cocoa programming tutorial

cocoa programming tutorial

Cocoa Fundamentals Guide presents Cocoa-related information for both platforms, integrating the information as much as possible and pointing out platform differences when necessary. Creating a Custom View describes the various aspects of NSView that an application can subclass, and provides a dissection of a custom NSView subclass. Worm provides three several different NSView implementations that demonstrate techniques for improving a view's performance. The features, tools, concepts, designs, terminology, programming interfaces, and even programming language of this development environment may all be unfamiliar. Developing Cocoa Objective-C Applications: A Tutorial shows you how to build a simple Cocoa application for OS X using the Xcode development environment, the Cocoa frameworks, and Objective-C. This document may not represent best practices for current development. It’s a NSTextField object, and its purpose is to enable apps receiving user input … It provides a look at a complex view subclass than handles many types of events. Communicating with Objects discusses the programming interfaces and mechanisms for communication between Cocoa objects, including delegation, notification, and bindings. Sketch is a scriptable graphics application. The Creating a Custom View article expects that a developer is familiar with the Cocoa event model described in Cocoa Event Handling Guide as well as the graphics drawing environment described in Cocoa Drawing Guide. Your input helps improve our developer documentation. Working with the View Hierarchy describes how an application inserts and removes views from the view hierarchy. describes the role of the view in Cocoa applications and an overview of the views provided by Cocoa. page. About Cocoa []. Each section gives the important details about a subject, yet describes it at only a high level. This tutorial … A view instance is responsible for drawing and responding to user actions in a rectangular region of a window. App Programming Guide for iOS presents information specific to the frameworks used to develop applications for devices running iOS. Cocoa Fundamentals Guide has the following chapters: What Is Cocoa? Important: This document may not represent best practices for current development. Sign in to YouTube. Cocoa Fundamentals Guide is structured to lead gradually to a general understanding of what Cocoa development is all about. You can use these books to supplement what you learn in Cocoa Fundamentals Guide. You are expected to be familiar with Cocoa development, including the Objective-C language and memory management. Adding Behavior to a Cocoa Program describes what it's like to write a program using a Cocoa framework and explains how to create a subclass. You cannot use Cocoa or Cocoa … Java. Cocoa Tutorials AppleProgramming; 81 videos; 279,193 views; Updated 4 days ago ; A series on creating Cocoa applications for macOS. This document describes the different behaviors provided by Cocoa, but for additional information about Quartz behavior, consult the following documents: Quartz 2D Programming Guide—for conceptual information related to Quartz. Introduction to View Programming Guide for Cocoa A view instance is responsible for drawing and responding to user actions in a rectangular region of a window. With the first label being in place, the second quite common Cocoa control used in macOS apps is the text field. Terms of Use | Privacy Policy | Updated: 2013-08-08. You should read this document to gain an understanding of working with views in a Cocoa application. It provides an orientation to the technological landscape that is Cocoa. Terms of Use | Privacy Policy | Updated: 2013-09-18. Additional sample code is available through Apple Developer Connection: Bindings Joystick implements a “joystick” user interface item that illustrates a bindings-enabled subclass of NSView. before you send us your feedback. Swift + Kitura on DigitalOcean Learn Objective-C Learn Cocoa Learn Cocoa II Intro to Cocoa Graphics Intro to Cocoa Graphics II C Tutorial for Cocoa Make a Screen Saver I Make a Screen Saver II Attending WWDC Build a Core Data App Core Data Overview Saving Cocoa App Data Objective-C Style I Objective-C Style II Cocoa Bindings Intro. In the set of Cocoa developer documentation, Cocoa Fundamentals Guide is the conceptual entry-point document. View Geometry describes how views establish their base coordinate system. A section frequently refers you to another document that offers a more comprehensive description. A robust and fast virtual-machine environment for running applications developed using the Java Development Kit. For OS X, you can acquire this familiarity by reading Mac Technology Overview; for iOS, read iOS Technology Overview. Links to downloads and other resources may no longer be valid. All rights reserved. It starts with the most basic information—what Cocoa is in terms of its components and capabilities—and ends with an examination of its major architectures. You can build Cocoa applications for two platforms: the OS X operating system and iOS, the operating system for Multi-Touch devices such as iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch. The intent is that, as you become familiar with Cocoa for one platform, it will become easier to transfer that knowledge to software development for the other platform. Apple's Unsolicited Idea Submission Policy. Cocoa Programming for OS X: The Big Nerd Ranch Guide. Cocoa Design Patterns describes the Cocoa adaptations of design patterns, especially Model-View-Controller and object modeling. A view instance is responsible for drawing and responding to user actions in a rectangular region of a window. This document describes the role of views in a Cocoa … View Programming Guide for Cocoa consists of the following chapters: What Are Views?

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