elijah mcclain bodycam video

elijah mcclain bodycam video

It hurts so much! Okay. I don’t judge people or anything. Elijah McClain: (09:26) Speaker 4: (12:06) Cop 1: (23:04) Okay? Relax, or I’m going to have to change this situation. Okay. Make sure he can breathe. Don’t approach him, okay. Cop 2: (12:08) Speaker 4: (24:25) He just seemed like anything? Cop 1: (07:54) Worried about it at all. 911 Operator: (02:15) It’s not going to be good for you. And that’s where we’re at. Elijah McClain: (08:22) Cop 3: (14:22) They lost a cuff somewhere. Bodycam footage shows Aurora officer drawing gun on doctor: report Aurora is where Elijah McClain, a 23-year-old Black man, died last year Okay? Was this anything that you could do [inaudible 00:15:04]. Speaker 4: (13:05) Eventually, the police leave. Elijah McClain: (14:05) I’m just going to pat him down, make sure he doesn’t have anything. If you guys are okay with them a little cup and we’ll go up at the right arm, down with the left. When we showed him up… When we showed up he was wearing a ski mask. Stop tensing up. You’ve already been told several times to stop. Call us back immediately if anything changes. [crosstalk 00:20:58] Why isn’t..? Let’s get him on the gurney. He isn’t going anywhere. I just, I just have his arm pain behind his back. Guy’s got a mask on his face, acting kind of weird. We’re going to have officers come check the area. Cop 1: (04:21) I have Fire on scene. So pull him down-. Elijah McClain: (09:12) Cop 2: (18:50) Okay. And he thought it was weird that he was wearing a mask-. I already have a call-in, okay. All rights reserved. With a red case? It was used, okay. I know he’s wearing a mask. Get up. Paramedic: (20:48) Bodycam footage shows a member of the Aurora Police Department in Colorado pointing his weapon at a doctor in an office building parking lot, according to a report. 911 Operator: (02:43) Give me one second. It was recording. Parmar then tells the officer. [inaudible 00:08:01] In a bar-hammer. Okay. Cop 1: (21:50) Cop: (16:49) What kind of drugs have you taken? The body cam footage captures Henderson telling another officer that Parmar was the instigator, the station reported. Stop, stop tensing up, dude. 911, what is the address of the emergency? Bodycam footage released by Aurora Police does not definitely show McClain reaching for an officer’s weapon, but immediately after the officer made the claim, the struggle transformed into a much more violent action. Cop 1: (14:57) I got his arm dragging up with right there. Elijah McClain: (08:28) There’s glasses that are fallen right over here. Cop 1: (19:33) They were able to put the handcuffs. Cop 1: (21:55) I let them know that. You got him? Then he started doing even crazier, swinging [inaudible 00:21:51]. You got him? He can breathe. Does anybody have sani-wipes? The decision to bring McClain down forms a key component in a case that has now brought national attention to a story that had only circulated in local news reports in the initial days and weeks that followed McClain’s death. I try to live in secret and [crosstalk 00:09:26]. [crosstalk 00:09:06] not here. Cop 3: (17:39) Right. Juan: (01:59) [inaudible 00:07:39]. 911 Operator: (03:06) Once this, this medicine kicks in, we’re going to uncuff him, put him on the bed and then we’re going to restrain himself point under the bed. Were any weapons involved or mentioned? Put his arm down here and I can throw my knee right on his tricep, then he can’t move. Randy, need any relief buddy? Bro, is there anybody that can relieve me for a second? You’ll have to put pressure until we moved. Speaker 4: (21:15) Parmar said he is preparing a civil rights lawsuit over the encounter. You understand me? Speaker 4: (15:41) Stop, dude! And then we contacted him on Green, he was wearing a ski mask. Speaker 4: (16:32) (Fox 31 Denver from Aurora Police Department). Elijah McClain: (05:56) DENVER — In a matter of seconds, Aurora Police officers went from yelling “Stop!” to throwing 23-year-old Elijah McClain down on the ground the night of Aug. 24, 2019. It doesn’t sound like he [crosstalk 00:14:53]. Okay, sweatpants. My backpack they’re extra large so everybody can fit them.

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