dulles brothers iran

dulles brothers iran

These and other factors soon made Washington agree to the replacement of JCS 1067 by the Marshall Plan (which perhaps would have been better called the Dulles Plan). Since WW II Pentagon has been an aggressor 159 times in 66 countries and CIA arranged 35 coups in 28 countries between 1947 CE and 2004 CE. Discussing the researches of the economist Thomas Piketty into the reduced income inequality of that era, Richard Brinkman has written, “The immediate period after WWII, from 1950 to 1973, has come to be called the Golden Age…. John Earl Haynes and Harvey Klehr, Venona: Decoding Soviet Espionage in America (New Haven: Yale University Press, 1999), 125-26, 139. 1930s CE-1950s CE: DEEP STATE DULLES BROTHERS WERE PUPPETS OF THE BRITISH ROTHSCHILDS CRIME SYNDICATE AND FAKED WARS & DID OVERTHROWS TO ROB HUMANITY — The Dulles brothers’ personal lives were riddled with failures. In 1954 the Dulles brothers, buoyed by their success in Iran, turned their full attention to President Jacobo Arbenz of Guatemala. Success allowed the Dulles brothers to become rich, establish themselves as pillars of private power, and set out on courses that would shape history. Here the Republicans had their eyes on Harry Dexter White in particular. We shall consider the suggestion of Anthony Summers and others that Allen Dulles and the CIA, as early as July 1948, were the source of the furor over the alleged treason of first White, and then (after White’s death in August 1948) a far less prominent substitute figure, Alger Hiss.12. The covert operation by the CIA in Guatemala was being planned even before the operation in Iran. 6 Adam LeBor, “Meet the American Banker Who Helped Hitler Loot Jewish Gold—While Spying for the OSS,” Tablet: A New Read on Jewish Life, August 30, 2013. The Dulles brothers were partners at Sullivan & Cromwell, a law firm that specialized in creating giant corporations. Change ), You are commenting using your Google account. We know from an OSS communication to Allen Dulles that, even before the end of the war, McKittrick as president of the BIS “had already concluded an agreement [with German industrialists!] A web of international banking connections was created between the wars; and much of this web “was connected to the BIS [Bank of International Settlements], via the Dulles brothers and their friends on Wall Street and in London and Germany.”14, Roosevelt New dealers like Treasury Secretary Henry Morgenthau and his assistant White intended to dismantle this complex network with German banks and corporations after World War II: in particular, they “loathed the BIS, seeing it, correctly, as a channel for the perpetuation of Nazi economic interests in the United States.”15 Their principal target was the wartime BIS president Thomas McKittrick (formerly of the Boston banking firm Lee, Higginson)– rightly so, in the opinion of Adam Lebor, who writes that “many of the things that McKittrick was doing, such as gold and foreign exchange deals with the Reichsbank after Pearl Harbor, were treasonable.” Lebor adds that McKittrick, a personal friend of Allen Dulles, came to New York and hired an attorney “to persuade the Treasury to unblock the BIS’s funds. 37 G. Edward White, Alger Hiss’s Looking-glass Wars: The Covert Life of a Soviet Spy. It is sure to produce a result exactly the opposite of that intended...”1 Supposedly, Allen Dulles pushed for closure of the Sullivan & Cromwell office in Germany in 1935 CE as the Rothschilds MOB’s propaganda against the Nazis grew to a fever pitch. 1930s CE: DEEP STATE DULLES BROTHERS WERE PUPPETS OF THE BRITISH ROTHSCHILDS CRIME SYNDICATE AND FAKED WARS & DID OVERTHROWS TO ROB HUMANITY — John Foster Dulles played a central role in channeling funds from the United States to Nazi Germany in the 1930s CE. Even today, America finds itself embroiled in two ongoing wars in Iraq and Afghanistan, and teetering on the edge of war with...Iran. The Dulles brothers’ grandfather briefly served as secretary of state to President Benjamin Harrison. The accepted charges against White are that he shared information, and possibly passed documents, that reached the Soviet Union. 32 Summers, The Arrogance of Power, 46-47. TIMELINE OF THE DULLES BROTHERS WHO WERE THE DEEP STATE PUPPETS OF THE BRITISH ROTHSCHILDS CRIME SYNDICATE THAT FAKED WARS & DID OVERTHROWS TO ROB HUMANITY. Peter Andrews, A tragedy of history; a journalist’s confidential role in the Hiss-Chambers case (Washington: Robert. All the Shah’s Men (2003) — Stephen Kinzer. ... "Oh brothers, the production of oil in our land is like jewels. The stinker and the madman The pre-war banking system linking American bankers to those who had backed Hitler was also to be demolished: the meeting of Allies at Bretton Woods in July 1944, organized largely by White, had passed a resolution calling for the dissolution of the BIS “at the earliest possible moment.”, A version of the Morgenthau-White Plan was approved by Truman in May 1945 as JCS (Joint Chiefs of Staff policy) 1067, which directed the U.S. forces of occupation in Germany to “…take no steps looking toward the economic rehabilitation of Germany.”7. He served as the secretary of state when. Roosevelt left his CIA job in 1958 to work for the Gulf Oil Company, which was one of the companies taking part in the oil consortium in Iran and remained a conduit between the Shah and the White House. The Dulles Brothers, Allen and John had a huge effect on the Cold War and the environment around them. Their simplistic world view of good vs evil, combined with blatant fear mongering spurred on by sorts like McCarthy and of course by the long leash provided by Eisenhower, still reverberates through our lives today in the form of Iraq, Iran, Afghanistan, Cuba, NSA spying, etc.. But it was also an institutional conflict between Washington and Wall Street, because each center was initially united behind conflicting visions for the future of Germany, and also for the future of the pre-war international banking system uniting Germany and America – at the heart of which was the BIS. Arbenz expropriated nearly a quarter of a million acres of the uncultivated land and offered compensation to the company. The excuse for the crimes of the Dulles brothers is it was the Cold War so crimes are acceptable. The Mossadegh Project | April 7, 2010, “There is, as far as I know, only one certain rule in international relations. 45 Conrad Black, Richard M. Nixon: A Life in Full (New York: PublicAffairs, 2007), 122. But that support waned after Hiss’s conviction in 1950, possibly influenced by Russia’s successful test of an atom bomb. One who still blames the Yalta handover on Hiss (and on Harry Hopkins, another alleged Soviet agent) is Christina Shelton, in Alger Hiss: Why He Chose Treason (New York: Simon & Schuster, Threshold Editions, 2012), 121-22. In 1947, Dulles served as a senior staffer on the Herter Committee. The following year the oil company, now renamed British Petroleum (BP), returned to Iran, having been paid handsomely for compensation plus a 40% share of Iranian oil production. Cf. Its contents remained secret and under twenty-four hour guard…. The name Exxon was used from 1973. Schröder had financed the creation of Anglo-Persian (later Anglo-Iranian) oil: thus Frank Cyril Tiarks was a partner both in J. Henry Schröder & Co., and also in the Anglo-Iranian Oil Company (1917-1948). Mossadegh and Arbenz had much in common. 40 Summers, The Arrogance of Power, 63; citing Peter Grose, Gentleman spy: the life of Allen Dulles (Boston: Houghton Mifflin, 1994), 297n (run-in). John J. McCloy, the president of the International Bank for Reconstruction and Development, was a former board member.

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