crustless zucchini pie

crustless zucchini pie

The measurement of 10 ounces is a dry measure, not weight. It changed our lives. I actually prefer it with almond flour vs all purpose. Cut in half, then cut each half in thirds. ), and there was no way I was heading out to the store late in the evening to buy more eggs. I also threw in some diced red pepper, garlic, the shallots, a lot of chives (love em), and it’s SO good with feta cheese on top. And dabbed a little ricotta all over it, like I would a frittata. It was really easy to put together. If I made a couple of these to freeze should I cook it partially before I freeze it, or just freeze it uncooked? It comes with 3 discs with different sized holes, and I use the one with the smallest holes. I can't help but chuckle at all these comments where people get so bogged down in the details. Hopefully that helps someone. Making it right now. Can it be served cold? Typically I don’t review the entire story page around a recipe because of the numerous ads it takes to load and it slows my computer down. I made this tonight and it was fantastic! I knew I had plenty of zucchini (frozen from the summer harvest) and enough eggs to make my impossibly easy zucchini pie, but I was missing a key ingredient: crescent rolls for the crust. I love the flavor, and how filling it is for so little calories. This was all kinds of fantastic. So moist and delicious! If so what size pan would you suggest? Is there really no saturated fat or cholesterol in this recipe, as the nutrition info indicates? was wondering if you couild use almond or coconut flour and if so how much, I would try a low-carb blend such as Bobs Redmill. Perhaps Asiago or sharp cheddar. The result? Delicious. I modified the recipe a bit – when I assembled the pie, I spread some of the zucchini mixture, added a layer of garden fresh tomato slices, more zucchini mixture and topped it with tomatoes and parmesan cheese. Can you suggest a flour that is Keto friendly like almond flour or coconut flour. I made this today and it was delicious! This is in my oven as I type this. If you read the previous comments, yes, it freezes well after cooking. I was thinking about doing this, also! Served it with a strawberry, pecan, mixed green and avacado salad. Bake at 350 degrees for 35 minutes or until golden brown. I'm wondering if I prep all the veggies tonight, will they hold okay until tomorrow? Not the same as making it fresh. Stir in the zucchini, Bisquick and cheese. This is delicious! Thanks for dropping by! I made this with cheeses on hand- swiss cheddar and parmesan. I'm not WW, but there are really yummy recipes on this site. The golden-brown pies slice so beautifully you can serve them to company! I couldn't find anything other than the pre-grated mozzarella and fresh mozzarella at trader joe's. It was a hit! In a bowl, beat the eggs. hoping the times are still correct.. cant wait to try all of it!!! Has anyone’ made this using almond or coconut flour instead of wheat-based? I love the mini quiches from Costco but they are not point friendly, this is the perfect replacement. I don’t have a kitchen scale. FYI if baking on the grill at 500+dF: reduce time to 10 – 13 minutes until the “pie” sets and is not jiggly in the middle. Will definitely try again with chives and add some garlic and maybe tomato slices on top as other reviewers have posted. I’ve made this several times and this time added sliced Grainger (TN) tomatoes along the bottom of the dish and on the top. We simply love your website. I rarely have shallots or chives, sweet onions and scallions work just fine. Yum just made this for dinner and it was great! This time of year when zucchini is abundant, make a few pies and place in freezer. Another keeper!!! Perhaps it just needs some salt and pepper in it. Currently in the oven…and the house smells SOOOO GOOD! How many zucchini’s should I buy for 10 oz of shredded? ents? WOW that was fabulous the crustless zucchini quiche…..will make again and again. Thank you for this recipe! I use a ricer to squeeze the water out of my zucchini, and it works really well (shout out to a member of the Skinnytaste Community: What’s Cooking Tonight group for the idea!!!). We spent half the day at IKEA (sooo fun! Any recommmendations? Would you be able to freeze finished product? Combine zucchini, shallots, chives, and mozzarella cheese in a bowl. It was so good that I went to bed craving it and woke up craving it! Although I hated the thought of turning on an oven, this was so worth it! I would suggest freezing the fresh grated zucchini and then thaw it out, squeeze out as much water as possible and make a fresh pie. Is the part skim mozzarella, grated, shredded, chopped or sliced? Love your recipes! Gina – Made this tonight and it was a hit! While I still love my original zucchini pie recipe, this one is great in a pinch. Used 4 cups (thawed-frozen) zucchini 2. Let it stand at least 5 minutes before serving. Delicious recipe that even my kids loved. I made this for lunch with a friend today. Thanks for the great recipe! If so, would you suggest cooking them first and then freezing, I assume? Love every recipe I have tried Gina. Loved the tots, this is probably gonna be just as delish!! This one is definitely going on my list of favorites. I also used half and half for a creamier pie. I love the spinach crustless pie and make that all of the time for a quick, easy breakfast. I did put tomato slices underneath as was mentioned in a few of the reviews which is prob a mistake because they gave too much moisture. I made this recipe in the muffin cups like the zuchinni tots and it was great. I always make this with almond milk and it is amazing! Just don’t knock down the flour in your measuring cup by banging it on the counter. Thanks for the info on the number of zucchini you used! Will make this again. This is easy and it was a hit with my family!

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