bmw r1150rt oil change

bmw r1150rt oil change

Chuck. Pour the old oil in a jug and take it back to the auto parts store to recycle it. Check your oil level by looking at the sight glass below the cylinder and behind the fairing. BMW vehicles are designed to require service less frequently than other makes, allowing you more time on the road and less time in the shop. As a first time BMW owner, I was at a complete loss of what to do. Required fields are marked *. We use cookies for best possible service. It goes in the oil cap atop the left cylinder head. Knowledge is power. Thank you for all the relevant information, very helpful? Finally, start the bike and check for leaks. I have a 02 R1150RT and the exhaust baffle appears to be cracking, can you suggest a replacement exhaust for my Beamer? Bill’s garage: Oil change for the ’02 BMW R1150RT. As you’ve seen, changing the oil and filter on a motorcycle is a relatively simple task that even a beginner can do. Bill’s garage: Oil change for the ’02 BMW R1150RT. Al. Click here for instructions on how to enable JavaScript in your browser. Disappointing to say the least about BMW MOA and my being a new member. For more information on where and how to recycle your own oil and filters in other locations, head to or click HERE and enter your zip code. Tim, I’m the same, don’t stress as long as there’s oil in the motor at the recommended quantity alls good, Thank you for your very helpful guide, it’s always good to know that you are doing something right. For tools, you’ll need a torque wrench, a ratchet, a 76mm filter wrench, an 8mm allen head wrench or driver, an oil catch pan and a funnel. I use Castrol 20-50 4T because it’s cheap and they stock it at my local auto parts store. You can reach everything. Always have a shop manual nearby. Sign up now Forgot your password? My filter is a Hiflofiltro HF163 ($9.95) instead of the BMW-branded filter at $18.95. Prepare your new filter by filling it with oil and spreading a bit of oil on the rubber gasket to help the seal. Is it empty? –BV. Bimmer drivers get to avoid the 3,000 mile oil change and instead only need an oil service every 7,500 miles for their Intermediate Oil Change and Oil … Under normal driving conditions you can do the service a few hundred km sooner or later. A flashlight helps to see it. Change oil when engine at regular operating temperature, renew oil filter (R1100, 1150RT), Oil change, rear wheel drive (R1100, 1150RT), Adjusting valve clearance (R1100, 1150RT), Checking freedom of movement of throttle cable and checking for kinks and chafing (R1100, 1150RT), Checking front and rear brake fluid level (R1100, 1150RT), Checking swinging-arm pivot mount (R1100, 1150RT), Checking operation of side-stand switch (R1100, 1150RT), Checking/adjusting synchronisation (R1100, 1150RT), Checking tire pressures and tread depth (R1100, 1150RT), Checking lights and signalling equipment (R1100, 1150RT), Test ride as final inspection and function check (R1100, 1150RT), Confirming BMW Service in on-board documentation (R1100, 1150RT), Changing oil in gearbox, warmed to normal operating temperature (R1100RT), Checking security of hose clip at air intake (R1100RT), Checking security of rear-wheel studs (R1100RT), Checking security of screws for adjustable handlebars (R1100RT), Changing engine oil with engine at operating temperature, replacing oil filter (R1100, 1150RT), Checking condition of spark plugs (R1100, 1150RT), Checking battery acid level (R1100, 1150RT), Cleaning and greasing battery terminals (R1100, 1150RT), Checking front and rear brake pads for wear (R1100RT), Checking front and rear brake discs for wear (R1100RT), Checking front and rear brake fluid level (R1100RT), Changing brake fluid, front and rear brakes (R1100RT), Checking swinging-arm pivot mount (R1100RT), Lubricating nipple of clutch cable (R1100RT), Reading fault memory with BMW Motorrad diagnostic system (R1150RT), Gearbox-oil change (R1150RT, every 2 years), Oil change, rear wheel drive (R1150RT, every 2 years), Changing brake fluid in Integral ABS wheel circuit, front and rear (R1150RT), Change brake fluid in entire ABS control circuit (R1150RT), Change the clutch fluid (R1150RT, every 4 years), Brake check for BMW Motorrad Integral ABS (R1150RT), Changing oil in gearbox, warmed to normal operating temperature (R1100, 1150RT), Replace the fuel filter (R1100, 1150RT; every 40.000 km), Replacing intake air filter (R1100, 1150RT), Replace belt for generator (R1100, 1150RT; every 40.000 km), Visual inspection of the brake pipes, brake hoses and connections (R1100RT), Checking rear wheel bearing play by tilting wheel (R1150RT).

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