't pleased that both her son and her husband are stupid enough to take a mammet in as a child, causing her to get so pissed off that her. I like the south thanalan FATE "Blood Augur Hex Magicks", I randomly did that one last night because I loved the name so much, I've always been a fan of "All Dogs Go To Hell. This is even funnier with the release of the Regalia via the. Hildibrand finally recovers the genuine Treaty Blade...only to find himself being rocketed towards the sky, after proving that the Blade. retracting into its shell, spouting flames out of where their head and limbs used to be and spinning in a circle, They stand up in the driver's seat to see over the steering column, to dress up as some of their classes proudly, Where have we heard of Dragoons dying in easily avoidable ways before.

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