castor oil vole repellent

castor oil vole repellent

TOUGHEST MOLE & VOLE REPELLENT - Nature’s MACE 100% Castor Oil is formulated for professional exterminators. Proprietary blend of All Natural, Organic Castor Oil, Non-Toxic. In addition to castor oil, garlic also works as odor voles find offensive. Spraying the castor oil mixture directly into vole tunnels may increase the effectiveness of this solution, advises SFGate. When they encounter the scent it is unpleasant to them and also serves to mask other odors that … Castor oil rids a lawn of voles because the smell repels them, but it does not harm the voles. Castor oil repellents work by creating an unpleasant odor over a wide area, repelling anything that comes near. Effective against All Types of Moles & Voles! However, the voles may come back after the … Commercial Strength formula eliminates Moles & Voles.

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