consequences of data loss for businesses

consequences of data loss for businesses

Consequences of Data Loss for Businesses. You will have customers asking questions about what’s happened. These investigations often yield valuable evidence and insights that help prevent future data breaches. Reputation damage. Ransomware: A Big Problem for Small Business. A non-functional website, for example, may cause potential customers to explore other options. And once the word spreads, it may be an uphill battle to find new clients. If current customers can’t trust your company to protect their data, then they may take their business elsewhere. In the Digital Age, news travels fast. Sign up to our newsletter for the latest record storage news and top tips, Do you have a verifiable audit trail for your documents? Today’s blog looks at 4 examples of the seriousness that data loss can cause for a small business. We are here to help. And if you cannot retrieve the lost data, that’s even more headache. Most companies, business corporations and organisations nowadays are totally dependent on their computer data; and the value of that data is not easy to cost. A combined data tape rotation, media vaulting, and disaster planning solution ensures your information is continuously protected and is readily available to support your data recovery needs. Gartner measures the average financial impact of poor data on businesses at $9.7 million per year. However, the cost of a data loss to any business is very significant, not only in the man hours that it would take to recover it, if recovery were possible; but also financially. We are here to help. Fortunately, your business can prevent data loss risks with planning and professional help. User error, network outage, cyber-attacks, you-name-it can all cause data loss. Depending on the duration of the power outage, lower employee productivity can have a huge effect on your businesses bottom line. In this article we’re going to look at what you can do to avoid data breaches and to protect your business against data loss and its consequences, but first let’s examine what those potential consequences are. Data loss knows no boundaries; it happens to all types of businesses and can strike at any time, resulting in a domino effect of disastrous consequences. The financial consequences are compounded if affected individuals decide to take legal action against your business. While you are patting yourself on the back for a job well done, you close out of the document. Data loss happens for various reasons, and each of them presents a different challenge for data recovery. Archive Document Data Storage (ADDS) provides information management solutions for businesses throughout London, Bristol, Bath, and Swindon. Stored Computer Data Lost: Power outages are one of the top reasons data loss occurs. From the moment your data is compromised, to the entire investigation and recovery process, the effects of a data breach significantly impact business operations. Data loss is a major inconvenience that disrupts the day-to-day operations. You will learn why most plans fail during a disaster and the cost associated with failure. In fact, with the correct measures in place, the likelihood of surviving data loss increases exponentially. Because computers and operating systems are complex, they need to shut down properly. The only problem is that whilst exiting, you forgot to save the file. You are working on a significant document and you finally finished! In the short term, however, these investigations can be costly. You can count on us | Call us today on 0800 328 0272. Loss of business. Imagine, when an employee can’t access their everyday files and applications, they can’t do their jobs. Depending on the nature of the breach, there are various financial problems that can result. And who can blame them? Each year, a handful of organisations have to close their doors after a major data loss event. To sign up, please follow this link: Productivity disruption. A couple weeks ago, I wrote about Network Continuity. Productivity is the first thing to suffer when your organisation loses its data, whether it’s from an unplanned network outage, hardware or software failure, or malicious cyber attack. And what YOU can do to prevent it in the first place. If your company can’t serve its clients or ends up in the headlines as the result of a data loss incident, the negative publicity can damage your business reputation permanently. Of those that lost revenue, 38% experienced a loss of 20% or more. Copyright © 2020 Archive Document Data Storage Ltd. All rights reserved. Depending on the severity, data breaches can result in a complete loss of important data, which requires victims to spend long periods time recovering.

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