curdled soy milk safe to drink

curdled soy milk safe to drink

. Weird, but totally safe. I think its down to the sudden temp change. Having said this - in the last few weeks we've found even Cornish water is curdling after 3 years with never a problem? Simple solution. LillyB. Then add water up to a depth of about half an inch and stir well. The soya milk is less likely to curdle. If you live in an area with soft water, the pH level of your water is likely to be lower as opposed to hard water which has a higher pH because it’s filled with calcium and magnesium and other alkalizing minerals. If none of the above seem to work for you, it might be down to how “hard” or “soft” your water is. The only thing that seems to save my coffee happens to be 'liquid'creamers (I got the powered creamer trying to cut cost...hated it anyway)I don't remember having these issues before now and I have always made my teas and coffee scalding-hot. Could that be a clue? The result is not pretty. Then add it to the coffee. I had this frustrating problem until I found out that to avoid it you have to put the soya milk in the cup and pour the coffee on top. Jarrah brand has never curdled on me and I drink at least three cups a day. For me, the separation doesn't seem to affect the taste, so I wouldn't worry about it. 7 years ago. All rights reserved. Whilst yes it is completely safe to drink, it is not exactly appealing. 3 Answers. In case something is wrong or missing kindly let us know by … I put it in a tea i was making, and while heating it up I'm pretty sure the milk curdled, it got a white paste on top of it. Curdled soy milk. . same here... i warmed the soy first and added the coffee... still curdled. I believe the Italian secret is the temperature of the soy milk. I'm sure it is the acid in coffee that causes curdling. As other people have noted, my experimentation has led me to believe it's got to do with the type of coffee you're using and/or the temperature of the water. It won't kill you, but it won't taste very good. Hi I'm making my own soy milk and trying to stop the curdle in coffee. I have tried everything and came by this earlier, it is so simple and works a treat, no more curdling!!! On average, you will need about 1 Tbsp (15 ml) of lemon juice for every 1 cup (250 ml) of soy milk. © Copyright 2006-2020. I've recently gone totally Dairy Free, have tried Rice, Almond, Oat & Soy Milks (& creams), and have experienced the curdling dilemma with all of them, both in tea & coffee :-(. Put the soy milk in the mug first, then add the coffee. I'm wondering if adding calcium carbonate to the soy milk will stop the curdles as it is used to treat heartburn so reduces acidity and is an ingredient in Bonsoy, which generally does not curdle. So 8ve got crohns disease and alot of bowel rem9ves. However I will try slowly getting the milk to temp first. And its horrible to see it turn to mush as soon as the milk is added. I usually add percolated coffee to cold soya then nuke it in the microwave to make sure it's hot. Happy to discover it's not just me! No more ruined coffee!! Then it's instantly and pervasively curdled. Again, heat acts as an accelerant to the coagulation process, which is why the hotter the water in your coffee the quicker the soy milk curdles. thanks in advance. I've been adding it after mixing the milk in and haven't had any issues, The more milk you add the better the result, very little curdling! The drinking of the coffee, no longer a pleasure, now becomes a torture to be endured, as you swirl the lumpy mixture with a teaspoon until it becomes smooth again for a few seconds and you have to swallow it as fast as you can, wincing as you go. Then pour in the coffee, slowly.I’m hoping others contribute to this thread so we can get some more definitive answers...if there are any! Instant tofu!How to avoid it? ~sigh~. It will be fine but to stop the soy milk splitting put it in the cup first and let the water go off the boil before adding. When I'm intentionally curdling real milk (to make cheese) by adding acid over heat, I find I have the best results if I have the highest acid to milk ratio - i.e. The temperature makes the most sense. I add more and more water and it's still fine until I reach near the top of the cup. This is why starbucks soy latte dont curdle because a shot of espresso takes up only about 15% of the cup while the rest of the cup is filled with soy milk, try it! If you mix 2 teaspoons of rice milk with a cup of hot water (in a separate mug), and give it a good stir, you'll have AWESOME milk. Most of the cases no unless you are sure for milk quality. Begin by boiling your water and preparing your coffee like we mentioned previously. I have read this blog from top to bottom with interest to see how people view this problem. I wonder if it's all just the acidity vs the quantity of milk. This works for me everytime. Maybe it's because the coffee was hoter in the insulated commmuter mug? That said, whilst I'm not overweight and am quite fit I have noticed some weight loss/more muscle tone since I started on soy so it's not all bad plus dairy is responsible for a lot of animal suffering. I have tried every variable in the assembly of what I hope will be a simple uncurdled soy latte - I'm becoming downright superstitious! What is different about soy creamer that makes it non-curdling? Lemon juice is the recommended acid of choice for curdling soy milk. An asian girl taught me a method to pour soya milk into coffee without curdling it. Now, you could go around the supermarket armed with strips of litmus paper and breaking open coffee packets. But the safest thing and the best way to avoid this entire scenario is to be super diligent about disposing of milk as soon as your toddler is done drinking it. I'm sure it's safe to drink but it doesn't look very appealing. Relevance. Favorite Answer. I found this thread when my soy milk curdled this morning. Lv 7. Guess that third cup just had a curdle curse. Soy milk into one mug. I have become very lactose intolerant lately and drink loads of coffee, I hate it when it curdles, so off putting. Soy milk is essentially just soybeans, water, additives (vitamins and minerals and such), and flavorings all blended up with water. I usually use dark roasts but medium roast Columbian Arabic beans from Trader Joes is curdling every cup. If you're in Canada one can us soy milk from Natura. I don't like sweetened soy, coconut milk was vile, I want dairy back in my life! I have found that, having made a cup of coffee (instant) if a wait a few moments or, give the drink a few stirs to take it off the boil. It tastes disgusting but you’ll be damned if you’re going to pour it down the drain and start again. But for 1.20£ here in London including soya milk plus hours of non interruption with my laptop......etc its a steal. I work as a barista at a local vegan-friendly coffee shop. I've tried every variation - milk first, tea first etc. You can also determine if soy milk is bad by seeing if it has a rancid odor. I heat up regular soy milk, then let the Tassimo machine add a shot of coffee. but it still curdles! I love soy lattes, have made them for years, and still can't understand why they sometimes separate! With instant I get impatient and forget to wait, often pouring cold milk straight from the fridge into water that’s only a few degrees off boiling. Continuously stir as you add the soy mijk to your coffee. I microwave my soy milk for 10 to 15 seconds before adding to my brew. 7 years ago. Arabica beans tend to be less acidic than Robusta. Just made stove top coffee. Because of this the proteins are being pushed together and precipitating out of solution (coagulating). Its about porportion, how much coffee vs. how much soy milk you put in the cup. Just tried the soy in the cup first, coffee added slowly second. It doesnt curdle anymore! The coffee bean is the culprit. It is so frustrating! My coffee pot has an extra hot setting. No cuddles :) When I want it a little sweet, I put 1/2 teaspoon maple syrup at the end. when i do my flat whites, i like to have the thin layer of creama along the top of the coffee in the cup, then add the milk in so i can do my designs on the top and make it presentable. I love Bonsoy, it's so good but trying to be self sufficient. Is it safe? Sometimes I heat the milk, sometimes I don't and nearly every time it's all fine. When I make my own soy cappuccino at home, I heat the soy like normal milk, but add a dash of cold water in the coffee before I add the soy. I added the hot coffee, put the lid on (thinking the coffee would break up the lumpy powder before i would later add water & ice); I shook it half a shake and it BLEW up in my hand.

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