dieffenbachia maculata common name

dieffenbachia maculata common name

Schott • Dieffenbachia amoena hort. Average sized pots result in a more manageable size of 0.6m / 2ft. Constantly moist conditions should be avoided. Most dieffenbachias will grow from 3 to 6 feet tall and 1 to 3 feet wide. This is also seen when you are consistently watering too much. However it's not normal if multiple leaves are effected at once, this instead would be a sign that the temperature is too low, or the plant is in a draughty area. Dieffenbachia, otherwise known as dumb cane, comes in a lot of varieties, all of which make great houseplants. Should this be the case you could try and use the top parts as cuttings. We've covered this for you already at the beginning of the article. ex Engl. if it's 5cm long, push it in 2.5cm), water well and then keep warm. Warm, always warm. It may be down to the cultivars we grow personally (D. picta "Camilla", D. picta "Exotica" and D. amoena "Tropic Snow") but in our experience the plant rarely suffers if humidity is low. One of the most common species, Dieffenbachia Camilla is characterized by oval shaped leaves with a pointed apex. It is native to the New World Tropics from Mexico and the West Indies south to Argentina. Spider mites tend to latch on to houseplants when the air is dry, so maintaining a humid environment should help to prevent you from having to deal with this problem. Avoid coming into contact with the sap and if you do, wash it off before you accidentally rub your eye or somewhere equally unfortunate. Given the plant's adaptability to a variety of lighting conditions, it makes for a good easy-care houseplant in most homes and offices. Brown leaf tips / Water forming on leaf tips. Also, be on the lookout for spider mites on your plant in low humidity. D. maculata (formerly known as D. picta). Place the jar in a warm spot with bright indirect light, and wait for roots to grow. Dieffenbachia “Camille”. As a Team, we've almost 50 years of hands on experience as well as a variety of horticulture skills. Family. The leaves on this Dieffenbachia are large, with lengths of up to 16 inches. The foliage is pale yellow with vibrant green edges. The Dieffenbachia grows from March to October, so you can expect the plant to require more frequent watering during this time. They are generally green with splashes or blotches of creamy white, although cultivars have expanded the palette to include yellow. In the past, the plant was actually used as a means of torture (Canadian Biodiversity Information Facility). Be extra careful not to overwater when temperatures are cold. Similar to the Compacta, the plant is full and dense, giving a very lush look. Plant Description. All parts of the plant have lots and lots of microscopic needle-shaped calcium oxalate crystals and when some unfortunate animal (or person) chows down, they end up with a painful and swollen mouth. Brown edges suggest overwatering. Keep your Dieffenbachia away from any areas that might see a temperature drop, such as near doorways or in disused rooms that don’t get heated through the winter. Solve this simple math problem and enter the result. All true stories if you believe those annoying email chains / Facebook shares. Family: Araceae. Once the cutting has several new shoots of its own, you can pot it into a more permanent home and continue care as usual. Medium to Bright Light Light shade is acceptable but nothing darker. Make a small hole in the soil with a fingertip or pencil, and place the stem cutting into the hole with the cut side facing down to the bottom of the pot. Pack the soil up against the cutting to make sure it is securely in place. Common Name. Should you want to grow a very large specimen then look out for D. amoena which is sometimes commonly referred to as the Leopard Lily.

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